Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 266 – Departure (2/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 266 – Departure (2/3)

The eastern expedition of the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom), ruled by the Goblin King, was being advanced by four main groups. Those moving east from the north of the vassal state, Shirad Kingdom, were Gi Ga Rax’s Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) and Gi Gu Verbena’s Axe and Sword Army(Felduk).

Those moving east from the south of the vassal state, Gi Gi Orudo’s Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk). Further down south was the mixed army, who were trying to make their way east through the Land of the Southern Barbarians.

The mixed army was made up of Gi Zu Ruo’s Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga) and Gi Jii Yubu’s army(Regiol). Their allies, the Kushain Believers, have also sent their Akazones to join them. The other vassal states also sent some of their soldiers.

During the War of the Saint, the small country of Orphen was forced to surrender after receiving a devastating blow from Aransain. Aransain kept going east after that and went through the mountains and attacked the countries in the northern area.

As the army that boasted the greatest mobility among the goblins, their mobility could best show itself in the plains, but that didn’t mean they minded fighting in forests or mountains. In fact, because the Paradua tribe lived in the Forest of Darkness, their black tigers could show their worth best in such places.

However, the report that came showed a surprising result – they were struggling.

The minor nations being close to each other meant that they were close to their enemies. When a country has an enemy that could reach them in as little as five days, they could only turn to fortresses to protect themselves.

Moreover, the relationship between the minor nations were historically bad; hence, there have been plenty of instances where they built fortresses to protect their borders. The greastest weapon of Gi Ga Rax’s Aransain was their mobility. Which is why they didn’t have anything that could weaken their mobility, like siege weapons.

But of course, Gi Ga Rax wasn’t so foolish as to attack a fortress without thinking, so he was currently trying various things to see what would stick and allow him to conquer the enemy nations.

After hearing the report, the Goblin King nodded.

“It’s Gi Ga, I’m sure he’ll be fine. I expect good results from him.”

Pale was the one reporting to the king, and when she heard what he said, she immediately sent those words to Gi Ga. To the various generals fighting in the front lines, no better reward could be given, so Pale treated it as such.

While Gi Ga Rax’s Aransain was struggling, Gi Gu Verbena’s Felduk made smooth progress.

The ‘Blood-Stained Giant Axe’ that showed its power at the regions rebellious to the rule of the goblins. The storm of goblin violence and cruelty that carved fear into the hearts of the humans that opposed them. Felduk was all that personified, and by treating those who surrendered sooner better, they made smooth progress in their way east.

They’d brought the siege weapons that the young hero of the Kushain Believers had taught them about, so they were easily able to destroy the fortresses that stood in their way. Any humans they captured were turned into battle slaves. In fact, one country had already been destroyed, and they were already starting the conquest of the next country.

“Gi Gu-dono is requesting that civil officials that could help govern be dispatched. Also, Ganon Latosh-dono, the person in charge of the logistics of the Eastern Expedition, has an urgent complaint.”

The Goblin King raised his brows and took the parchment from Pale’s hands. When he read through it, half of what had been written was a depressing rant, while the other half was full of complaints.

“So, in other words, the number of battle slaves have been increasing endlessly, and now the supplies can’t hold, so please do something about it?”

“More or less. Will you be scolding him?”

“There’s no need. Do we have civil officials to spare? Ones that we could send to Ganon?”

Although the way Gi Gu fought was certainly efficient, it left a lot of work to be done on the governance side of things. Alrodena may have conquered half of the continent already, but that did not mean that they had infinite supplies.

But if the Goblin King told Gi Gu to stop increasing the number of battle slaves, the only thing that could happen next was a massacre. As such, it made more sense to send some civil officials instead.

“If it’s just two, we do have some to spare.”

“Very well. Let Ganon know that we’re sending them as reinforcements and that he should make the best of them. Also, tell Yoshu to purchase crops from the merchants affiliated with us.”

“We’re purchasing from the enemy countries, right?”

“Yes. Our goal is either the Holy Kingdom Alsas or the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma, who are waiting behind the minor nations.”

Nothing could be better for Alsas and Yarma than for Alrodena Kigndom, who was trying to expand aggressively, to expend itself against the minor nations. Though the countries themselves have yet to clash, the war had already begun. Instead of sending reinforcements and possibly receiving a terrible counterattack, Alsas and Yarma instead chose to send food and equipment to make the minor nations last as long as possible.

But the Goblin King was going to purchase that food and use it to nurture Felduk’s battle slaves. The increase in food supply will be taken care of by Ganon and the new civil officials.

“I have a suggestion. What if we left the purchasing to the Kushunora House of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom or perhaps, the Merchant Country of Pena?”

“…Either which are hostile to us, no?”

“Yes. Perhaps it could be the start of reconciliation… Of course, for Kushunora, we would have to promise to reduce their charges a little, while for Pena’s merchants, we could promise to rescind the right to free entry to their territory. If we promise these things, I’m sure they’ll agree.”

“So the merchants affiliated with us are already strong enough to contend with them then?”

“Yes. There is a limit to everything, after all. Perhaps, they’ll become another problem in the future. Besides, it would be problematic if their political connections got to their head.”

“Very well. Discuss it with Yoshu first, then make it happen.”

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