Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 263 – Saint (2/2)

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Volume 3: Chapter 262 – Saint (2/2)

After the Goblin King expelled the shadow of the goddess, the battlefield underwent a dramatic transformation. The red magic formation on the ground vanished, the people that died before died once more, and the people that have had their wounds forcibly healed and their morale raised recovered their minds.

After losing their reason and having their morale forcibly raised, when the red light vanished, they became confused and afraid, and when they witnessed the goblins’ bloodcurling charge approaching them, they trembled fear.

The goblins had gone mad in their attacks.

Despite having to fight foes that couldn’t die, foes that would keep coming at them even when they cut their limbs and crushed their heads, they still tried to break through. The way the goblins looked as they attacked despite everything could only be described as bloodcurling.

After waking up from a nightmare, what awaited these humans was another nightmare.


It was curious who cried that out, but it resounded clearly throughout the entire army.

Even the goblins swinging their weapons at the frontlines felt it. When Rashka saw that, he bellowed out a howl and commanded his goblins.

“Howl, my brethren! The enemy fears us!”

The goblins bellowed out and the humans gradually retreated.

Pale felt the change in the battlefield as well.

“The red spell is vanishing… Has His Majesty rescued the saint?”

She hesitated for a moment, but before long, she made up her mind and shot her bow.

“Simultaneous shot, three volleys! If we just push, the enemy will collapse!”

At her behest, a rain of arrow descended upon the frontlines, and the coalition forces began to collapse. In the first place, the goblins had already encroached deeply into them at the center. Only few bothered to stand their ground and fight.

Normally, their commanders would scold them to prevent the collapse of the army, but even the commanders didn’t understand what was going on. Moreover, because most of the commanders in charge of the entire army were near Reshia, most of them had been bathed in the power of the goddess, transforming them bizarre monsters that died as soon as the power of the goddess left. With no one left to lead, the coalition forces could only collapse, while the monster beasts chased after the rest. Normally, the goblins would also join the monster beasts, but as one might expect, by this point, they were simply too tired.

Moreover, after seeing something so strange as the dead rising to fight, they were hesitant to leave the Goblin King. As for the king, he had already been surrounded by his Imperial Guards, but he wasn’t moving.

Normally, the black flames would cover his wounds and heal him, but now, a large amount of blood was pouring from him as he knelt on the ground and held a human woman in his arms. With that, there was no way the goblins could afford to chase after the enemy.

After driving away the enemy, the goblins gathered around the Goblin King, and then made their way back to the capital, The City Where the King Sits(Revea Su). After recovering their wounded, although some of them headed to the Ivory Tower, the main force went with the Goblin King back to the capital out of concern for his health.

Reshia had fallen asleep in the king’s arms after crying. By this point, Pale Symphoria had taken the charge of the army in place of the king.

Losing a third of the army was a terrifying casualty rate. Although the high-ranked goblins weren’t among those losses, it was still a steep price to pay.

Despite that Pale considered this a victory.

She sent Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) to Orphen, and before long, they sent a messenger to her, informing her that they’ve successfully occupied the Ivory Tower and Orphen.

After taking the saint away from the humans, the coalition collapsed.

Hence, it could be said that the power of the remaining minor nations had been halved.

Pale turned to the Goblin King.

Although the way the Goblin King looked as he rode upon his beloved steed and held Reshia in his arms was just like that of a demon king that kidnapped the princess, she thought it was a fitting image for the King of Monsters’ triumphant return.

Although they still had to examine the condition of the king’s body, at the very least, there shouldn’t be any need to have the Goblin King fight in the front lines anymore. Even if she just had the four generals take charge of their respective armies and attack on their own, the minor nations wouldn’t be able to fight back. That was just how big the gap in strength between them was now.

Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Goblin Kingdom had already essentially secured hegemony over the continent.


Word of the goblin army’s victory was quickly sent to the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom). The information passed by the hero, Ra Gilmi Fishiga, of the Bow and Arrow Army(Fanzel) excited the elves, the demihumans, and the humans close to the goblins.

After splitting a portion of the army, Gilmi made preparations for their triumphant return, and then directed their army east. Although the minor nations had lost, they hadn’t lost all power. Hence, Gilmi didn’t let his guard down, and at the same time, he was also being considerate of the king’s triumphant return.

Thanks to Barrui the Salamander of the Fire Elves(Salamander) and Feeney the King of Bows of the Water Elves(Undine), Revea Su had undergone a transformative change, and when the king returned triumphantly, they were welcomed with a grand celebration.

Petals danced in the air as people scattered them from the buildings, and humans and elves alike pushed against each other as they looked on at the parade with much curiosity. Since a considerable number of humans had participated in the war with the goblin army, their relatives alone drew a significant crowd.

These people were either elated upon seeing their relatives safe or shed tears as they watched over the Goblin King’s parade.

This was the first time the goblins were receiving such a warm welcome, so they were taken back at first, but before long they realized that they were indeed the victors, and they too became elated.

Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword King was similarly in jovial spirits, so he turned to Yustia and asked her if she knew a good song that suited this occasion. Yustia thought for a moment before coming up with an impromptu song that she taught to her people, then they sang it together.

Before long their voices spread throughout the entire goblin army, and their cheers filled Revea Su.


O king! Our king! Our great king!

He’s conquered our foes! And ended the dark age!

He brings victory and the grace of the gods!

In the blistering cold of the frozen lands!

In the depths of the forest where many lay hidden!

In the scorching desert where even throats burn!

In the meadows where the beloved sleep!

No matter the battlefield, victory is ever with him!

O king! Our great king! Let us sing praise of your victory forever!

O king! Our king! Our great king! The King of Goblins!


Before long, those cheers resounded throughout all of the Alrodena region. The battle of the king to rescue the saint that begun in the distant Forest of Darkness had at long last come to an end.

The cheers of the people of Alrodena grew with such intensity that eventually the army mobilized further east.


Level has increased.



Gi Ga Rax


Gi Gi Orudo


Gi Gu Verbena


Gi Go Amatsuki

89→9 (Class Promotion) Baron → General

Gi Za Zakuend


Gi Ji Arsil


Gi Zu Ruo


Gi Jii Yubu


Gi Do Buruga


Gi Bii

76 to 80

Gi Bu Rakuta


Gi Be Slay






Ra Gilmi Fishiga










Pale Symphoria


Name: Gi Go Amatsuki
Race: Goblin
Level: 9
Class: General; Sword King
Possessed Skills: Sword Mastery S+; Possessed Skills; Iron Decapitation; Sword Fiend; Acumen; Sense; Discern; A Master Swordsman’s Proof; Silent Nature; Veteran; Man-Slayer; Fiend-Slayer; Sword Saint; Sword of the Absolute
Divine Protection: Sword God(La Paruza)
Attributes: None
Status: Sword God’s Blessing

Sword Mastery S+: The conditions to reach the apex of the sword have been unlocked. Sword of the Absolute can now be used.

Fiend-Slayer: Will activate when fighting against a fiend that has resonated with a God Class weapon. Identifies the weak point of the enemy and raises attack power (MEDIUM).

Sword Saint: Regardless of race, the ability to teach the way of the sword will be increased. Swordsmen nearby will receive an ability buff (HIGH).

Sword of the Absolute: A skill given to those who’ve reached a level that no one has. Even if the blade is dull, as long as the weapon wielded is a sword, it will be possible to cut the enemy regardless of the enemy’s circumstances.


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