Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – The Ones Pushing from Behind (2/3)

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Intermission: The Ones Pushing from Behind (1/3)

Of the monster beasts raised in the Fortress of the Abyss, the reason the Three-Horned Boars (Triple Horn) and Eirel Deer (Spear Deer) are the most numerous is because of the many different ways they could be used. The Three-Horned Boars (Triple Horn) and Eirel Deer (Spear Deer) raised by Gi Bu Rakuta would of course be fed to the baby goblins, but their bones and pelts would be handed over to the Ganra tribe.

The Ganra tribe are the most skilled of the goblins when it comes to their hands. They are also the only goblins that can use the bow. One of the new endeavors they’ve entered is the betterment of their crafting technology. It is one of the policies that Princess Narsa adopted in order to allow their tribe to gain new standing under the leadership of the king.

The Ganra tribe lived atop trees, known as the Twisted Giant’s Arms, and are separated into three tribes: the Ra, Ru, and Re tribes.

Ra Gilmi, Ra Narsa, and the previous generation, Ra Gilan, are all from the Ra Tribe. The tribe of Ru Rou revolves around being warriors, while the tribe of Re Roen revolves around technology.

Since the king has left for the plains, they have been exchanging technologies with the small people (koro toku). By exchanging technologies with the Koro Toku, who possesses advanced technology and were under the protection of the elves, the technology of the Ganra tribe increased by leaps and bounds.

Pelts sent from the Fortress of the Abyss would be turned into armor through a tanning process, while the bones would be shaved and turned into arrowheads. They used even the horns of grown Eirel Deer (Spear Deer), shaving them and turning them into strong spears. Although shorter than long spears, they were just right for the baby goblins to use.

Monster Beast Products made by the Ganra tribe were able to reach the goblins at the Fortress of the Abyss and the various lodgings by way of the Harpyurea and the Tarpidae.

A portion of the good tanned leather would be transported to the elven forest through the region that the demihumans inhabited. Although they were exchanging technologies, as expected, the highest quality armor could only be gotten from the elven forest.

The threads of the aranea, tanned leather of monster beasts, steel produced by the centaurs and the minotaurs, and Blue-Silver Steel (Srilana) produced by the elves. All of these delicate technologies were combined and given to the koro toku to forge an armor.

The task they have been entrusted this time was to forge a set for the 4 newly appointed generals of the goblins. The one leading the forging process was none other than the one who forged a sword for the king, Kurt Bild Dash. He was introduced to sword forging by his master Dumble Davie David. He was a young talent who showed much interest in the forging of armor.

The goblins do not put much emphasis on armor.

Among the goblins, it is Gi Jii Yubu who puts the most emphasis on it. Shield bearers among humans use shields reinforced with hard iron with their spear and a military formation to minimize losses while maintaining the frontlines.

But presently, most goblins use leather armor at most. That remains true even after evolvution. To the goblins, relying on their heightened ether abilities with each evolution is still the most popular way to fight.

There are even those like Gi Zu Ruo who fought with full presumption that they would end up hurt.

But the newly implemented Four General System makes battles that much more difficult compared to when fighting under the king. After all, around the four generals, there were no more goblins with a higher class than their own. Naturally, that meant the enemy would target them, and unlike before, neither the king nor Pale will be around to give them orders.

Because of that Pale advised the king and asked for new armor to be forged for the 4 generals. Pale wasn’t a goblin. Because of that she was able to grasp the feelings of the goblins that looked up at the king.

If the king were to give them armor, there was no way that they would not put them to good use; hence, a set of armor was forged for them. Still, equipping a goblin with a full set of armor went against their very nature. The strength of the goblins lied in their strong muscles and their ability to take their enemies by surprise in the black of the night. It was best for them to make as little sound as possible.

Pale’s request to forge an armor that remained silent and had little effect on one’s combat abilities was met by Kurt Bild Dash by implementing a dual structure.

A full set of armor will make sound no matter what. That would make it inconvenient for the goblins to move.

As such, the armor had to be made of leather and then be reinforced by blue-silver steel (srilana). A layer of Chain Mail woven out of steel would be placed underneath the armor to protect aganist slashing attacks. Blue-Silver Steel (Srilana) will also be used to reinforce the affected part. Furthermore, the other parts will be daringly cut down, but still defense will still be maintained by way of layers of monster beast leather.

By combining the special traits of two different materials, it was possible to create an armor that increased defense without sacrificing silence.

In the past, monster beast leather was hard to come by and process. Even if one did manage to obtain one, they were usually damaged. But thanks to the cooperation of the goblins, not only was it now possible to procure good tanned leather, even the koro toku have started to look at the special traits of monster beast leather in a new light.

In the past, they would surely say that Blue-Silver Steel (Srilana) is the greatest material and monster beast leather is a level lower, but now, they would have to change the material depending on what traits were demanded. Which was to say that the koro toku have now acknowledged monster beast leather.

The armor they forged was brought to the front lines as quickly as possible and bestowed upon the generals by the king.


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