Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 262 – Fiend (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 262 – Fiend (3/3)

In the absence of the Goblin King, it was Pale the Tactician who took over the command of the entire army.

The signal from Gi Za that came near the center was daring indeed, but the only reason the druid army was able to carry out his order was thanks to Pale’s excellent command and all the bitter experiences she’s had with small forces.

Of course, as a consequence, the number of spells descending on them from the human side increased, but given that Oron was capable of changing the course of the battle alone, it made sense to finish him off now while possible.

After Oron’s demise and the druids were free to use their spells again, Pale ordered the elves and the druids to expand their defenses, then she ordered the army to advance. A significant amount of time has already passed since the Goblin King rushed into the enemy’s side of the map. Naturally, Pale was starting to get impatient, but even then, she didn’t let that show on her face.

“Send another order to Axe and Sword Army(Felduk), Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), and Regiol. We’ll open a path to the king with the next attack!”

After dispatching the messenger soldier, she gave out an order with a firm voice.

Pale was desperate. The goblins have been obedient to her all this time because the Goblin King was always beside her, but now that he wasn’t here, she had no choice but to force the situation to change quickly, so that they won’t have the time to think of anything unnecessary.

If chaos were to spread, the rescue of the king will fall into despair.

The enemy army that had assumed the Fish Scales Formation had to react to the Crane Wings Formation of the goblins, causing their formation to spread out. At the left wing, Felduk’s attacks and Aransain’s mobility greatly whittled away at the enemy’s formation. At the right wing, Sazanorga overextended but was saved by the Regiol’s clever tactics. Meanwhile, the Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk) was fully devoted to attacking.

Now that Zeilduk was starting to show signs of exhaustion, the enemy was gradually starting to push back.

But even then Pale believed that the situation was fine. If anything, they could use this to drag out the enemy to make the battle formations at the center thinner, so she ordered the leftmost wing, Aransain, to go down.

“After recovering the special unit, we will use the attack of the three armies at the center to launch a decisive attack with the special unit. The Gaidga Tribe, the Snow Demons(Yugushiva), and the druids will be positioned at the center, then we will cut open a path to the center of the enemy camp, where the king and the imperial guards are. ”

What Pale was trying to do now was a reenactment of the holy knight, Sivara’s, specialty, breaking through the center.

“A message from Gi Gu-dono! He says they don’t have the forces to spare!”

“A message from Gi Jii-dono! He hopes that the tactician will reconsider her decision!”

“…If they want to kill His Majesty, then sure, I’ll reconsider all they want. I know they’re struggling, but this much is a given! We’re one step away from gaining dominion over the entire continent! I know the enemy can heal their wounds on the spot, but if we can’t overcome them here, we can’t save the king!”

Pale forcefully suppressed the complaints coming from the various armies and decisively carried out her plans.

“What a disgrace! One moment without the king, and everything starts falling apart!”

Pale frowned as she took her bow.

If the Goblin King were fighting in the frontlines with them, not a single soldier would be complaining, but alas…

After getting the agreement of the other armies, everyone prepared to attack and waited for Pale’s signal. It has already been half a day since the battle begun. Already, the curtains were about to be pulled back, but Pale wasn’t done yet, and she tried to change the direction of the battle.


Pale drew her bow and shot toward the sky, and then the rest of the elves followed. In the next moment, arrows rained on the sturdy vanguards of the enemy forces, and then the three armies at the center simultaneously attacked.

“Attack! Save His Majesty!”

Even the regiol led by Gi Jii Yubu was so exhausted that he had to lead them personally. The enemy was brimming with morale, and they could get back up from any wound. This battle put more burden on the goblins than anyone had expected.

“Cut open a path to His Majesty! Onwards!”

With an axe in one hand and a sword in the other, Gi Gu stood at the helm of his army, and the armies of the three sibling goblins followed after him.

“Let’s go you bastards!”

Gi Zu Ruo, who was bathed in the blood of both foe and ally alike, swung his fists as he led his army from the front.

Their attacks were more intense than ever.

They would completely snuff out the life from their foes or stab them into the ground along with their armor or skewer them to keep them from moving again. The three armies tore through the broken center of the enemy army, but nothing could be done about their exhaustion.

As casualties on their end gradually rose, Pale ordered the special unit to move out.

Fortunately, they had just reached the middle by the time the order reached them. Rashka of Gaidga led the forces of the special unit and began a fierce assault on the enemy.

“Behold the power of the Gaidga Tribe!”

Rashka stood at the helm of the special unit and crushed the enemies one after another. The giant-statured goblins followed after him.


Gi Go had glanced behind him just once before quietly drawing his curved sword. The goblin swordsmen following him imitated him. Yustia had felt Gi Go’s gaze, and believing that that was his way of encouraging them, she turned to her tribe of young warriors and encouraged them.

“The time has come for us to repay the favor we have received! From this moment on we shall be demons no longer!”

A cheer rose from the Yugushiva following her.

In the blink of an eye, Gi Go’s swordsmen had switched places with the Gaidga Tribe, and were attacking the enemies with great vigor. But that violent gale of theirs suddenly stopped, for a red light that covered the entire army suddenly came with the wind.

Suddenly, the soldiers that they’d killed were standing back up with a groan. Soldiers pinned to the ground cried and screamed from the pain, but they pulled the spears out of their bodies all the same. Some soldiers had their heads crushed, but as though that was but a trivial detail, they picked themselves back up and acted as though everything was fine. It was literally an army of the dead.

“…Impossible. Can the enemy manifest even the underworld itself?”

Pale muttered fearfully as she watched human soldiers stand back up in that land dyed in blood.


Name: Oron
Race: Fiend
Level: 95
Job: Adventurer; Solo Dungeon Conqueror
Possessed Skills: Spear Mastery B+; Charisma; Flame King’s Eyes; Work of a Greedy Man; Thousand-Demon Slayer; Lost Knowledge of the Ancient
Divine Protection: God of Flame
Attributes: Flame

Flame King’s Eyes: When invoked a wall of flame will be conjured to protect the caster from all enemy attacks regardless of the caster’s will. Weapons of flame can also be summoned at will.

Work of a Greedy Man: A skill granted to one who has conquered a dungeon by himself. All abilities are raised by an entire class.

Lost Knowledge of the Ancient: A skill granted to one who has conquered a dungeon by himself. By assimilating the Flame King’s Eyes with one’s body, race will be changed from human to fiend.

Fiend: Unaffected by age, emotions are suppressed, and the mana that can be controlled is increased (HIGH)


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