Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – Yuza’s Patrol Journal (2/2)

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Volume 3: Intermission – Yuza’s Patrol Journal (1/2)

One day, a rebellion occurred.

In the outskirts of Garm Su was a noble who secluded himself. This noble spurred his people to rebel, then formed an army and marched to Garm Su. They numbered a measly 200. Normally, the Goblin King or one of his four generals would rise to quell these rebels, but the timing was bad.

Most of the goblin forces had left for the distant capital of Shushunu, Rishu, to suppress the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, while the bow and arrow army, Fanzel) led by Ra Gilmi Fishiga that was left in charge of the public order had left for the Kushain Believers.

Just like that Garm Su was left with no one to defend it. Word of the issue was immediately brought to the Goblin King, but it was not possible for him to cross the distance of a thousand miles so suddenly.

As a result, he could only tell the people back at Garm Su to defend with the people they had.

But the only soldiers they had was a rare class goblin by the name Gi Ah, the 100 wounded veteran goblins, and the normal class goblins that have been left in charge of the public order.

They were normally tasked with escorting merchants or subjugating monsters, but as soon as the 150 goblins gathered, they immediately sortied.

Having judged that they would lose despite having a winning chance if they feared the enemy, Gi Ah decided to fight outside the castle.

The people of Garm Su saw Gi Ah’s goblins off with mixed emotions. They were sympathetic to the noble that was attacking, but they didn’t want to have their lives messed up again after finally getting their lives back in order.

There were no cheers or jeers for the goblins, the people of Garm Su merely looked at them in silence. Yuza didn’t like that, and he couldn’t help but look unhappily at the people.

The fact that there were people who’ve been helped by the goblins among the crowd annoyed Yuza even more. But Yuza was a decent adult. He knew enough to keep his displeasure to himself and continue his rounds.

The goblin he called Gi-san and the goblins in charge of the public order had to leave to fight. Because of that their work became that much busier.

As Yuza continued his rounds unhappily, the goblins lined up and walked through the noisy crowd. When he saw Gi-san among those, Yuza finally couldn’t keep his feelings bottled inside.

“Hey, Gi-san!”

At that, all eyes turned to him, and Yuza put to use his authority as a gate guard and pushed his way through the crowds.

After making his way past the people watching the situation with trepidation and neared the goblins, he called out to Gi-san.

“Gi-san! Don’t you die out there now, you hear me. The gate guards are always lacking hands! So you better come back and help us, okay!”

Yuza actually regretted saying that given that these goblins were about to throw themselves into war, but he didn’t let it show on his fcae. The goblin known as Gi-san was concerned about the looks his comrades were giving him, but he nodded to him all the same and struck his chest with his only hand.

“Of course! We, will protect, public order. It is, our duty.”

“Yeah, exactly!”

Before they knew it, the other gate guards had also approached them and given words of encouragement to them, then Gi-san went back to his line. When Gi Ah saw that, he called out to Gi-san.

“Are they referring to you, when they say, Gi-san?”

“…My, apologies.”

“I’m not blaming you. The king himself said it. So long as we submit to him, we are equals.”


“In other words, we are comrades.”


Gi-san nodded, and Gi Ah nodded back.

I can’t give you, a name, but I can give you a nickname. Gi-san.”

“Thank, you.”

Gi-san took a deep bow, and Gi Ah patted him on the shoulders. After that Gi Ah led him and the 150 goblins to war.

Although the goblins numbered fewer than the human rebels, they attacked relentlessly from start to finish, and they successfully routed the enemies. The noble didn’t have the resources to muster an army in the first place, so the paltry force of 200 that he did muster was made up of peasants from his territory.

These peasants were no match for the goblins who were warriors from birth. Despite that the goblins still incurred casualties. Their casualties were by no means few, and the goblins had no choice but to return to Garm Su.

As for what to do regarding the noble, Gi Ah left that to the king. A decision that would be proven correct. After the king returned with his army, he confiscated the noble’s territory, and gave the order to execute the noble once he’s been found.

It was in this way that Gi Ah led his goblins to defeat an army that outnumbered them and successfully defended Garm Su.


On this day, Yuza was out on patrol as usual.

He may have been the commander of the gate guards, but that did not mean that he could stretch his legs out and sit in his office all day long. After all, they lacked hands.

“Commander! Adventurers are fighting in the main street!”

“Tch… There really is no end to these fools who want to make a mess of the public order, are there? At this rate, we’ll never get to rest.”

Yuza spat unhappily, then turned to his adjutant.

“Ready your swords men!”

“Are you sure?”

“Damn right, I’m sure! I’m the commander!”

“When you put it that way…”

“Well, I don’t think we’ll end up using them, though, right, Gi-san?”

“We, will protect, public order. It is, our duty!”

Gi-san bellowed and so did the goblins behind him.

“Alright, boys, let’s go and discipline these fools who want to make a mess of our public order!”

On this day as well, Yuza worked with the goblin that has come to be known as Gi-san to protect the public order of Garm Su.

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