Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – Idling One’s Life Away (1/4)

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Volume 3: Intermission – Idling One’s Life Away (1/4)

The Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena) led by the Goblin King had devoured the Holy Shushunu Kingdom. With the expansion of the goblin kingdom so quick, the neighboring nations found themselves in a panic and in search of a savior they could cling to.

—We must go to the saint!

Hence, the minor nations formed a coalition and gathered around the Ivory Tower.

Like this the continent was divided between the Goblin King’s Alrodena Kingdom, the Minor Nations, the Holy Kingdom Alsas, and the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma, plunging the continent deeper into the chaos.

“What an amazing person.”

At a bar in the Oceanic Kingdom of Yarma was a senior member of the Swallow Clan by the name of Koti. The sudden rise of the goblin kingdom, the nemesis of all humans, was thought to cause a great depression, but contrary to expectations, it actually brought prosperity to the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma.

“Oh, he’s here. It’s great you stand out so much, Wyatt.”

The eastern merchants did not want to risk trading with the goblins, so they chose to turn their eyes to the open sea instead, to an island country outside the continent. Because of that the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma greatly benefited.

The reason the members of the Swallow Clan that traveled all over the world where gathered at a bar at the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma was naturally because they were currently active there.

Wyatt seemed to have noticed her too, and he raised his hand.

“Sorry I’m late. Negotiations just take so much time.”

“So, how was it?”

The one who asked that as soon as she took her seat was Matina. Matina the Whirlwind, a great adventurer.

“Well, we managed to secure a ship, but they’re being stingy with the pay.”

Koti laughed.


Wyatt and a fellow veteran who fought at the frontlines, Garrod, smiled with confidence.

“But of course with my skills, I was easily able to make them pay up.”

Koti laughed as usual, and the rest of the clan laughed too.

“A toast to the success of our next job then.”

The person who said that was a young adventurer.

The most famous of the Swallow Clan, a young man known as Ruruid Eldogrin the Traveler.

After toasting with their beer mugs, they all said cheers.

“Alright, let’s dig in. Keep those dishes coming!”

Garrod laughed heartily as he emptied his mug of ale, then he made short work of the grilled big shell (kadi) before quickly moving to his next prey, the shelled shrimp (jal).

As the shell of the shrimp loosened under the touch of the fire, Garod delightfully sank his robust teeth into it, and the salty taste brought out by the heat filled his mouth.

While relishing in the taste of the sea, he smacked his lip, and then washed it all away with ale.

“I knew ith, the sheafood here is somethingh spechial.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Matina pouted as she stuffed her mouth with the grilled shallow water fish (shishal). Shishal was a rare small fish that could only live in shallow waters. When cooked at the right temperature, even its bones would turn soft, making it possible to eat it whole in one bite.

“But I do agree that this store’s seafood is the best.”

As the eggs of the shishal rolled around in her mouth, she nodded. Despite the shishal being lightly seasoned, its plump softness was a unique treat in its own.

“Make sure to eat your vegetables too.”

When Ruruid saw his clan mates eating and drinking whatever they liked, he couldn’t help but interject like a worried sister-in-law. He ate decently using a knife and a fork. On his plate was a mud fish known as Horuke.

Horuke was known for having many bones, but the flesh hidden by those bones was in a class of its own. The dish Ruruid was eating seasoned the meat of the Horuke with a snow-white vegetable known as Dadigo.


Despite being in a cheap restaurant that prioritized quantity over quality, when Ruruid ate, it was as though the food being served was of the highest class that could only be found in the royal palace.

The refreshing flavor of the Dadigo complemented the aftertaste of the Horuke, painting an exquisite harmony. A smile appeared on Ruruid’s face as he relished himself in that harmony.

“You’re not my sister-in-law, so I’ll eat whatever I want, thank you!”

Koti said as she poured ale down her throat. It was always a sight to see the sake in her mug vanish with each gulp from her throat.


Licking her lips, she skillfully reached out for the soft roe of the poisonous needle fish known as Figel. Dipped shortly in a pot filled with hot water, then dipped in salty-sweet sauce mixed with vinegar, it was a relatively common dish in Yarma, but it was considered a luxury in regions far enough.


In the face of that exquisite delicacy, she couldn’t help but wave about with her hands in admiration before taking another mouthful of Figel soft roe.


It was so delicious she found herself grabbing at her cheeks, a sight that left Ruruid shaking his head in amusement.

“Hmm? What’s the matter, Wyatt? You haven’t been eating.”

Everyone was eating and drinking so merrily, but Wyatt just quietly drank his ale.

“Ah, that was rude of me. My apologies. We’re having a feast after all, so it’s only right that I stuff myself.”

“Right, right. This Figel soft roe is really exquisite, you know~”

Koti said as she started pouring ale down her throat once more.

“What’s the matter?” Asked the clan leader.

Wyatt shook his head with a wry smile. “Oh, it’s nothing. Sorry to worry you.”

“Hmm. Food is well and all, but it’s important to hear you out too.”

Ruruid elegantly wiped his mouth with a napkin, then after fixing his posture, he at Wyatt.

“I’m no match for you, clean leader.”

“Exactly, so you better not try to hide anything.”

Garrod laughed heartily before resuming his battle with the shelled shrimps.

“How about you act accordingly then?”

Matina had stopped eating as well to listen to Wyatt.

“Actually… I heard about the goblins this morning,” Wyatt said.

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