Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 262 – Fiend (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 262 – Fiend (2/3)

Gi Za’s army of 400 mages rained wind bullets from above, piercing through the spears of flame, bombarding the area around Oron. The wind Gi Za had released was merely a signal.

Casting magic bullets that drew an arc and rained from the sky was the specialty of the late Red King, but after the skilled mages of Shushunu, the Mana Guards, joined the goblins, that skill was taught to the goblins as well.

The wind bullets descending from above was strong enough to warp even iron. Already this was a power on the level of a bombardment, and so numerous were the spells cast, that it was deserving to be called a storm. The ground was dug up, clouds of dust were raised, and the wall of flame protecting Oron was encroached.

The reason why they were able to respond to Gi Za’s order for even a moment was because Pale the Tactician reorganized the army. The goblin army that had rallied themselves have solidified into a united force and were in the process of advancing to save the king’s cavalry that had gone in too deep.

Concentrating the spells of so many mages onto a single enemy unit could only be described as an act of madness, not to mention that there were other high-ranked goblins other than Gi Za here too.

One step wrong and Gi Za and the other high-ranking goblins here would be blown away, but Gi Za had trained his soldiers thoroughly enough that he could trust them to carry this order out without hesitation. They also trusted him and Gi Do that much.

But even then Oron couldn’t be killed.

The walls of flame have been dispersed, and Oron had to turn to his spears of flame to defend himself. Now a wall of flame defended his body while bullets of wind rained from above.

“Look, you fools! I got rid of those walls for you! So hurry up and get his head!”

When Gi Za yelled that, two goblins ran through the battlefield where fire and wind clashed.

“Well done, small druid!”

Rashka smiled, and he carried his Blue-Silver Steel (Srilana) club on his shoulder, and then released his power that was the favor of the Goddess of the Underworld.

Rage, my wrath(Slash)!”

As he kicked a flame toward the enemy, Rashka moved that giant body of his and ran.

“I owe you one it seems.”

Gi Go the Sword King smiled ferociously as well.

Amidst the rain of fire and wind, he danced nimbly on the battlefield and drew his sword.

“Kuhahaha, big mistake!”

Despite the rain of wind bullets and the fire wall having expanded above his head, Oron continued to laugh. How could he be called a living legend if he couldn’t defend himself from an attack of merely this level? His name has spread throughout the world as a person who has conquered a dungeon all by himself. He was a powerful being that was evidently near the apex of humanity. He was so strong that his might could actually match the army of a minor nation. A power that even made people wonder if the gods had lost their minds.

As a wall of fire expanded above his head, he conjured two spears of flame and wielded them.

“Surely you didn’t think I’d be weak in close combat, now did you?”

With one arm raised above his head, Oron assumed his stance, and the two goblins approached him. These were the two strongest goblins in duels with the exception of the Goblin King himself.

Rashka’s Slash shot out from the left, and Oron’s flame of spear transformed to receive it, and at the same time, he also received Gi Go’s sword from the right. It was as though the two spears he wielded were truly made out of a hard substance. Gi Go was a little shocked, and Oron did not miss that.

While still locked with Gi Go’s curved sword, the edge of Oron’s spear transformed into a trident. Like a snake raising its head, the flexible edge of the spear suddenly gushed forth and attacked Gi Go.


Gi Go immediately jumped back, but he failed to avoid getting hurt completely, and a burn mark could be seen on his arm.

“What a weird weapon,” Gi Go said.

“Did I not say that fire has no form!?” Oron said.

Oron kept an eye out for the retreating Gi Go as he swept his spear at the approaching Rashka. In the wake of that horizontal swing appeared five knives in the air. They were constructed from fire, and they numbered five. They lined up in the air like a pack of hunting dogs waiting for their master’s instruction.

Without breaking eye contact with Gi Go, Oron swung his spear, and in the next moment, the fire knives shot out toward Rashka. Like a pack of hunting dogs, they crept through the ground and attacked Ra Tribe from various directions, but Rashka only bellowed out furiously, and the fire knives were powerless to change his trajectory.

His body was the incarnation of violence, and normal attacks could not possibly wound it.

Oron’s attacks were no exception. When Oron saw him ignore the fire knives and charge through unhindered, Oron turned to him and smiled.

Gi Go took advantage of that brief moment to make his return to the fray. Although he had indeed retreated, he had not left his range. Having stopped short at the furthest distance he could reach the foe, he kicked off the ground and drew his curved sword.

“Lowly monsters!”

Not even Oron could have foreseen how fast Gi Go’s charge would come, but despite that he still managed to react.

He swung his spear angrily, and the trident edge and butt end of his spear extended.

Clad me in violence!(Ra Gilion)!”

As Rashka bellowed out, a black light split the earth and clashed with the extended edge of the trident. Clouds of dust rose up with the shockwaves, as everything literally exploded. Oron did not have the leisure to look for Rashka, for Gi Go the Sword King had passed through the extended butt end of Oron’s fire spear and swung his blade. Even the unsettled form of the fire spear’s handle had been extinguished.

“There’s no reason fire can’t be cut!”

“My flames can be hard or soft!”

When Gi Go’s blade swung again, this time it was met by a hard substance.

The extinguished fire spear changed form, and the handle split into different layers to block Gi Go’s sword. Gi Go’s attack was aimed at Oron’s throat, but this move allowed Oron to block it.

Spreading into four directions, it was like the outline of an umbrella.

“That’s not a weapon anymore.”

“I told you. It’s a sacred treasure! As long as I can see you, the Flame King’s Eyes will protect me!”

Clad me in violence!(Ra Gilion)!”

As a bellow resounded from beyond the clouds of dust, a black light shot out and Rashka appeared.


The bullets of wind were still continuing to pour, but if Oron were to let them take him up close, he will find himself disadvantaged. His judgment sound, he brought back his raised right arm, aimed it at Rashka, and tried to conjure a fire spear, but—


“You haven’t forgotten about me, have you?”

—Gi Do Buruga the Alchemist’s spear of wind suddenly struck him in the shoulders.

In the name of the forbidden spirit(Wiz Spirit)I beseech thee(Walt). I call upon your honored name(Clydes) That name is the God of the Wind(Castor), Now descend into this world as a spear(Lance)!”

Through Gi Za Zakuend’s aria and magic stone, a giant spear of wind was summoned.

“It’s a good thing that idiots are so easy to manipulate.”

Gi Za smiled and released the giant spear of wind.

At first, he focused on supporting, then he ordered the druids to attack simultaneously and made Gi Go and Rashka get Oron’s attention. Everything was exactly as the goblin wizard had planned. Everything was a ploy by Gi Za to kill Oron.

And indeed Oron had forgotten about Gi Do Buruga and Gi Za Zakuend; hence, when their spears of wind came shooting for him, he found himself at a loss. Even Gi Za was already running to challenge him in a close-up battle.

Rashka was approaching too. There was Gi Go too, who if handled even slightly wrong, would surely cut him down. And then there were those spears of wind shooting for him.

“Don’t look down on me, monsters!”

Suddenly, Oron turned his right hand and focused his mana into the tip of his arm.

A great presence descended. This was the portent of a great magical composition. Not even when he manifested those spears of flames and skilfully handled them alongside the walls of flames could a presence as big as this be felt.

Gi Za inadvertently braced himself and even Rashka, sensing death, hesitated to continue his assault.

A smile appeared on Oron, but in the next moment, the voice of a death god descended upon his ears.

“—You look down on me too much.”

In the next moment, Gi Go swung his sword and cut the umbrella-like fire spear. They were right next to each other, almost as though their weapons were locked in a duel, but Gi Go opened up his body a little to unleash a slash.

Because Oron had focused so much of his mana into the end of his arm, the fire spear he had manifested against Gi Go had become frail.

As the fire umbrella was cut, a silver light drew a stroke that cut past Oron’s throat, then came another before that light could even cease. The blade that had swung up had come back down and cut Oron’s body once more before returning to Gi Go.

“There is no one my blade cannot cut!”


As soon as Gi Go jumped back, Gi Za’s giant wind spear reached Oron. The Flame King’s Eyes were still able to alter its trajectory a little, leaving half of his body intact. But even in this state, Oron was still able to stand, but then the wind bullets raining from above came pouring in along with Rashka’s black light, and at last, his body was torn into pieces, and then into nothing.

Not a trace of Oron left, even the Flame King’s Eyes had vanished.

No one knew what kind of shape that weapon took exactly, but with this, the fiend(Oron) had finally met his demise.

It was in this way that the fiend that conquered a dungeon all by himself and was the strongest power of the northern minor nations was vanquished.

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