Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 261 – Sage (3/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 261 – Sage (3/4)

Gi Gu had already regained some of his calm after bathing in the blood of his enemies, so he ordered the three sibling goblins to expand the army toward the right wing. They would expand the army in front of Aransain and support the front line there, while the rest of the army moved. They had to fight while doing all that, so it wasn’t surprising that Gi Gu was mad.

“Projectiles, now! Just throw everything, I don’t care!”

They suppressed their enemies with their spears and threw projectiles at them to make them back off, then they quickly extended their lines toward the center.

“Swordies, advance!”

With the frontmost line extended to the center, by throwing in the swordsmen that were throwing projectiles just earlier into the fray, they were able to contest the enemy for a while. During that time, Gi Gu straightened out the spearmen of the three sibling goblins, then he ordered the sword unit to retreat.

They somehow managed to carry out Pale’s instructions, but now the attacks coming from the leftmost wing were getting fiercer.

“Compress the front lines toward the center!”

The rare and noble goblins under Gi Gu Verbena were only able to accomplish what they did because they could move according to Gi Gu’s orders, but the rest of the armies didn’t have any generals capable of enduring the predicament.

As soon as Gi Ga confirmed that Gi Gu successfully managed to execute Pale’s order, he immediately retreated.

—Obstruct the enemy’s right wing and break their formation.

That was the next order that Pale sent to him.

Gi Gi Orudo’s monster army, Gi Zu Ruo’s Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), and Gi Jii Yubu’s Regiol were the ones supporting the right wing. But ever since the enemy’s morale rose abnormally and their physiques were strengthened, their frontlines have been losing ground.

Gi Zu’s Sazanorga that had penetrated deep into the enemy forces were particularly tragic. The sudden increase in the enemy’s pressure had left them unable to push or retreat. Gi Jii would have already done something with his Regiol if he could, but maintaining the status quo was already taking all they had.

If they tried to push themselves any further, the situation will only further collapse. Hence, they could do nothing but watch Sazanorga surrounded.

Gi Gi Orudo’s monster army was also in bad shape.

The downpour of magic bullets wasn’t letting up the slightest. In fact, ever since that red light came, the power behind those bullets had even increased as they kept on barraging the monster beasts from above.

Given those circumstances, even the carnivorous monster beasts that they sent out couldn’t feed as they pleased. In the end, they had no choice but to order everyone to attack. Unfortunately, that alone wouldn’t be enough to break the enemy. With the enemy soldiers no longer fearing death, most of them took dozens of monster beasts with them when they died.

Hence, while Gi Gi understood Gi Zu and Gi Jii’s plight, he wasn’t in a situation where he could afford to help them.

Pale had immediately understood their situation, so she sent out the force she has been trying to reserve, she sent out Aransain.

As she sent Gi Ga Rax out, she ordered Gi Gu to support the entire left wing.

—Once Regiol retreats and Sazanorga heads toward the right wing, you must cover the rear!

Gi Jii quietly nodded after receiving Pale’s orders through the messenger.

No messenger could reach Gi Zu with their army surrounded, but if Pale said that the course of war would unfold like that, then it definitely would. Gi Jii went ahead and gave orders to his forces.

Meanwhile, as Aransain finished moving to the right wing, they began their assault on the humans fighting with the monster beasts.

“To battle!”

Gi Ga Rax said as he raised his spear. The Aransain that has been kept in reserve until now has finally been unleashed.

“Even if your spirits are high and you fear no death, as long as you stand on two legs and can be killed, tactics will still work!”

Pale ordered her wind elf(Sylph) warriors to draw their bows.

“The moment Aransain attacks, suppress the enemies in front of the Regiol.”

As the Sylphs saw Aransain give rise to a cloud of dust, they pulled on their bows and aimed at the sky.

“High-angle fire! Shoot five times!”

As Pale shot her bow, the rest of the Sylph warriors shot five times.

As arrows poured down on the soldiers chasing after the Regiol, they were forced to stop. Even if morale was high and they did not fear death, even if they could heal as soon as they were wounded, the Sylphs still specialized in archery, and the power and precision behind their arrows could make any enemy that tastes it to slow down. As Gi Jii used the time Pale bought for him to get his forces back up, he became shocked. Gi Zu’s Sazanorga was moving!

“It’s just as Pale-dono said! Go! Save our brethren!”

As the advancing Regiol suppressed the enemies pursuing Sazanorga from behind, Sazanorga worked with Aransain and assumed their position beside the Regiol.

Aransain did not go too deep into the enemy forces. They retreated immediately and went back behind their allies while the monster beasts were wreaking havoc. Gi Ga swung his spear dripping with blood and ordered.

“Hurry! Gi Gu mustn’t die!”

In order to save their allies in the right wing, the left wing had to be exposed. All this time the enemy wasn’t able to attack Felduk with all of their strength because of Aransain, but with Aransain leaving their side, the enemy was finally free to use all of their might.

By the time Gi Ga returned to the left wing, Felduk was already half-surrounded by the enemy. The fact that Gi Gu Verbena was able to hang on despite that was a testament to his abilities. Still, there was no denying that they were in a predicament.

“Attack! Save Felduk!”

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