Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – In the Old Days When the Sunlight Leaked through the Leaves of the Trees (1/3)

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Volume 3: Intermission – In the Old Days When the Sunlight Leaked through the Leaves of the Trees (1/3)

 In a time long before the Goblin King was born, was the tale of a human and a goblin.

 In that age, a single knight was given charge of the Western Region in accordance to the holy knight system of Germion Kingdom. Gowen Ranid the Iron Armed Knight. He was not just an old knight that served the king. His martial arts skills and his tactics in battle also proved to make him a special person in Germion Kingdom.

 In his later years, his specialty would lie in his duty as a feudal lord to raise new soldiers, but it wasn’t until a little later that he would begin showing his talents as a feudal lord.

 In this year, there were yet many unexplored areas in the Western Region, and it was only due to the expedition led by King Ashtal that the attacks of the monsters finally quieted.

 In the last expedition led by King Ashtal, His Majesty picked up an adventurer that survived a monster attack. This year that man would begin to serve Germion Kingdom. His name was Gulland Rifenin. At this time, the holy knight that would later be known as the Storm Knight was just a lucky adventurer who managed to survive the attacks of some monsters.

 King Ashtal’s last expedition was a bitter struggle to the end.

 Even with Jize the One-Eyed Knight and Gowen the Iron-Armed Knight serving him, when you look at it from a whole, it always felt as if they were always on the losing ground. It is said that at one point the monsters even invaded the throne of the king. One could only imagine how fierce the fighting was.

 After the king concluded his expedition, the damage the Western Region received was so great that he cried and decided to manage the Western Region seriously. As such, he decided to have his right-hand man, Gowen, take charge of the Western Region.

 King Ashtal was a capable king. And at this time, he was in his 23rd year in power. He was a great man who inherited the throne at a young age and relied on his wits to become the king of the holy knight kingdom. And just as one might expect from a man of his caliber, he did not just entrust the west to his trusted right-hand man, Gowen. He also took another measure.

 He called a person that – at the time – lived at the Holy Shushunu Kingdom and he asked her to help with the management of the Western Region.

 She was Falmia, Falmia De Floria, the woman known in the capital as the ‘The Sage of the East (Turku Mercy)’. She was a famous eccentric at the prime of her life, but even the Ivory Tower acknowledged her wealth of knowledge.

 But she had another nickname apart from the Sage of the East.

That nickname was: ‘Doll User’.

A name she received due to her research in a special magic that gave her the power to control monsters.

 Humans learned to use magic after the war of the gods.

 There used to only be as many types of magic as there were gods, but they later organized them to make them easier for humans to use. As such, the different types of magic were divided into four major elements: fire, water, earth, and wind. As for the rest, they were placed under subcategories. Of the four major elements, humans had a particular affinity with fire. As such, approximately 300 years later, humans acknowledged fire to be the greatest of the elements.

 But at the same time, there were people that were reluctant to see the other branches of magic die.

 It was then that the Ivory Tower was built. Its purpose was to gather knowledge and be an engine of research for the development of villages. On top of the four major elements, they gathered knowledge on every branch of magic they could find. Light, holy, darkness, death, lightning, wood, metal… And all of that was stored within the Ivory Tower.

 Of those, Falmia studied darkness. Of course, part of the reason was because she had an affinity for it, but the main reason why her research was permitted was because she had received the divine protection of the Goddess of Wisdom.

 Later on, word of her talents which were said to be equal to that of Tanya Fedra the White Elder and Serion Harlon the Red Elder was spread far and wide by the handsome Floyd Berchen of the Blue Tower, who at the time already held a high social position.

 After many years of research and persistence, her efforts were finally rewarded. The ability to control monster beasts. She was able to mark her name within the branch of magic said to be the hardest of them all, Dark Magic.

 But she was not satisfied.

 If it were possible to control monster beasts, then it should also be possible to control monsters.

 She believed it was possible in theory, so she wanted to try it as much as possible. For her first experiment, she tried it out on a relatively safer monster, a goblin. Surprisingly, she succeeded on her first try.

 The Ivory Tower lauded her achievements. They even said that she would one day inherit the White Tower and be the next White Elder.

 Humans are greedy creatures. And she was not satisfied with that.

 She wanted to let the world know that her magic that could make monsters submit to her was not inferior to the four major elements. She wanted to prove that.

 So she bid farewell to Floyd Berchen and went directly to Germion Kingdom. Behind her was a strangely charming goblin that carried her belongings.

“Master, where are we headed to this time?” The goblin asked.

“To a country called Germion Kingdom,” she replied.

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  1. That the old goblin for sure, in the descripsion he was said to be enslave by human magic long ago. Maybe the old goblin will meet her master again cause the goblin king will invade Germion Kingdom

    Thank for the chapter

    1. remember when they said gi za looked alot like a human?? XD
      just a joke but can also be funny if it turns out to be true XD

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