Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 285 – Battle of Lusis Plains II (3/4)

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Volume 4: Chapter 285 – Battle of Lusis Plains II (3/4)

Meanwhile, the reinforcements from the allies situated in the rightmost flank and adjacent to Zeilduk have not shown any movements. The biggest among them, the ones from the Holy Matriarchy of Vladinia, led by Vilan Do Zul did not move his army despite the signal from the arrow, and even after an elven youth was dispatched to him.

“You’re not moving your army?”

Upon being asked that, Vilan, who was still just a young man, scratched his cheeks and wryly smiled.

“Well, it would be tactless to do so.”


“Anyway, it’s not a bad role to prepare for the worst, right?”

As he had the allied forces remain in standby at the rightmost wing, Vilan looked up above.

“Either way, everything will depend on the battle in the skies.”

Though the dots in Lusis’ skies were still smaller than a tofu, there was not doubt that those were the Wyvern Knights.

“Now then, how shall we deal with them?”

The Wyvern Knights gradually approached without regard for Vilan’s question.


The wyvern knights gradually accelerated as they flew through the skies.

Below them spread a vast land of green, while before them stretched the azure of the sky, clouds so close they seemed within an arm’s reach, a chill that pierced the skin, and the sound of wind that could break one’s ears. Yet despite witnessing all that, their will to fight only rose.

“I can see them, lower right!”

At the words of the first knight, everyone else followed suit, and they flew in formation.

“Glory to our spears!”

The charge of the wyvern knights was a single blow after a sudden drop from the sky.

To that end, their altitude continuously dropped, but the wyverns suddenly started screaming and stopped listening to them.

“What’s happening!? What’s the matter!?”

The sight of the wyverns acting as though they couldn’t wait to flee from this airspace made their eyes open wide in surprise, but they still held tightly to their reins to try and control them.

It was then that a gust of wind blew and a shadow was cast.

A shiver ran down the back of the wyvern knights. When they turned to what cast that shadow, there they beheld it – the figure of a snake crossing the body of the God of Fire.


They looked up with shock and disbelief, but that shadow swam through the skies and set his eyes upon them.

“──Spread out! It’s coming from above!”

At the voice of their commander, the wyvern knights spread out to every direction despite the screams that left their mouths. In that space cleared descended the ryuu from up high as though he were the king of the skies.

“Lowly beasts, how dare you not fold your wings despite standing witness to my visage!?”

At the sound of that voice, the air shook, and the vibrations released carried it to every direction to be heard clear by all. That thunderous roar threw the wyverns into disarray as they sought to desperately flee, the orders of the knights be damned.

“I hate this.”

“The plan is a success. What’s the problem?”

Douhet complained, while Gi Za rejoiced.

“I’m done after this. No more.”

“No problem.”

Gi Za glared at his surroundings. The wyverns certainly scattered, but they somehow managed to gather again.

“Looks like your voice didn’t have much of an effect.”

“What!? You mock my power!?”

Douhet yelled in a thunderous voice, but Gi Za just calmly glared at the wyvern knights.

“Take a look at that.”

“Such impudence.”

Gi Za could sense the bitterness in his voice, so he told him to take a look, and the Ryuu snorted with annoyance.

“They’re using a Collar of Slavery. A powerful one. That’s how they’re able to control the wyverns.”

Despite how much the wyverns hated it, they had no choice but to fix their formation.

“Hmph, but in that case, I can just shoot them down, right?”

Gi Za said, and Douhet nodded.

Since they had the high ground, there was no reason they couldn’t shoot at them with a spell from long range.

“Can you do that? A little one like you?”


Gi Za brandished his staff and his eyes narrowed.

He aimed at one of the wyverns trying to escape, and shot a magic bullet to knock its rider down.

“It’s fine even if it’s just for a moment, raise the output of your collars to the maximum!”

As the wyvern knight commander’s subordinates struggled to fix their formation, he gave that order. They would temporarily maximize the effect of their collars to forcibly get out of this situation caused by Douhet the Flame Ryuu.

Though the collars creaked, the plan was a success, and the wyverns were under control once again.

“Good… Platoon 1, go divert the attention of the ryuu. The rest of you will continue the battle with me! Now, after me!”

The formation of the demon king’s army was changing below them – to reveal the center and advance a small army hidden deep within.

Compared to them, the fire net deployed by the holy knights has already started to weaken.

The equilibrium Altigand risked their lives for to reach was already on the verge of collapse.

“Grendal, just a little bit more! Wait for us!”

After turning the wyverns around, they entered formation and prepared to attack. They would have to go under Douhet’s belly to attack, but if they were too scared to make the attempt, their motherland would be done for.


But after preparing to attack, a scream reached the commander’s ear and his wyvern shook from an impact.

“What!? An attack!?”

“Wind bullets are shooting out from the flame ryuu!”

The wind bullet would shoot through the wings of a wyvern, piercing through its patagium, making it exceedingly difficult to control its flight, leaving it with only fate.

──Death by falling.

The thought of the same thing happening to him sent a chill up his spine, but he grit his teeth, and turned the wyvern’s head to the enemy.

“If we can just kill him…”

On his eyes reflected the great horde of monsters parting like a sea as a lone giant monster stood at the head of that great horde.

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