Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Intermission – The Ones Pushing from Behind (3/3)

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Intermission: The Ones Pushing from Behind (3/3)

Within the Forest of Darkness, the ones responsible for transporting goods are the merchant tribes of The Winged Ones (Harpyurea) and the Mud-Scaled Tribe (Tarpidae), but beyond the forest was different. The harpyurea had to flee from predators in the sky, while the tarpidae couldn’t get past the invisible barrier.

But at the height of the battle at the western region, the goblins were able to secure the ideal place to gather things. The former colonial city, renamed to Middled under the orders of the king, showed signs of developing as a gathering place for goods.

In order to transport goods produced at the Forest of Darkness, human laborers were utilized. These laborers would be protected by the Proud Clan (Leon Heart Clan) and the young goblins. Managing them was the princess of the elves, Princess Shunaria, who went to and fro the western capital while supervising the scattered residences of the demihumans in the surrounding area.

If goods and materials were going to be gathered, then it would only stand to reason that people would be needed to carry them. At the same time, lodging to permit them rest would also be essential. With that came merchants who sold goods to travelers on a long journey, which in turn attracted other crowds as well.

Although the goblins were fine sleeping out in the wilds, perhaps due to the king’s continuing dedication to education or perhaps simply because they were smarter than wild goblins, but the goblins actually preferred to sleep at inns whenever possible. However, goblins did not understand the monetary economy.

As such, Princess Shunaria decided upon a fixed amount for the goblins and petitioned for it at the house of the feudal lord. This system would only remain until the goblins finally understood the monetary economy, but the goblins gathered at Middled were yet young.

Other than a portion of the druids, it would still take some time for them to understand money.

Of the humans working in the transportation of goods, there are many candidates among the soldiers from the villages in the northern part of the western region and the people coming in from the border lands. There are also many soldiers with a family who leave their home to enlist in the goblin army to reduce their taxes.

The people that came from the border lands had already abandoned their lands, so no matter how low the taxes were, it was hard for them to live. No matter how much Yoshu overworked to try and do his job properly, there were just too many borderlanders.

On the other hand, Shumea had much influence over the candidates from the northern part of the western region.

Shumea was a young warrior who, while mediating for the goblins and the humans, was able to fight against the army of Germion Kingdom. Being a young woman herself, she found much popularity among the borders of the western region. The number of soldiers that enlisted out of admiration for her were not at all few. A certain number of those became a part of the transport unit that goes to Middled.

Escorting the transport unit to the western region were of course the Leon Heart Clan and the young goblins. Along the way they would stop at the villages of the demihumans. At the village of the Fang Tribe (Werewolf), who had long dreamed of reclaiming the plains, they would barter with them for their specially processed magic beast bones. They would also barter with the transport unit from Middled to exchange for magic stones.

Due to peddlers being too scared to travel to the demihuman villages, out of fear of the monster beasts attacking them, it is also one of the duties of the transport unit to bring them goods. They were also allowed to barter with the human soldiers and adventurers. They were even free to sell as long it was sensible.

There is no doubt that everything being organized to this extent in such a short time is thanks to the skill of the elves, but the humans, Yoshu and Shumea, also had a part in it. For one, it was them who insisted that it would be too harsh to prevent the soldiers from selling at all, something Fei and the other elves had to acknowledge.

After the transport unit passes the region ruled by the demihumans, they go further down south, and through the Fortress of the Foggy Plains (Melgion), deliver goods to the various areas of the southern region from the frontmost lines of the border lands. The entire trip takes about 30 days on human feet while pulling a number of wagons.

When the armor was finally delivered, the imposing appearance of the generals appeared in the battlefield.

The battle of those supporting from behind continued even when the front lines had fallen into a deadlock, so often times, theirs was a battle even harsher.


The population of the borderlanders, approximately 10,000.

“GU… This is…”

When that great number appeared before Yoshu’s eyes, he couldn’t help but groan.

“I’m counting on you”, was all the Goblin King had to say before running off to war. Yoshu cursed him countless times in his head, but he had to immediately sort all these people out. He had to decide where they would live, estimate what work they could do, and secure land to give to them…

His work was piled up higher than the mountains and the fatigue that came with it was deeper than the seas.

10,000 citizens. And not just any citizen, but human citizens. Had they been goblins, Yoshu could throw them into the plains and all would be fine. The goblins could hunt on their own and feed themselves, but these were humans. Though these may be borderlanders, these were still 10,000 humans. Until now they have been living their whole lives somewhere under a roof and cultivating crops. All 10,000 of those had just been thrown at him.

Even if it weren’t Yoshu, anyone would want to complain after being given such a tall ordeal.

Fortunately, however, among the people that fled the border lands were village chiefs. Yoshu looked for them and assigned them a part of the western capital as a temporary measure.

As representatives to the feudal lords of the various towns of Razuel, Shirak, and so on… Yoshu explained to them the situation. He promised that he would immediately find work for them and ensure that they would have a place to stay at.

“What do I do? What do I do…”

The reason Yoshu had to solve this problem immediately could easily be understood if one realizes just how dangerous it would be were 10,000 humans to riot. The present situation was still fine. They had just fled from the border lands and held no dissatisfaction with either the Goblin King or Yoshu.

But the moment they realize that they cannot live comfortably, there was no telling what they would do. “Does the Goblin King understand how dangerous it is to bring 10,000 humans here just like that?” Yoshu spat curses in his mind.

“It’s dangerous to gather them into one place, but where am I supposed to put them if I scattered them?”

The western capital alone was too small. That being said, if Yoshu allowed the borderlanders to go to the northern villages, friction would surely occur between them and the natives.

“…What about Middled?”

The former colonial city. Just from scale alone, it could be considered as the second city of the western region. Currently it is being used as a gathering place for supplies to be transported from the Forest of Darkness to the front lines. There is much threat from the monster beasts near the Forest of Darkness, but with the goblins and the demihuman guards around, it could be considered as a rich area.

As Yoshu thought that, he immediately called the representatives of the border lands and spoke to them about moving.

“You will be paying us, yes? There are many elderly and children among us…”

“Please don’t misunderstand. This is not a proposal but an order as mayor of the western capital.”

Yoshu put on a cold mask.

“That’s… But the Goblin King didn’t say anything about—”

“If I may be so blunt, you people probably don’t think you’re asking for protection, but I’m sure you understand that you barged into here on your own accord with no prior preparations.”

Yoshu was bluffing.

But Yoshu knew that his bluff would work well. He has heard about the fate of refugees like them. If so, then these people were very weak and had little to no power to negotiate.

Yoshu found himself sighing at what a terrible job he had to do, but he didn’t allow his cold expression to fail him.

“That’s… But, we—”

“Of course, I will promise you reasonable aid. You must, however, understand that it is impossible to accept all of you into the western capital. This cannot be changed, and neither can the people living here be chased away. I’m sure you understand.”

Seeing the representative knit his brows, Yoshu knew that he needed just one more push.

“I shall speak to Lord Fei of the elves and exempt you from taxes for half a year. You will also be supported with food from the western capital. Although it will be just enough to keep you from starving.”

“…Very well. We thank you for your kindness.”

If the neighboring countries were to be used as a standard, Yoshu’s proposal was extraordinarily good. His proposal was the same thing as saying that he would give half a year of life to these people who’d barged their way in selfishly. Normally, it wouldn’t be strange to turn all of these people into slaves.

After the representatives left, Yoshu was greatly perplexed.

Although he promised to support them for half a year, if they don’t get any help after that, they will all turn into slaves. He needed to take measures. He had to create jobs that would allow them to live.

It would take 5 days on human feet to go west from the western capital.

When Yoshu wondered if it would be so easy to make jobs, he decided he could just copy an already existing organization.

“…The adventurers guild.”

Yoshu thought back in his time as a slave gladiator. During that period when he went from town to town, he recalls that there was a guild known as the adventurers guild in the city.

“There should be a guild like that at the Holy Shushunu Kingdom.”

Would they put up a branch store here if he were to ask them? No, there was no way they would. This was the country of monsters ruled by the Goblin King. In that case, he would have no choice but to do it himself.

The system itself is simple. The western capital would request a job, then the corresponding the number of people would carry it out. The point of contact for such operations will be established at Middled and at the Western Capital. Wages will be paid accordingly.

Wages suitable for labor work will be paid.

For example, the construction of a road. The goblins will probably claim more of the south. At the very least, Yoshu didn’t think that their advance could be stopped so easily. In which case, what they would need the most are the construction of roads that allow them to move quickly. That would require people. Without roads, the transport of goods will be slowed.

A month later, a guild was established in the Goblin King’s kingdom just as proposed by Yoshu.


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