Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – Idling One’s Life Away (2/4)

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Volume 3: Intermission – Idling One’s Life Away (2/4)

“I hear they’ve already overtaken the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. It didn’t turn into anything too ghastly, though, fortunately,” Ruruid said.

Wyatt nodded.

“Wyath usedh to workh in the westh.”

Koti said as she filled her mouth with more soft roe.

“I said don’t talk with your mouth full! And?”

Matina scolded Koti, but she still urged Wyatt to continue.

“The leader of the goblins, the Goblin King… Actually, I’ve met him twice already. When I first met him, I thought victory was unlikely already, but when I met him the second time, our forces were easily wiped out.”

“Oh? Someone like you was easily taken down?”

Garrod stopped eating and a fearless smile appeared on his face.

“Blanche Ririnoie the War Princess was the clan leader of Valkyria, right? Sounds like some strong ones lost in the war. I know that goblin isn’t normal, but does that mean he also knows how to fight alone?”

“Former clan leader,” Ruruid corrected, and everyone nodded.

“But Far-san isn’t weak either,” Matina added, and everyone nodded again.

“…The goblins have probably merged with the Elks Clan,” Wyatt said.

“But isn’t Touri Nokia dead already?” Koti, who had finally stopped eating, tilted his head when Wyatt said that.

“It’s either Pale Symphoria or Ryutanu Organtia. Those two are the ones with the most influence after Touri. As for why they’re fighting, it’s probably for revenge,” Wyatt said.

“The Silent Moon or that storm bastard, huh,” Garrod nodded as he reached for his mug. “The Leon Heart Clan and the Red Moon Clan are probably with them too.”

“The Leon Heart Clan is essentially managed by Zaurosh-san… It must be because of their relationship with the demihumans. He hasn’t died, has he?” Matina asked earnestly.

“Probably not~” Koti puffed up her cheeks and appeared to be sulking.

“The Red Moon Clan is under Vine Ashley…”

“Ah, in her case, just imagining the reason is scary, so let’s not go there.”

The clan leader wisely pointed out, and all the members of the Swallow nodded.


“Berk-san was a decent person, though.”

“Several influential guilds have thrown their lots with the goblins. The Leon Heart Clan and Elks Clan I know would never agree to any inhuman acts, but…”

“The Red Moon Clan are inhuman.”

“Well, yeah. The word cold-blooded was made just for that woman,” the clan leader said, and Matina and Garrod nodded.

“Well, that’s probably because our lives don’t revolve around wars. Anyway, as long as the Leon Heart Clan and the Elks Clan are there, it’s unlikely anything too tragic will happen.”

“What if they’re isolated?”

“Then I guess we’ll have to stand up to the world’s threat then.”

The clan leader mischievously smiled, gathering everyone’s gazes.

“If we mustered everyone, then perhaps, but…”

Wyatt made a sullen face but didn’t say more than that. Could the Flying Swallow defeat that goblin if they rallied all of their forces?

Subjugating monsters was one of the many jobs of adventurers, but no monster has ever used armies organizationally and conquered nations to this extent.

Subjugating this monster seemed as difficult as assassinating the king of a nation. What’s more is that the target they’re meant to assassinate is likely even stronger than the entire Swallow Clan.


The clan leader, Ruruid, patted the thoughtful Wyatt on the shoulder. That was enough to lighten Wyatt’s mood.

“I understand where you’re coming from, but I doubt we’ll ever end up fighting that monster.”

All eyes gathered on him, and Ruruid continued.

“Think about what will happen to us once this voyage ends. We’ve traveled all over the world as adventurers, but the untrodden lands in this continent are too few.”

Everyone glanced at each other as they pondered the words of their respected clan leader.

“We are adventurers. Walking the untrodden is precisely what makes us worthy of that title.”

“In other words, we’re leaving the continent for the island countries?” Wyatt asked.

“Yes,” Ruruid nodded with a smile.

Whether it was the region known as the Land of the Southern Barbarians, the Northern Ridge Mountains, or the high peaks beyond… The Flying Swallow clan has been to them all. Once, they were acquainted with an elf who managed to flee from misfortune. Once, they were able to barely escape with their lives from a land torn with a war among dragons.

Except for the Forest of Darkness, the Flying Swallow clan has been to every nook and cranny of the continent.

They challenged the unknown; therefore, they were adventurers.

They didn’t want a world torn with war. What they wanted was to go past the oceans and witness a world yet untrodden. A world no one knew about. That would be their glory.

“I agree with the clan leader.”

Koti said with cheeks flushed red from the liquor. The rest of the members nodded.

“If that’s what the clan leader has decided, then so be it,” Wyatt also nodded.

Like this the future course of the Flying Swallow clan was decided.

After they treated themselves to a feast, they went back to their respective lodging. Amidst the silence of the dark town, Wyatt looked up at the sky where the twin red moons, the twin goddesses, Ervi and Navi, hung alongside the God of Starfaring, Tear.

“Mill, please be safe.”

That was the name of the adventurer Wyatt once invited, but of course, his mutters could not possibly reach her.

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