Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 283 – The Borders Fall (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 283 – The Borders Fall (1/3)

The attack of the goblins was overwhelming, so overwhelming in fact that any description seemed to fall short.

It was more intense than the Bow and Arrow Army(Fanzel) of Ra Gilmi Fishiga, more rational than the monster army of the Twin-Headed Beast and Axe Army(Zeilduk) led by Gi Gi Orudo, more fervent than the Tiger and Spear Army(Aransain) led by Gi Ga Rax, and more ferocious than the Axe and Sword Army(Felduk) led by Gi Gu Verbena.

The Goblin King led the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena) to attack Fort Bandigam.

Truly, it was only when the king himself led that the goblins could show their true value.

Just as they did at the ends of the west when they broke through the Iron-Armed holy knight, Gowen Ranid, they bellowed out their cries of war.

“More, hit them more with those stones!”

At Gi Gu’s behest, the human battle slaves loaded more projectiles into the catapults. Already, the attack has lasted three days without regard for day or night. Aransain and Zeilduk, who have been sent scurrying to the north and south out of wariness for the Wyvern Knights, have also joined the siege of Bandigam.

Among all of these only one voice resounded.

“Victory to the king!”

Backed by the abundant iron resources of Elfa, an army of siege weapons have already made their way to the castle walls and were pounding on their gates with the battering ram.

Even the Wyvern Knights, Altigand’s biggest card, could not take off easily due to the excessively intense attacks of the catapults.

Three days earlier, the Goblin King and the army of Felduk took Fort Bandigam by surprise and laid a siege, immediately launching their attack at dawn with their catapults.

Among the stones they catapulted were smaller stones that scattered like bullets, keeping the wyverns at bay whenever they tried to take off.

The pebbles and rocks created in the process of digging the tunnels were continuously being brought to the surface and loaded into the catapults to be shot. Prime Minister Pale Symphoria’s skill in laying a siege, and at the same time, setting up a supply route for their ammunition could only be said to be unparalleled.

Indeed the position of prime minister that could use the ever increasing civilian officials would eventually become a great logistical power that would empower the front lines. Of course, this kind of attack would end up damaging civilian houses, but Arlodena had no intention of easing up on their attacks.

The sight of the Goblin King standing brazenly on the front lines in the face of the vindictive and fearful gaze of the enemies inspired his soldiers.

His great back commanded them.

“Come! Let us march together!”

Hence, the goblins cheered, rousing their own souls and those of their comrades as they attacked the gates with fanaticism. To the people of Altigand, the goblins truly seemed mad.

“…It should be almost time,” the Goblin King said.

“Yes. Let’s do it,” Pale said.

After the third day of the attack, the goblin king and Pale nodded to each other secretly.

Amidst the attacks that continued without regard for day or night was the completion of the underground tunnel. All that remained was the decision when to use it, and of course, an attack from underground would no doubt be a surprise attack.

The Goblin King would be using Gi Zu Ruo in this surprise attack. He knew of his rivalry with Rashka of Gaidga, but he trusted him deeply and appraised highly his great resolve.

The three days of attack left Bandigam exhausted, and the goblins, wildly enthusiastic. Fear, fatigue… All of those vanished as the goblins single-mindedly followed after their king. So intense was the barrage of their catapults that even day seemed to change into night.

When silence visited the night of the third day at long last, the defenders of the fortress almost collapsed from exhaustion.

Those with strength to spare did not rest and instead braced themselves in case the goblins were to attack again, but there were not many of them.

At most, these few included some of the soldiers under the holy knight, Gulland, or some of the soldiers under the knight commander of the third holy knight company, and then some. The long painful siege and the tragic retreats they suffered have familiarized them in fighting against the goblins.

As such, they were never more tense than necessary and always kept their calm.

They always maintained their reserves, but never failed to defend their objectives. Gulland in particular was willing to protect his comrades-in-arms even in times of hardships, as he would even send a portion of his forces to help the wyvern knights.

Indeed, a person’s true nature could only be glimpsed in the midst of hardship.

The unending attacks from the catapults, and the battering ram that threatened to approach if they let their guard down for even a moment. Some were starting to criticize the Wyvern Knights for being unable to fly, but Gulland remained committed to the fight with the margrave’s army.

As such, people tended to gather around Gulland.

They gathered around him because they wanted to survive. Indeed, anyone who wanted to survive even a little would look around them and naturally be drawn by his heroic appearance.

That day too the soldiers patrolled the walls with Gulland, and when the attack that had been continuing for the past three days stopped, they all heaved a sigh of relief.

“Finally, the attacks stopped.”

“Yes, but we still can’t let our guard down. Gulland-dono said so too, right?”

The tone of the soldiers on patrol was somewhat easygoing.

But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, after all, the goblin army’s encirclement had been so close in the day, but now it was much further away. That alone made alleviated the oppressive feeling that threatened to strangle the Bandigam soldiers.

“Reinforcements might have arrived.”

“Or maybe they didn’t want to suffer casualties from our defensive siege weapons.”

The goblins wouldn’t retreat for no reason. As such, the soldiers speculated what the reason could be as they continued their patrols.

“Either way, once the God of Fire’s(Rodo’s) body rises, the wyvern knights will be able to attack.”

Though the Goblin King may have succeeded at defeating them before, there was still no denying that the wyvern knights were the only ones that could fight against the goblins. Their aerial assaults were nothing short of impressive, and it was impossible for the goblins to fly.

That’s why the wyvern knights and the reinforcements from the imperial capital were a beacon of hope to the people holed up in Fort Bandigam.

Unfortunately for them, the goblins were much more cunning than they could have ever imagined.

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