Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 262 – Fiend (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 262 – Fiend (1/3)

Right after the slash came flying the spears of flame. At first glance, there were 12 spears of flame, but that number quickly increased to 20. Despite facing Rashka of Gaidga, Gi Za Zakuend the Wizard, Gi Do Buruga the Alchemist, and Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword King, Oron was not disadvantaged.

In fact, he was even laughing as he drove his enemies to a corner.

“There’s no end to this.”

Gi Za clicked his tongue, and the pale Gi Do agreed. It didn’t matter how many spells they cast, this foe before them would just double his attacks. It was getting to the point where even just moving was dangerous.

Wind gathered at the end of Gi Za’s staff, and he conjured a spear of wind. This spear was not meant for him to attack the enemy proactively, however, but to cover for Rashka and Gi Go, who were attacking recklessly.

Rashka could attack from a distance, so covering for him was simple enough, but Gi Go threw himself into the fray and clashed with those spears of flames directly. Clearly, he was first rate when it came to bravery. But of course, covering for him was by no means easy.

Oron, who was praised and known by the humans as a living legend, relentlessly conjured walls of flame around him, while giving rise to many spears of flame in the air. Even when Gi Go manages to get past the spears of flame, once he attacks the walls of flame, more spears would appear.

Although these spears were few in number, likely because they were merely a counter to his attacks, every one of them has been shot toward a fatal point. So far Gi Go has been able to dodge them by a hair’s breadth, but it was evident that just passing through those spears of flame and attacking the walls of flame was already taking everything he had.

“What’s the matter, goblins?” Oron said provocatively as the flames whirled.

When the flames of spear struck into the ground, a border of fire was demarcated, restricting the paths they could attack from.

“If you’re not coming, then I suppose I’ll just have to come myself.”

Three spears of flame became entangled with each other. They were originally just lumps of flame, so it’s not surprising that they could transform. After the three spears of flame that entangled finished transforming, they turned into a spear twice as long as the previous ones. Moreover, at the end of the spear could now be seen a three-pronged fork. They had become tridents.

There were four of them all in all. And Oron shot them at the goblins surrounding him. These spears were fast, as though the speed of the other spears had been added to them. Because they were faster than normal, the wizard and the alchemist were slow to react.

They erected walls of wind, and when the tridents of flame hit them, they blew up and scorched the surrounding area. Although the two goblins had successfully avoided a direct hit, they could not protect themselves from the explosion’s impact, and they found themselves tumbling onto the ground after being blown away.

Grimacing from the pain running up his arms, Gi Za clicked his tongue and beheld three more tridents eyeing him.

“So annoying!”

He managed to destroy those three spears with his own wind spears, but he could do nothing about the blood and ether that has left him. The seemingly endless mana of the foe before them was gradually pushing these goblins, who took great pride in their vast reserves of ether, into a corner.

A trident of flame shot out toward Rashka, but he managed to intercept it from a distance. But when Rashka tried to approach the enemy, the succeeding spears of flame kept him in check. Although he could intercept the enemy’s attacks from a distance, it did not seem as though he could defeat him either.

As for Gi Go, he had fled from the range of the tridents the moment they were shot. To a swordsman that risks his life up close, the increase in speed was irrelevant. He dodged the spears of flames and approached the enemy, then swung his sword. When he realized that the tridents of flame that he had dodged were still on his track, he realized that he had messed up.

Before him was a wall of flame, behind him was a trident of flame.

Though unable to advance or retreat, this veteran swordsman showed no impatience as he resolutely made the decision to stop in front of the wall of flame, close his eyes, and receive the trident.

A breath passed.

When his eyes opened next, he beheld the trident of flame approaching.

The moment it was about to touch him, he threw himself to the side and rolled on the ground. Unable to stop its momentum, the trident of flame crashed into the wall of flame.

“…What?” Gi Za said.

“What are you so surprised about? Fire does not have form. Hence, it’s only normal for it to be absorbed,” Oron said.

Oron mocked Gi Go for his lack of knowledge. Even as he picked himself back up, no explosion came out, as the trident had merely been absorbed by the wall of flame.

“My Flame King’s Eyes(Markokias) is a sacred treasure that boasts absolute defense. You lowly goblins can spend a century or a millennium fighting, nothing will change.”

“Don’t regret those words!”

When Gi Za’s words resounded, a wind that could extinguish even the flames gathered on his arms.

“Oh? You will challenge me? Moreover, you wish to challenge me in mana?”

With a sneer, the walls of flame raged, and spears of flame appeared around Gi Za.

The ether that had gathered around his two arms whirled up the winds and converged.

“Don’t be afraid, spirit.”

He calmed the fearful spirit, and made its power his own.

“Ku ha ha ha, a spirit, huh. That’s not enough! That’s too lacking!”

Oron continued to gather even more mana, and now, the number of spears he had conjured numbered 40.

“My storm of fire, accept it with your body!” Oron said.

“You make me laugh! You call that a storm?” Gi Za said.

“Ha! At least your tongue has fire! Take it!”

Gi Za’s right arm was raised above him. The wind emanating from that hand whirled up the flames into the sky.


The spears of flame behind Oron simultaneously shot out toward Gi Za.

In the next moment, fire and wind clashed, giving rise to a terrifying explosion.


The one who looked up in shock was none other than the man known as the living legend.

“…’Nothing would change even if we kept fighting for a century or a millennium,’ those were your words!”

Gi Za’s loud voice drew Oron’s attention back from the explosions in the air.

“That’s why I called my army(druids)!”

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