Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 260 – God-Summoning Ritual (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 260 – God-Summoning Ritual (1/4)

The adventurers were easily able to enter the Ivory Tower. It was so quiet inside that they couldn’t help but be confused. If Reshia Fel Zeal really were here, then she should be located deep within the tower.

“So, up or down? Where do you think she is?”

Past the pillars lined up from the entrance and through the hall was a staircase that extended both upward and downward.

“I think she’s above!”

“Can I ask why?”

Leonis was full of confidence in his answer, so Lili asked him for his basis.

“Isn’t it a given that a princess that’s been kidnapped by an evil mage will be at the top of the tower?”

Lili wryly smiled and Fick looked at him in disbelief. As for Mill, she didn’t care and just went up the stairs.

“Hey, are you guys sure about this? That’s such a random reasoning,” Fick said.

“…There’s nothing else to base our decision off of, so whichever way is the same,” Lili said.

“Well, that’s true, but…” Fick said.

“So hurry up. We don’t have much time,” Mill said.

Crossing her claws underneath her coat, Mill started running up the stairs.

“Damn it, you’re too reckless!”

Although Fick complained, he still gave orders to Mill and Lili.

“Please take care of the back, Governor-General, protect Leonis! Mill slow down a little! We won’t be able to catch up!”

Everyone nodded to him, and they searched the tower starting from the nearest floor.

Passing through the 2nd and 3rd floor filled with bookshelves, they made their way up to the fourth floor. They were easily able to enter an area that was restricted to outsiders.

The Ivory Tower consisted of three towers, the red tower, the blue tower, and the white, all of which were connected through the sky hallway. That made their search much harder. Although there were no enemies in sight, they had a lot of area to cover. There were plenty of blind spots too, so they had to make sure that the coast was clear before proceeding.

“There’s another staircase here!”

In the direction Fick pointed at was a door heavily secured. Mill didn’t hesitate to kick it down.

“What kind of kick was that?”

Fick paled when he saw Mill send the door flying, but Mill didn’t have the time to care about him and just rushed up the stairs. Finally, they were at the fifth floor.

They were a little out of breath by this point. At the end of the staircase was a group of Moving Armor(Living Armor).

The moment Mill saw the Living Armor, she immediately ran toward them.

“You’re in the way!”

In two steps, she reached her target and swung her claws at the joints of the living armor. Hitting the elbows or the knees was enough to topple the living armor. As it fell, its long sword hit the ground, chipping off a part of the stone floor.

The living armor were slows, but their attacks packed a punch. Having confirmed that, Mill moved on to her next target.

Mixed in with the living armor were Self-Moving Stone Dolls(Golems). There were quite a number of them. They came in various shapes from humans to beasts, but with so many of these artificial lifeforms crawling here, it painted a picture just like that of a dungeon.

“They have some nice hobbies, don’t they?”

Fick spat as he readied his bow and shot at the living armor trying to attack Mill from behind.

“Mill, you’re going to be surrounded. Get back!”

She should’ve been able to hear Fick’s voice, but it seems she intentionally ignored his warning. The fact that Reshia might be up ahead made her impatient. What made her even more impatient was the fact that she helped her be taken from the goblins.

She decided all on her own that goblins were evil and returned her to the world of humans. But even in the world of humans, where she should’ve been able to become happy, this benefactor of hers only ended up being used by others.

Mill couldn’t forgive that.

She bit her teeth and jumped up at a beast-type golem that tried to bite her.

As Mill jumped past the enemies surrounding her, Lili made her move. In the blink of an eye, Lili swung the magic sword, That Who Cuts the Sky(Vashinant), and slipped into the opening.


—Iron Decapitation.

Like a whip, the sword made up of multiple blades connected lashed out. It didn’t matter if the targets were as hard as steel, in the face of her skill, such things were meaningless. In one fell swoop, the tempestuous whip sword caught all of the enemy that tried to surround Mill.

But by the time Vashinant returned to its sword form, Mill was already running ahead.

“…Crazy,” Fick muttered.

Normally, they would back off and take advantage of the terrain to bring the golems and living armor together. Such things didn’t possess much in the way of intelligence, after all. Lili being able to break through them just like that showed her abilities as a Holy Knight.

“Hey, let’s go already, old man!”

Leonis waved at him while innocently smiling, and Fick yelled.

“I’m not old! I’m only 34!”

Leonis pouted and looked up at Fick.

“So you are old!”

“Ugh! This is why I hate kids! Listen up, okay? A person is young as long as his heart is young! Age doesn’t matter!”


“Seriously, kids these days… By the way, have you ever said that to a woman?”

“Huh? Of course not! All women are big sisters!”

As Leonis smiled angelically, Fick looked up above him.

“Kids these days!”

After that the old man and the young boy ran after the two girls.

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