Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 282 – Bandigam in Flames (3/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 282 – Bandigam in Flames (3/3)

“Of course, there’s a plan.”

Now that he’d convinced Douhet the Flame Ryuu, Gi Za called Gi Do Buruga and left the command of the druids to him, while he himself would be getting on Douhet’s back.

As Alrodena steadily completed their preparations, in the late spring of the fifth year of the King’s Calendar, Alrodena Kingdom surrounded Fort Bandigam.

Alrodena had positioned several of their forces on the mountainous regions, and when Goddess of Darkness(Verdna)‘s wings spread, they immediately mobilized. They knew that the wyverns weren’t all powerful and that they wouldn’t be able to move in the dark.

So the goblins simultaneously mobilized their forces that revolved around the goblins that could see in the dark. As the clouds covered the Sister Moons(Ervi and Navi), the domain of the God of Darkness(Ya Jansu) and Verdna descended.

Within that the goblins marched, closing the distance to the fortress without even needing a bonfire, then they surrounded the fortress without even a signal. Joining in the fray was one of the four generals under the command of hte Goblin King, the goblin that boasted the biggest army, Gi Gu Verbena’s Axe and Sword Army(Felduk).

The veteran soldiers surrounded the fortress, taking care not to make the slightest sound.

“The encirclement is complete.”

“As expected of you, Gi Gu Verbena. And Felduk too, of course.”

“It is my greatest honor to receive your praise, Your Majesty.”

Gi Gu went to the center of the king’s cavalry to report to the Goblin King, and the Goblin King praised his skill as he looked up at the towering castle walls before him.

Gu Tough’s army of 2,000 that revolved around battle slaves was still in the mountainous region. In fact, the Gaidga Tribe, which had achieved great success in the previous battle, was also left in the rear.

Only the highest skilled and most disciplined goblin soldiers were allowed to join this siege.

Gi Ga Rax’s Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain), which had already invaded Altigand, pointed their spearhead to the north. Gi Gi Orudo’s Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk) sent their great horde to the south.

Gi Jii Yubu’s army(Regiol), Gi Zu Ruo’s Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), Gi Do Buruga’s druids were around the king, looking up at those towering walls from the darkness.

By the time dawn broke, what unfolded before the enemy was a fortress already surrounded by Alrodena, and even more soldiers en route.

“Enemy! Enemyyy!!”

They immediately rang the bell, signifying an enemy attack, and informed everyone of their plight.

Those who woke up from their beds immediately climbed to the top of the castle walls and watchtowers to look down in horror at the power of the Demon King’s Army below them.

When the troops behind finally arrived, the Demon King’s Army immediately started assembling siege weapons. The speed of their operation was so fast that Fort Bandigam could only watch on helplessly.

There were nearly 40 siege towers, over 30 catapults, and a battering ram coated with Elfa’s iron, and stones were being brought in one after another by the forces behind.

And then as the soldiers and citizens watching from atop the castle walls watched with bated breath, a lone goblin emerged from the Demon King’s Army. No, already, that goblin was too different to still be called a goblin. Too majestic, too powerful, it was a goblin in black, and it was accompanied by the Terrifying Carnivorous Horse(Andrewarchus) from the far west. That black goblin was surrounded by flag-bearing goblins made red by their old wounds. A flag with a black sun as its emblem.

It was attached to the tip of a halberd, and it fluttered in the wind.

At the sound of black goblin’s voice, those atop Fort Bandigam immediately fell to their backs.

“Surrender! Or die!!”

In the goblin’s hand was a great sword as big as an adult.

Just the sight of it being pointed at them and the sound of that voice being aimed at them was enough to paralyze them in fear. It was such that it seemed as though the air had truly gone heavier.


A scream echoed through the silence, and suddenly, those peering over from the castle walls lost their heads and fled.

“M-Monster! W-We’re going to be killed!”

“It’s the Demon King’s Army! The Demon King’s Army is here!”

But unlike the townsmen that fled to the streets, the soldiers at least remained calm on the surface.

“We have always known this day would come! But do not be afraid! Because we have Bandigam’s walls, and there are reinforcements coming from the imperial capital!”

A commanding officer raised his voice to calm the soldiers.

“Ready the ballistae!”

“Ballista ready!”

“Show these goblins what it means to fight us! Fire!”

An arrow that could mistaken for a spear was loaded into the drawn ballista and shot. They’d fired the ballista in hopes of just hitting some goblin nearby, but of all odds, the arrow actually went straight for the black goblin.

Any human would likely have their upper body blown completely in the face of that arrow, but that goblin easily swept aside the arrow with its great sword.

“W-What a monster… To think it could actually deflect a ballista arrow…”


The black goblin bellowed out, and in response, the goblins around him too cried with lava-like fury.

“They have harmed his majesty! These humans deserve to die!”

“Death! Death! Death!”

Gi Gu Verbena bellowed out, and in response, veterans and fresh recruits alike too bellowed out, their dreadful bellows surrounding Bandigam. The goblins howled as they either struck the ground with the butt-end of their spears or struck their own shields with the long swords in their hands.

“Death! Death! Death to our enemies!”

Despite the earlier attack, the black goblin continued to brazenly stand at the front line. That black goblin raised its great sword above its head, and the angry roars were silenced. And then…

“Attack! Bring the iron hammer upon our enemies, smite it upon these humans!”

The great sword descended, and the catapults that have been lying in wait launched their stones into the city walls, while battle slaves pushed the siege towers onward.

In the late spring of the 5th year of the King’s Calendar, the conquest for Fort Bandigam began.

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  1. Imagine this battle as the battle of helms deep from the Lord of the rings for more pleasure

  2. Why those soldier shooting enemy without permission ? Where’s the chain of command ? Where’s the order ? Where’s the General ? Why those soldier shooting ? It doesn’t make any sense !!!

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