Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 261 – Sage (4/4)

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Volume 3: Chapter 261 – Sage (4/4)

Aransain maintained their fastest speed as they approached from behind and pierced through the enemy surrounding their allies. Most of their enemies were foot soldiers, but despite that, when Aransain approached from behind, they didn’t run and instead readied themselves for a fight. Apparently, they were hellbent on fighting Aransain while maintaining their concave on Felduk.

“Let’s teach these goblins the proper way of killing footmen!”

“Don’t lose out to the Valkyria! Save our comrades!”

The commander of the Short Sword Battle Maiden(Valkyria), Far, and the commander of the Proud Clan(Leon Heart), Zaurosh, attacked the enemy footmen together.

As the archer knights shot their bows, the Valkyria raised their swords and charged into the fray. At the same time, Zaurosh swung his Sickle Spear and led his men to attack as well. Thanks to the fierce attacks of the demihumans, they were able to open a wound in the enemy formation and spread it even bigger.

After Felduk escaped from the enemy concave, they were finally able to catch their breath.

The goblins that took over the frontlines kept their stamina consumption to a minimum while continuing to attack. Aransain didn’t stay there for long, and they took advantage of their mobility to make their way even deeper into the enemy’s rear.

After picking themselves back up, the goblins started grappling with the coalition army again.


The battle between the adventurers that entered the Ivory Tower and the elder of the Blue Tower, Floyd Berchen, was short but fierce. However, the adventurer party consisted of skilled warriors, such as the owner of a magic sword and an assassin.

Floyd might be a puppeteer, but the line-up he was facing was simply too strong for a single mage such as himself to overcome.

Lili’s Vashinant made short work of his puppets, while Mill took advantage of the opening made to quickly close in on Floyd. At the same time, Fick provided support fire from a distance to distract him. No matter how many puppets Floyd had, he couldn’t control them all perfectly.

And with Leonis providing healing to their party, they were able to fight against Floyd’s puppets. Gradually, they destroyed his puppets one after another, and when all the puppets protecting him had been destroyed, the old wizard clapped with a smile.

“Strong, as expected,” Floyd said.

“Accept your defeat. Release Reshia-sama,” Mill demanded.

“Release? What terrible phrasing. I’ve never detained her,” Floyd said.

“You!” Mill’s claws sank into Floyd’s throat as she yelled.

“No one can stop it anymore,” Floyd said. “A god will descend into her. Behold, the light!”

The direction Floyd pointed at was none other than the battlefield washed with the blood of goblins and humans. And on that bloody land illuminated a red light as though the blood itself was glowing.

“What did you do?” Fick thrust an arrow at him and asked.

Floyd’s lips curved as he sneered. “I told you. I summoned a god. All the people within that formation will receive the favor of the Goddess of Healing, and…”

Suddenly, Floyd jumped back. Mill and Fick tried to chase after him, but they realized they couldn’t move.


“It’s puppet string. Can only restrain you, though.”

Floyd said as he approached Gastora and the demihuman, then he snapped his fingers.

“Since a god has descended, a sword and a shield won’t be needed anymore. In that case, they can be my obedient servants instead.”

Gastora and the demihuman remained unconscious, but under the caress of Floyd’s strings, they slowly stood up and approached the adventurers.

“Floyd Berchen’s puppet techniques haven’t ended just yet.” Floyd was as talkative as always. “The favor of the Goddess of Healing is a terrifying thing. It can heal anyone, heal any wound… Which goes to mean that—”

“People will stop dying, right?” Leonis’ gentle smile had long turned harsh as he stood before Gastora and the demihuman.

“Oho? You really are smart, aren’t you?”

“Not really.”

“But it was foolish of you to stand before those two.”

Having judged that he was within reach, Gastora bit at Leonis’ legs, while the demihuman’s fangs sank into his shoulders. He grit through the great pain, and when he opened his eyes, a powerful will could be seen in them.

“…This is my punishment for leaving you alone for too long, Reinia Elchen Verdio.”

As he gently patted the head of the demihuman biting him, he struck the ground with his staff.

May the Gentle Wind Grace You(Full Heal).”

As Light permeated Gastora and the demihuman called Reinia, a gentle green light different from the red light bursting out of Reshia wrapped around them, and then Gastora and Reshia collapsed to the ground.

“A strange technique,” Floyd said.

“It’s a secret technique, after all,” Leonis said.

Curious, Floyd took a step, but suddenly, a black shadow appeared in front of him, and in the next moment, Mill’s dagger had sunk into his chest, his eyes still opened wide.

“…You look down on adventurers too much,” Mill said.

As he stared at the dagger in his chest, he collapsed on his back.

“What a foolish act… Even if you kill me, you can’t save her.”

On his back, Floyd gazed out the window where the torrent of red light was spreading.

“But, with this, I’ve proven, that even the gods, can be humiliated… One day, we will, surely…”

Like that the light left the eyes of the old wizard, and the human that challenged the gods was put to rest by the hands of another human, then as though it had absorbed Floyd’s life, the red light spreading from Reshia grew even fiercer.


Name: Floyd Berchen
Race: Human
Level: 69
Job: Mage; Old Wizard
Possessed Skills: Flowing Magic Control; Pursuer of the Truth; Resident of the Ivory Tower; Mad Intelligence; Favor of the Goddess of Wisdom; Stored Knowledge; Dragon’s Blessing; Charisma; Hermit; Puppeteer
Divine Protection: Goddess of Vengeance; Goddess of Healing
Attributes: Light
Status: Insane

Hermit: Can take camp in a designated location. When camped, mana control is increased (LOW).

Resident of the Ivory Tower: When camped in the Ivory Tower, intelligence is increased (HIGH), while physical strength, agility, and defenses are reduced (MEDIUM).

Puppeteer: Can bring to life inorganic things when using mana threads. When camped the number of puppets that can be controlled is increased (MEDIUM).

Dragon’s Blessing: Thanks to the blessing of the long-lived dragons, it is possible to live much longer than humans.

Mad Intelligence: Intelligence is increased (HIGH), but at the cost of one’s emotions.

Status Insane: Mentally ill due to receiving the blessing of two goddesses. Mad Intelligence: Brings one closer to the truth of the world when invoked, but at the cost of one’s sanity.

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