Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 283 – The Borders Fall (2/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 283 – The Borders Fall (2/3)

“Go forth and conquer.”

The Goblin King’s red eyes shone in the darkness as he saw off the two goblins.

“As you will, Your Majesty!”

“It shall be done!”

Gi Ga Rax and Gi Gi Orudo were both generals that have conquered many nations and vanquished many fortresses; hence, it was only to the Goblin King, whom they adored and respected, that they would kneel.

Both generals were supposed to be participating in the siege, but they turned on their heels and secretly moved to their own forces.

After seeing the two generals off, the Goblin King turned to the towering walls of Bandigam in the dark night.

“Do you think Gi Zu will do a good job’

“We both know you trust him, so why ask?”

Pale said, and the king wryly smiled.

As Gi Ji Arsil’s scouts led them, they stealthily approached the gates of the fort. Gi Zu Ruo quietly followed after them with a burning desire for combat, while his own subordinates followed after him from behind. His army, the Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), were made up of young, strong, and fierce goblins all devoted to him, yet they all followed quietly without so much as an eek, their eyes alone ablaze.

The scouts knew how to keep quiet, so their silence came as no surprise, but the reason why the chatty Zu Ved and the other goblins of Sazanorga could keep quiet, was because their general, Gi Zu, was so sharp that it seemed as though they could get hurt just by touching him.

They also feared messing things up for Gi Zu, whom they adored and respected, moreso than they feared messing things up for themselves.

“This is the place.”

As a scout whispered that, Gi Zu stood still and looked up at the hole above his head.

A small sound resounded, and in the next moment, an arm appeared from the floors of Fort Bandigam. Due to the fatigue and the darkness of the night, no one noticed those arms as they gradually chipped away at the floors.

Before long, a hole big enough for a goblin to pass through was made, and Gi Ji’s scouts made their way in. They looked around them, and then nodded toward the hole, then stood watch wary of their surroundings.

“Let’s go. We’ll start with those wyverns. Ved, open the gates.”

“On it.”

Upon confirming that everyone had climbed, Sazanorga split into two groups: Zu Ved’s group, which opened the gates, and the group that would be slaying the wyverns. The darkness of the night showed no signs of ending just yet, so the wyverns should still be asleep.

As clouds covered the twin red moons of Ervi and Navi, the divine protection of the Moonlight Goddess, Vardina, was blocked, and as they stifled their own breath, they ran within the Goddess of Darkness, Verdna, bringing havoc and destruction into the fortress, but Ervi and Navi would peek from time to time, casting a shadow on the deaths that the goblins wrought.


“The gates are open.”

Upon confirming that, the Goblin King nodded to his subordinate’s report, and then gave the order to attack to Felduk and the soldiers directly under him.

“Victory to our king!”

As Gi Gu bowed his head, he wrapped his clenched fist in front of his chest, and then turned heel with a fearless smile.

“Gi Zu has broken through the gates and shown the weak humans our might! Our king stands witness!”

As the main force of the siege that has been continuing for the past three days, Gi Gu and his subordinates were understandably exhausted, but it was precisely because of that that Gi Gu had them stand at the lead.

He truly believed that goblins were most fit to rule, that they had to be stronger than the humans. He believed from the bottom of his heart that things that are otherwise impossible for humans would be possible for goblins. And it was precisely because he possessed the forces to give shape to those thoughts that he had power second only to the king.

It was with that pride – that was a thin line away from arrogance – that Gi Gu ran.

It was in that same moment that the guards noticed the goblins running amidst the Wings of Verdna that the patrolling soldiers too noticed that their gates were open.

“E-Enemy attack! The Demon King’s Army is attacking again!!”

As the bells warning the enemy of an attack rang, the exhausted enemy soldiers were jolted awake from their sleep.

“Why are the gates open!?”

The enemy soldiers that followed screamed, but they headed for the gates despite their confusion. The goblins they were so familiar with greeted them, but there was something new as well – a mountain made out of the corpses of their own comrades-in-arms.

Apparently, soldiers from elsewhere had sensed that something was amiss and gathered, so they ended up as morbid decor on the ground.

“What is this!? What the hell is happening!?”

“Fire! There’s fire!”

But before the soldiers could wrap their heads around what was happening, bright red fire towered over everyone amidst the God of the Night(Ya Jansu). In a twist of irony, that pushed away Verdna’s wings, and allowed Rodo’s divine protection to illuminate the surroundings.

“That’s in the direction of the Wyvern Knights’ camp!”

“No way, don’t tell me…”

When the soldier turned around to confirm with fearful eyes, a giant goblin with an old wound on his chest appeared before him.


A fist descended on him, but the soldier didn’t even have the time to cover his head before it landed, and his consciousness was snuffed out forever. As the enemy fell down without so much as a word, the earth trembled and Felduk flooded out of the fortress.

When they passed through the gates, Gi Gu gave his subordinates the order, and they cried out.

“Victory to the king!”

Felduk’s cry of victory resounded loudly within Fort Bandigam, repelling even the divine protection of Rodo as it penetrated even the urban area.

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