Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 260 – God-Summoning Ritual (4/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 260 – God-Summoning Ritual (4/4)

The new gods were born from the parts of the God of Fire, while the old gods were born to the ancestral god and his children.


Fick was speechless and silence filled the area.

“Because the ancestor god, Kutiarga, mourned the death of Mother Deetna, and told his children to create life before sinking into the world.”

But then like the roar of the sea in a tranquil sea, Leonis’ voice resounded.

“You could become an adherent. You’re right. The only reason why the old gods made us was because of the orders of the Ancestral God and the Mother God, so only the Ancestor and the Mother know why we were made.”

He continued. “In the Poem of the Gods, it is written as such. Ancestor Kutiarga created the continents of the ocean in seven nights and eight days, then he severed a portion of himself and created Mother Deetna to watch over the land. The way the poems go, it’s almost as if life was nothing more than garnish, and what was truly precious was the land itself.”

“But you should know”, Floyd added with a smile. “The Poem of the Gods is the oldest document in the Ivory Tower. It has existed even before the war of the gods 400 years ago. It is truly the oldest document.”

“Just what are you getting at!?”

Fick finally reached the end of his patience listening to the young man babble, but Floyd only wryly smiled.

“Sorry about that. You tend to become more indirect as you get older. I’ll get to the point then. I believe that the gods are a higher life form and are watching the world from somewhere. They watch people, give them divine protections, twist their wills, and toy with them.”

But Fick and Lili didn’t become happy even as he told them that the gods existed.

“What’s wrong with the gods being close by and watching over us?”

Lili asked. Floyd’s wry smile turned into scorn.

“What’s wrong? It’s terrible. Let me ask you. Would you be happy if someone twisted your will and made you like someone you didn’t like and made you serve a master you hated? All under the pretense of it being the will of the gods?”

As Lili failed to find the words to respond with, Floyd’s control over his emotion seemed to have broken and he couldn’t help but continue.

“They once ruled over the lands with their vast power, and now they live in another world while interfering with our world through their adherents and the people they’ve blessed.”

Floyd glared at the adventurers as though he were standing at the bottom of an abyss.

“And so I figured that if I could just find proof that they existed, I would be able to resist them. I would be able to pull down these people from their tall pedestals, where they’ve been watching and laughing at us all this time while we suffered and writhed and cried!”

He took a deep breath and declared to the gods that could not be seen.

Yes, this was a declaration of war.

“I’ll have them prostrate themselves before our feet, and then I’ll mock them! To that end, I have performed countless experiments. I took advantage of their connections through their divine protections and stole their power! Yes, that’s right! I’m going to steal the throne of the gods through Reshia Fel Zeal! And humanity will finally—”

Floyd seemed like he would never stop talking. Mill threw a knife at him to shut him up.

“…Allow me to correct you on one thing. I’m you’re enemy, and that’s because you hurt someone precious to me.”

Mill crossed her talons before her chest and prepared herself to fight.

“Enough talking. Release Reshia-sama!”

Blood flied down Floyd’s cheeks from the knife that grazed him.

“A pity. I like smart kids.”

Floyd suppressed his anger and wryly smiled.

“…You don’t need to worry. She’s safe. These children are protecting her, after all.”

Floyd moved the desk to reveal a demihuman and a young monster beast.


Lili let out a small cry.


Leonis quietly watched the demihuman and the monster beast.

“What did you do with them!?”

Immediately, Lili’s glare became filled with killing intent.

“They became a shield and a sword to protect Reshia Fel Zeal.”

Floyd took the hands of the immobile demihuman and showed them her bracelet.

“These is a Soul-Stripping Bracelet, a tool that plunders the consciousness of a person. Right now, their consciousness have been gathered to protect the saint. So right now, you can beat them up or lift them, and they won’t be able to do a thing.”

As Floyd released the hand of the demihuman, he looked outside the window.

Once again, a red light descended from the heavens and travelled across the ground.

“Hmm, it’s almost time.”


Fick asked, and Mill jumped out.

“…Whatever, just die already!”

She lowered her body and ran to Floyd with her claws, but a hard sound resounded and she was deflected.

“I’m not good at fighting on my own. Without my puppets, I won’t even be able to protect myself.”

Threads extended everywhere from his hands, and countless empty armor moved before him.

“Well, we do still have some time, so I suppose I can accompany you. Please, have a taste of Floyd Berchen’s puppet technique.”

And so, unbeknownst to everyone, a battle between the adventurers and the moving armor began to unfold within the Ivory Tower.

“I shall accompany you until a god descends into the saint.”

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