Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – In the Old Days When the Sunlight Leaked through the Leaves of the Trees (2/3)

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Volume 3: Intermission – In the Old Days When the Sunlight Leaked through the Leaves of the Trees (2/3)


 The goblin inclined his head and Falmia replied while gesturing with her hands exaggeratedly.

“Hear ye, hear ye! All men that yearn to be knights! Head to the west! There, lies a kingdom of knights! Where neither social status, nor gender, nor age matter! Only the power of a knight! Our king is King Ashtal Do Germion! …Or something like that, anyway.”

“Amazing! Amazing!”

 The goblin’s eyes twinkled and she smiled.

“Well, I performed at a play before. The strongest country of the Western Region. That is Germion Kingdom.”

“Will I have friends there?”

“…Let’s see. It would be good if there were.”

 The goblin happily laughed and Falmia nodded.

 Even though she knew that was a wish that could never come true.


 A woman accompanied by a goblin came to Germion Kingdom..

 Their first impression greatly shook the kingdom.

 Falmia, the sage who also held the second name Doll User, was given a residence at a corner of the nobles district and received a warm welcome from the kingdom of knights.

 But it was at the moment of their visit that the proposal to reclaim the unexplored lands was pushed forward and the damage from the monsters increased. Even without the Orc Madness that would occur later, it was during this time that the monster beasts and monsters were retaliating against the humans after having their territories invaded.

 Because of that her ability to control monsters garnered much attention.

 They thought that perhaps with her power she could tame the fiendish monsters and make them fight other monsters. King Ashtal, who wanted to reclaim the Western Region, was aiming for just that. Although, he himself wouldn’t be able to deny that it was also a decision made partly out of desperation from the unending losses to the monsters.

 One day, she revealed her tamed goblin before the king. On the throne was a young King Ashtal. The aura about him was yet tinged with the flavor of war and was brimming with the majesty of a country’s king. Around him were the famed holy knights as his guards.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty.”

 When the goblin bowed its head, Ashtal narrowed his eyes.

“Oh? Who could’ve thought that a goblin would…”

 Gowen the Iron-Armed Knight and Jize the One-Eyed Knight opened their eyes wide upon seeing that. After all, the goblin was talking fluently. That was enough to shock them.

“It doesn’t seem like she’s hidden a child inside that thing, but…”

 Gowen and Jize were still suspicious, so with the permission of the king, they closely observed the goblin.

“Is it not dangerous, Falmia-dono?”

“Are you questioning my magic?”

 Jize’s question was met with a cold response from the offended Falmia. Jize knitted his brows, but Gowen interjected to keep things from escalating.

“Can this goblin fight?”

 When Gowen glared at the goblin and showered it with killing intent, the goblin was spooked and hid behind Falmia.

“Scary, scary, scary.”

“…It’s alright.”

 Falmia unreservedly patted the goblin’s head as she turned a criticizing gaze toward Gowen.

“Excuse me. That was thoughtless of me.”

“Goblins are known for their ferocity, but who would’ve thought there would be such coward among them…”

 When the king said that, the two holy knights bowed their head and moved away from the goblin.

“It certainly piques one’s interest. Falmia-dono, please stay at our country for a while and continue your research.”

“…Thank you.”

 After that she became very busy.

 She did not overstay inside the house she was given and instead traveled throughout Germion Kingdom as she continued her research. The goblin spent most of the days doing housework for the house she was given.


 On the 3rd year since Falmia and the goblin came to Germion Kingdom, Falmia’s research finally bore fruit. By having two monster beasts mate, she was able to succeed at domesticating them.

 They acknowledged her as their parent and as such would not attack her. Yes, this could be considered domestication. She presented her results to King Ashtal immediately, and the king praised her, while promising to treat her even better.

“That’s great, Master.”

“Indeed. Even I can’t help but my admire my own talents.”

 She cheerfully laughed while drinking eastern grape wine at her own residence. Naturally, the goblin was also elated at his master’s happiness and cooked some food.

“At this rate, I’ll be able to reduce the casualties from the monsters and I’ll be able to make my dream of humans and monster beasts coexisting a reality.”

“The coexistence of humans and monsters?”

 The goblin inclined his head in confusion and Falmia laughed.

“Yes. It is my belief that those who are living shouldn’t always fight amongst themselves. If we could live while holding each other’s hands, nothing could be better.”

 There was a tinge of sadness in her gaze, so the goblin spoke cheerfully to try and cheer her up.

“Master is gentle! Everyone will get along! That is good!”

“Yes, that’s true. Perhaps my dream won’t come true while I’m alive, but one day, I’m sure… The day will come when races of all kinds will hold each other’s hands and walk together.”

 Because of how great and different her ideals were, she had to leave the Ivory Tower.

 After all, the Ivory Tower was merely a place for research.

“Yes. I’ll give this to you.”

 She took out a book from her chest and gave it to the goblin.


“Learn how to read. I’ll teach you to get you starting.”

 Falmia gently smiled and the goblin happily nodded.

 Falmia and the goblin spent their fourth year at Germion Kingdom peacefully. Because of her last progress in her research, she spared no effort in gathering material. To that end, she needed time.

 The time she spent at home increased, and she used that time to teach the goblin how to read.

 Perhaps, the goblin had always held a talent for it, but he was elated to be able to meet her expectations. He quickly learned how to read.

 But then the fifth year of their stay at Germion Kingdom came, and an event that would decide their destiny occurred.

 This event was none other than the Orc Madness.

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  1. Bui predecessor? The orc king madness like what happen when the goblin king still a duke?

    Thank for the chapter

    1. The predecessor of bui’s predecessor, etcetera… The orc kings die, the remaining orcs retreat after they’ve been stopped. Then they form a new horde with different broken orc groups and the cycle begins again.

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