Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 266 – Departure (3/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 266 – Departure (3/3)

Pale nodded and then reported about the other battlefields.

The Zeilduk that Gi Gi Orudo led went south from the annexed nation, the Kingdom of Shirad. Many of the assassin units led by Gi Ji Arsil have also been deployed in that area.

“As expected, they’re having a hard time,” the Goblin King said.

According to Pale’s report, there were barely any giant monster beasts harmful to humans in the center of the continent. The monsters beasts they’ve brought with them from the west were indeed useful in battle and would aid them greatly in capturing forts, but just like humans, they were also exhausted whenever they fought.

No matter how many monster beasts they might lead with them, the number of beasts birthed could not possibly catch up with their losses after each battle.

“Gi Gi-dono has tried making the monsters beasts wear armor, but…”

“They haven’t been able to produce results.”

The king became thoughtful.

The plan to order the monster beasts in the west to relocate to Gi Bu Rakuta, who was in charge of resupplies, was already at an impasse. It may have been because of the water or the soil, but regardless, the giant monster beasts of the west couldn’t endure the sudden migration, and many of them have died.

The horse-type monster beasts were much better off, but they were also unable to fulfill the role of siege weapons.

“Are there no monster beasts in the Land of the Southern Barbarians?” The Goblin King asked.

“They do have a lot of monsters beasts, but none of the big ones that Gi Gi-dono wants,” Pale said.

“I see. Well, let Gi Gi know that there’s no need to rush. He can preserve his forces and slowly pile up his victories.”

“As you will.”

Among the military reports, the last report was about the mixed army.

With Gi Zu Ruo’s Sazanorga and Gi Jii’s Regiol as their core, the mixed army boasted an army 6,000 men strong. This army, that had a relatively large number of humans, advanced at a slower rate than the other armies, but it was able to steadily defeat its foes.

The Land of the Southern Barbarians was originally home to the Earth Elves(Gnome). With them leading the way, by the time they’d reached the east, they’d already driven one country into a corner.

At the center of their victories was the young hero of the Kushain Believer, Vilan Do Zul. With his Akazone with him, he showed results that wouldn’t lose out to Gi Zu or Gi Jii.

“A terrifyingly calm tactician, it seems.”

That was how Pale appraised Vilan.

“As an ally, he is indeed reliable. I suppose we’ll have to prepare a gift for Queen Mira.”

“A wise decision, Your Majesty. Perhaps it will encourage the other countries as well.”

“Let’s give a portion of the territories they’ve conquered to the Kushain Believers. I’m sure this will spur Shirad as well.”

“As you will.”

After wrapping up the reports related to the armies, Pale remembered something.

“Come to think of it, there was a letter from Queen Mira too. It said that she would like to use the opportunity to decide the official name of their country.”


Unlike the Goblin King’s rude impressions of Saint Mira, which supposed her and her people to be a jovial bunch, Saint Mira came up with a decent name.

“Vladinia… Apparently, it means, ‘to paradise’.”

“I see. In that case, we’ll need to send an official letter to Vladinia in the near future.”

“Since Queen Mira is the head of their state, perhaps they should be referred to as the Holy Matriarchy of Vladinia.”

“Well, let’s go with that then.”

“Yes. There shouldn’t be any problems.”

As the Goblin King wryly smiled, Pale continued with her next report.

It was about the letter of retirement by the adventurers guild, general manager, Yoshu, as well as a letter of recommendation, recommending that Helen Meer to succeed him.

“Apparently, Yoshu-dono will remain as the governor-general of the western capital, but he wishes to relinquish his position as general manager of the adventurers guild, so he could concentrate his efforts on the reforms and his duties as governor-general.”

“Yoshu is the one recommending her, so I’m sure she’s someone that can be trusted.”

“There’s a letter from that Helen Meer-dono as well. A proposal regarding the development of the unexplored lands to the south. Will you be taking a look at it?”


After reading through the proposal once, the Goblin King groaned. It was well done. From the profits in case of success to the losses in case of failure. From the needed personnel to the method to secure them. Even the time needed had been calculated. It was a proposal so well thought out that they could carry it out as soon as the Goblin King gave permission.

After reading the parchment divided into several layers, the Goblin King nodded.

“Have you read through this?”

“Yes, I thought it was well made.”

“Do you think it’s feasible?”

“…About 70% I’d say.”

“And the remaining 30%?”

“Unforeseen things happen. Our army in the east could lose, after all.”

“I see, but even with that in mind, this is a splendid proposal.”

“Shall we put it into action?”

“Yes. Yoshu will have more work to do, but have them start it as a part of the reforms.”

“As you will.”

“Perhaps, the monster beasts that Gi Gi wants can be found in the unexplored lands. The mixed army should create a base for the Kurua.”

“They will need about a month.”

The Goblin King nodded, and Pale turned heel.

With the policies the kingdom would take decided, all that was left was for the Goblin King to return safe.


The people accompanying the king numbered 80. The remaining 20 people were ordered by Pale to go ahead and prepare the king’s accommodations, and serve as a point of contact with the capital, The City Where the King Sits(Revea Su).

The Goblin King was hesitant at first, but after Pale explained to him how important the actions of the king was, he agreed with her arrangements.

“A carefree trip won’t be possible, it seems.”

The Goblin King said to Reshia beside him. The way he shrugged his shoulders suggested that this journey wasn’t as he’d expected.

“We can have a carefree trip next time, Your Majesty Going on a trip together to see the villages might not be a bad idea,” Reshia said as she rode on Cynthia and caressed her..

On the back of the Goblin King’s ‘Sui’, was Gastora looking around restlessly.

“Exactly. Please feel free to look around as much as you want once the continent has been unified,” Pale said calmly.

“Once the contintent has been unified, huh,” the Goblin King said.

“Yes, it shouldn’t be long now. Be safe until then,” Pale said.

“…Of course,” the Goblin King said.

After thinking for a moment, Pale smiled a somewhat lonely smile.

“…We sylphs don’t have any sensible words for times like this. May your fortunes in war continue(Veradurna), doesn’t work quite well either. A pity.”

“In that case, let me teach you,” Reshia said.

Pale and the Goblin King turned to Reshia, who puffed up her chest and whispered by Pale’s ears. And then as Pale gave the greeting of a subordinate, she muttered the words she’s been taught.

May fortune be with you in your travels(Gernst, Rias), Your Majesty,” Pale said.

“Yes, I’ll be going then,” the Goblin King said.

“His Majesty isn’t sensible either, huh,” Reshia said.

“Uhh, really?” The Goblin King said.

“Yes, when it comes to occasions like these,” Reshia said.

Reshia approached the Goblin King and ticklishly whispered to him.

“Hmm… I see.”

As the Goblin King turned to the kneeling Pale, their eyes met.

Blessings(Radias) to your travels(Baroslushata).”

At that, the Goblin King and Reshia rode off together, and Pale saw them off until they disappeared from view.

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