Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 261 – Sage (2/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 261 – Sage (2/4)

As Gi Go pointed his sword at Oron, he dashed and closed the distance between them in a single breath, then he slashed upward from the low stance. So low was his blade that it grazed the ground in his gait before suddenly shooting up. With a swing, the ground was cut, and clouds of dust rose up. This was an attack that was meant to obstruct the vision of the target to setup for a second attack.

A second attack in case the first attack wasn’t able to kill the target.

A cleverly calculated sword of the battlefield.

Unfortunately, those calculations fell to naught as a wall of flame greeted Gi Go’s blade instead, and the only sensation that Gi Go felt through his sword was the heavy sensation akin to when one cut the hard ground, then a spear of flame shot out from the cloud of dust. It grazed past his face and scorched his ears a little.

Oron’s aim wasn’t bad by any means, Gi Go was just that good at dodging.

Gi Go dodged the spear of flame with a turn of his head, then at roughly the same time, he leaned with his body and cut his way through. Gi Go’s decision to distance himself immediately was correct. For as soon as he left, spears of flames shot at the place he was at from every direction.


Gi Go said as he gauged the distance between him and his foe after retreating, but the smile on his lips betrayed those words.

As Gi Go pondered how he could cut the foe in front of him, without his knowing, a smile had appeared on his face. A fierce smile akin to those that appeared on beasts of prey. It was a smile that could make the weaker-willed pass out immediately.

“If you really think that, then how about working with me?”

Gi Za asked Gi Go with a frown.

Meanwhile, Rashka was attacking Oron on his own. The black lights he shot out might have been a poor match for Oron’s spears of flame, as the resulting impact from the clashes of their attacks would force him to retreat every time.

“I can’t do that. This is a prey too precious to surrender.”

Gi Go said before attempting to cut the man again.

“…You’re idiots! All of you!”

But despite Gi Za’s complaints, he still continued to support them with Gi Do.


With the saint at the center, the torrent of red slight gardually swallowed the entire human camp.

All this time they were being overwhelmed by the goblins, but in that moment, they were suddenly brimming with strength. As the power of the red light that healed wounds and strengthened physique permeated them, the humans stood up one after another.

Now, even the frontlines that could only retreat in the face of the overwhelming power of the goblins had come back to life. They withstood attacks that they couldn’t before and the attacks that were repelled were able to pierce the goblins. The closer they were to the saint, the stronger the effects of the red light.

Even the Goblin King was blown away. He immediately tried to go back to Reshia, but Zenobia’s manifestation was already behind her.

The half-transparent body of the Goddess of Healing(Zenobia) that once tried to contact the Goblin King in the Forest of Darkness was there embracing Reshia.

She snuggled up to her as though to protect her or to seize her. With her manifestation visible to all, the human soldiers have already lost all reason.


Filled with zeal, the soldiers rushed to stop the imperial guards of the Goblin King. In the face of the violence of their overwhelming numbers, even the rare goblins that were fully loyal to the Goblin King could only find themselves gradually being pushed.

And that was true even for the frontmost lines.

“The gods have blessed us!”

“Praise the gods!”

“Fight in the name of the gods!”

As they cried out the name of the gods, the soldiers fearlessly fought against the goblins. Already, not a hint of fear was left in them. Perhaps, the red light that strengthened their body had also weakened their fear of death, as they even smiled while clashing with the goblins.

The high-ranking goblins could feel that the momentum of the battle had swung back to the humans, but even knowing that, it was not something that they could change so easily. They had already encouraged their soldiers earlier and even fought themselves. And yet despite that, the lines they pushed had been pushed back once again.

No matter how loyal they were to the king, there was no denying that they were indeed a predicament what with the abnormally high morale of the enemy and their bolstered physical strength.

Even Gi Ga Rax, who has been conserving his troops, was compelled to act when he saw the predicament of his brethren. But before he could lead his soldiers to save his brethren, Pale’s messenger reached the various armies first.

—Gi Ga Rax’s Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) is to retreat.

—Gi Gu Verbena’s Axe and Sword Army(Felduk) will fill the hole left by Aransain.

“That witch! This is easier said than done!”

Gi Gu Verbena was furious, but he followed Pale’s instruction nonetheless. After all, it was indeed their decision to start fighting. Originally, they were only supposed to start fighting after luring the enemies out.

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