Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 261 – Sage (1/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 261 – Sage (1/4)


After breaking through the soldiers surrounding him, the Goblin King saw a red light descend into the earth as a magic circle and permeate Reshia.

Let All Be Healed(Heal All).”

The words that left her lips were illuminated by the red light pouring out from the formation carved into the land. Even the air did not escape being dyed by its color as the humans were healed.

When the king saw that, he spat.

“…So that’s what’s going on.”

Even the Goblin King’s steed that fearlessly charged into the enemy refused to be afraid of Reshia’s current state.

The Goblin King had seen for himself many time the power of the gods, so he understood what was happening.

“A meddling god!”

The king spat out a name in disgust and looked up at the heavens.

Goddess of Healing(Zenobia)!”

Reshia’s clothes swayed as the red light fell upon her, and her hair waved about as though a wind was blowing on it.

Reshia had her head down and her eyes closed, but she looked more mature than the king last saw her.

That was only normal, though.

After all, it has already been 4 years since she was taken from him.

The Goblin King unmounted from his steed, Sui, and stood on his own legs.

“Reshia, Reshia Fel Zeal! Can you hear me!?”

The voice of the Goblin King could suppress humans and make goblins kneel, but her alone, it failed to reach, and it could not open her eyes.

“Your Majesty, it’s dangerous!”

Gi Be Slay the One-Armed Goblin, who led the imperial guards, held the Kingdom of the Black Sun’s(Alrodena Kingdom) flag as he stopped the king.

“…Gi Be Slay. Lead the imperial guards and slay any and all that try to approach me or that girl!”

“…Yes, Your Majesty!”

Gi Be stopped himself from saying anything other than that because he could feel from the king’s back that he wasn’t going to retreat.

With his great sword in hand, the king walked onward to save the girl that was called a saint.

Looking back, his path to world domination began when he swore to save her.

He cooperated with the demihumans, created an alliance with the elves, strengthened his subordinates, and conquered the world.

All because he needed power to save her.

Within that step were all the years that have gone by.

The touch of the wind had become a stranger to him, colors have faded, and smells have gone as well. Cracks have even started to appear on his soul, but even then, he kept walking.

In order to save a single girl, the king walked onward.

As he drew closer to her, the pressure descending grew heavier.

“I remember this feeling… In the past, I wouldn’t have been able to keep going.”

The pressure kept getting stronger as though it didn’t want the king to get any closer. It tried to pin him down.

His legs began to creak, and under the weight of the pressure, his feet even began to sink.

But even then, he kept walking.

There was no reason he couldn’t. After winning countless battlefields and overcoming the trials of the gods, he has already broken past his initial limit.

Long swords and short swords reached out for the Goblin King as he approached the saint.

They tried to skewer him to protect the saint, but a swing of his great sword was all it took to repel them.

They tried to attack him again, but after moving a little, they stopped. The Goblin King sensed that and he continued walking.

He had surpassed the pressure of the gods and now even the swords protecting her have gone silent.

With nothing left standing between them, the Goblin King finally stood before her.

“Reshia, can you hear me, Reshia Fel Zeal.”

That was a voice too gentle for the Goblin King. A gentleness just like that of a father whispering to a sleeping child or a lover whispering to his beloved.

As a tremor ran past Reshia’s eyelids, her eyes finally opened.

For a moment, her eyes swam, but then she saw the Goblin King, and her lips curved into a sad smile.

“You came.”

“I did. I told you, didn’t I? I’ll save—”

Suddenly, a powerful wind blew from above and a red light descended into her.


After confirming that the Goblin King had reached the saint, Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword King turned heel. Under him were the goblin swordsmen and the Snow Demons (Yugushiva) under Yustia’s lead.

They quietly followed after Gi Go and ran back to where the living legend, Oron, was.

There the ground was scorched and the moisture in the air was different. It was as though the very air itself was trying to burn the heavens. The sight of the burning grass around Oron as the smoke reached for the heavens was enough to show that his title as a living legend was not just for show.

“Don’t interfere.”

Gi Go told the people behind him as he drew his curved sword from his waist. As his curved sword reflected the light of the sun, he gripped its handle and ran off to join Gi Za Zakuend the Wizard and Rashka the strongest of Gaidga.

“Ha ha, look! Another small fry has joined the fray!”

As Oron turned, spears of flame instantly appeared in the air. 12 spears appeared in the air simultaneously, then they shot forth in every direction.

“Don’t look down on me!”

Gi Za yelled angrily as he shot down four spears, while Gi Do Buruga the Alchemist quietly shot down three.

Hear my wrath(Slash)!”

Rashka shot out a black light and shot down three spears, while the remaining two were cut down with a swing of Gi Go’s curved sword.


Oron turned to Gi Go and gazed into him. Being able to stop his flames just with the speed of a blade’s swing was not a level that a normal person could reach.

“There is nothing my sword cannot cut,” Gi Go said.

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