Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 260 – God-Summoning Ritual (2/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 260 – God-Summoning Ritual (2/4)

The descending red lights ran across the ground.

If anyone could get a bird’s eye view of the battlefield, they would have been able to realize that that was a magic circle, but as of now, no one had noticed it yet. The people on the ground just found the light ominous.

The ones that were affected the most were the goblins.

Because the moment that red light descended, the resistance of the enemies became much fiercer. The soldiers of the coalition were affected too.

“I feel stronger?”

“My injuries and my pain are leaving me?”

The red elder, Serion, turned to the soldiers looking down at their bodies with an odd look and said.

“Behold! This is the power of the saint! The blessing of the god that promised as victory!”

The soldiers looked at each other before breaking out into a cheer.

“Now, go! Go forth without fear! God fights with us!”

Even the people that were on the verge of death stood up, picked up their spears, and faced the goblins. To the humans, this was a sight that instilled them with hope, but to the goblins, this was a nightmare.

The humans they had defeated were coming back to fight them once more. In the face of such a nightmarish sight, it was only natural that the goblins’ morale would be affected.

After all, even the humans that have been too injured to move suddenly stood up as if they were perfectly fine and attacked them. To the goblins fighting in the frontlines, they suddenly had to pay attention to their feet.

To the goblins fighting at the back, the enemies that have fallen were suddenly standing up and attacking them from behind. As the offensive of the goblins weakened, a rain of bullets fell on them.

With the blessing of the mana potions, the human mages were able to rain magic bullet after magic bullet on the goblins. These magic bullets that could warp shields and break bones fell in such great number it was foolish to count them.

“Raise your shields! They’re coming!”

Even Gi Jii’s regiol had no choice but to stop their attack to defend against the downpour of magic bullets. Normally, the elves would be able to defend against the magic bullets with their barriers, but the magic bullets were so numerous and covered so much area that no matter how skilled the elven mages were they couldn’t deal with them all.

Because of that they had to prioritize which areas to protect. Since they had to erect a barrier on the cavalry under the king’s direct control too, the other units ended up eating the magic bullets.

Save for Gi Ga Rax’s Aransain that had yet to attack, the magic bullets rained down on almost all of the goblin forces, heavily damaging the morale of the goblins.

But while their morale may have been effected, it was not enough to rout them. Their long years of service under the king weren’t just for show.

The first to get back on his feet was Gi Gu Verbena, who held the biggest army among the goblins. When he saw the soldiers of Felduk wavering, he yelled out to encourage his forces.

“I’ll personally kill anyone who flees from something as pathetic as these spells! Onwards! Anyone too afraid to march forward is no subordinate of mine!”

That wasn’t all. Seeing that the forces in the frontlines have started to take damage, he switched places with them and went up personally.

“If they keep getting back up from mere wounds, then just kill them and make sure they’re dead! Off with their heads! We’ll build a mountain from their skulls!”

As Gi Gu leaped to the frontlines with a face full of fury, his encouragements allowed Felduk to recover their morale.

With a long sword in one hand and an axe in the other – the emblem of his army – Gi Gu stood in the frontlines and decapitated an enemy soldiers just a he said. When another enemy approached him, he sliced off his feet, then swung his axe against the neck of the now immobilized enemy. Gi Gu was a man of his word.

“Onwards my soldiers! Today we shall show His Majesty the power of Felduk! Slaughter all who block our way!”

Thanks to Gi Gu going out to the front, the storms that once struck fear into the hearts of those that dared rebel against the king in Pena and Germion blew once again. In a true goblin fashion, Gi Gu was someone who had won the respect of the southern goblins, so the goblins immediately carried out his orders.

They struck their spears into the ground and lopped off the head of the immobilized enemy soldiers.

It didn’t take long for a small mountain of decapitated heads to fill the area where Felduk fought. Bathed in the blood of foe and ally alike, Felduk’s soldiers breathed heavily as they threw themselves at the enemy before them.

Despite the downpour of magic bullets, despite the recovering wounds of the enemy soldiers, Felduk’s attack did not wane.

But while Felduk’s vicious attacks allowed them to push the front line in the left wing, that was not the case for the right wing.

Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol that relied on a calm leadership and Gi Zu Ruo’s Sazanorga that relied on momentum gradually grew weaker.

As for Gi Gi Orudo’s Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk), although he was puzzled by the stronger resistance of the enemy army, he still sent a messenger when he saw the Regiol and Sazanorga lose momentum.

When the messenger came back, Gi Ji Arsil and Gi Gi Orudo looked at each other, and then decided to release two monster beasts.

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