Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 264 – Eastern Expedition (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 264 – Eastern Expedition (1/3)

The fiercest battle of the ‘War of the Saint’ that occurred in the summer of the third year in the King’s Calendar was won by the goblins. The Goblin King succeeded in bringing back the saint of the Goddess of Healing, Reshia Fel Zeal, and the coalition that was centered around her could only surrender in the face of the goblins’ overwhelming power.

Among the many minor nations, the damages of the northern country of Orphen was especially enormous.

The Ivory Tower said to be the crystallization of humanity’s intellect had also fallen. Orphen itself was forced to surrender just by one of the four generals, Gi Ga Rax and his Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain), but what shocked the coalition the most was the kidnapping of their saint.

The minor nations somehow managed to coordinate under the leadership of the Ivory Tower, but with Saint Reshia gone, the coalition could only rapidly collapse. This was further made evident as the minor nation of Shirad, who submitted to the goblins even before the war began, attacked a neighboring country.

Even if Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s Bow and Arrow Army(Fanzel) had set their eyes on them when the four goblin generals started moving after the king’s triumphant return, the coalition should have still fought back.

But even as the minor nation of Ramana was forced into a defensive battle, their request for reinforcements was ignored by the other nations. Unfortunately, the nations Ramana sought help from were too busy making up for all the casualties during the war at Orphen that they were in no state to help other nations.

Even if the goblins haven’t touched Ramana, they were there with the coalition in the previous war. In other words, they had already lost most of their soldiers. Shirad might have yielded early and suffered in the hands of the War Princess, but they were still better off than Ramana.

In the autumn of the third year of the king’s calendar, Ramana fell to Shirad, and the coalition completely fell apart. During this time, the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom) asked Shirad Kingdom to restrain itself, and then reorganized and replenished its army.

In the winter of the third year of the King’s Calendar, Pale Symphoria the Tactician, gave a full report to the Goblin King about the attack of the east and requested his approval.

Of the four generals were Gi Ga Rax and his Aransain, Gi Gu Verbena and his Axe and Sword Army(Felduk), and Gi Gi Orudo and his Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk).

Then as the lieutenant general, Gi Zu Ruo and his Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), and Gi Jii Yubu and his Regiol. These two goblins have been tasked to work together to take care of one area.

Meanwhile, Ra Gilmi Fishiga and his Fanzel have been put in charge of the security within the kingdom. An army made up of soldiers from different races such as theirs was better suited for ensuring the stability of the kingdom than for attacking other nations. That was Pale’s advise to the king, an advise he took.

The armies from their alliances were also participating.

Saint Mira of the Kushain Believers sent soldiers as proof of their friendship. The soldiers they sent were, of course, led by Vilan Do Zul, who was known for his tenacious leadership and calculative nature. The reason Saint Mira made the young hero participate in the goblins’ war was because of her personal ambition toward the eastern lands. Especially, now that her kingdom was stable.

The Holy Shushunu Kingdom and Shirad Kingdom also sent some of their own soldiers, as few as they were, to rendezvous with the army of the lieutenant general.

Until now Alrodena Kingdom hasn’t been able to fully exhibit the might of their massive territory, but with the introduction of these four forces and a stable regime, the power they held now had taken a transformative leap.

Thanks to the prime minister of Elrain Kingdom, Elbert, and the Governor-General of the Western Capital and Guild General Manager, Yoshu Fagarmia, the domestic affairs of the kingdom were successfully reformed. Of course, they didn’t do everything by themselves. They had the help of countless young bureaucrats and civil officials.

Thanks to being able to secure so many civil officials unharmed from the hegemon of the plains, the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, Alrodena Kingdom was now able to reveal the full power of the giant nation that it is.

Because of all the territories they possessed, they started passing the reforms of various systems, such as the abolition of check points. The slave system was reformed too, and the employment of goblins to maintain the public order was approved. With the influx of orders from the adventurers guild and all the giant public work projects from the merchant guild, the colossal economy of Alrodena was given the jolt it needed to start moving, and when a nation with an economy as vast as Alrodena’s is fully initialized, the minor nations to the east could no longer be their match.

When money moves, the people gather, and when the people gather, demand is born, and so, comes business.

All the ambitious merchants with a nose for money would, of course, not miss this opportunity, and they all began to gather at Alrodena.

Although Alrodena was a kingdom of goblins, the people in charge of the internal affairs were, in fact, two humans. Elbert and Yoshu took advantage of that aspect of the kingdom’s management to attract people.

Of course, they did so with the permission of the Goblin King and Pale the Tactician.

In the winter of the third year of the King’s Calendar, it was decided that Pale the Tactician would be in charge of the military affairs, while Yoshu and Elbert would be in charge of the kingdom’s internal affairs.

With the overwhelming economic power of the kingdom and the expansion of its logistic infrastructure through the employment of monster beasts, it became possible to organize four expeditionary forces. That was managed by none other than Gi Bu Rakuta’s The Ones Behind Everyone(Kurua). which has become half-independent from Zeilduk, and the up-and-coming promising official, Ganon Latosh.

He was a citizen of the late Elrain Kingdom and was recommended by Elbert. After gaining three years of experience under Yoshu, he was given the herculean task of planning the logistics of all the armies of Alrodena Kingdom, and yet despite all the abuses that came out of his mouth as he worked, he was able to successfully complete his task, and thus, he came to be known as the Genius with a Rubbish Mouth(Mardigas). It was then that his talents began to show fruit.

Another person worthy of mention that started showing promise in the third year of the King’s Calendar would be Helen Meer, a person who is often compared to Ganon and has come to be known as the Silent Beauty(Milfet).

She too was recommended by Elbert during the first year of the King’s Calendar and was assigned under Yoshu to gather experience. Her talents began to bear fruit as she worked as Yoshu’s right-hand man.

As the second-generation general manager of the adventurers guild, she pioneered the exploration of the unexplored areas to the south and advocated for them to become pioneers of the kingdom. She made great strides in her contributions to the kingdom by making full use of the humans that made up the biggest population of the kingdom, developing undeveloped areas, and building roads.

She was also frightfully quiet and communicated everything in writing. Even now, no voices could be heard in her office, only the sound of pens moving. In fact, only her direct superior, Yoshu, has heard her voice, and the sound of her voice remains shrouded in mystery.

That was another reason why Mardigas Ganon and Milfet Helen were often compared.

In the winter of the third year of the King’s Calendar, the expedition of the three goblin generals that started with Orphen began to swallow the rest of the minor nations with terrifying momentum and overwhelming power.

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