Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 285 – Battle of Lusis Plains II (4/4)

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Volume 4: Chapter 284 – Battle of Lusis Plains I (4/4)

“Don’t look down on humans!”

With his eyes opened wide, he dove for the monster, but when the monster’s eyes met his, the only thing that awaited him was darkness.

The wyvern knights sacrificed themselves to swoop down and attack from the sky, but they could not even budge the monster at the head of that great horde. Clad in flames, the great sword in the monster’s hand brushed them aside with a single stroke, and a thunderous cheer erupted from Alrodena’s side.

Already, the fire net deployed by the holy knights has reached its limit, and the Iron Bull Knights were also gradually being forced back.

“…So, this is as far as we go, huh.”

When Grendal said that, Judith turned around and glared.

“All forces are to retreat. Any further sacrifice is meaningless,” Grendal said.

“We will cover our back,” Judith said.

“Unfortunately, I can’t agree to that. No, the honor of watching our rear shall be mine.”

“…Very well. May the fortunes of war be with you.”

As Judith turned heel, Grendal saw her off and started the smoke signal.

The volunteer soldiers, the margrave’s army, the holy knights, and the Iron Bull Knights all gradually retreated in that order, while Altigand’s main army advanced to the frontlines.

“Messengers, inform them that we will be covering the retreat of our allies. we will retreat in formation.”

As Grendal sent a messenger to the different armies, he wryly smiled.

“…Well, that’s if the enemy will let us, anyway.”

He looked up at the sky and watched as the wyvern knights were rendered unable to attack by the bullets of wind that shot out from Douhet the Flame Ryuu. Unfortunately, they were not able to tip the scales.

But they were still comrades-in-arms that fought with them, so at the very least, he wished to allow them retreat.

“Take the pursuers of the Iron Bull Knights from the side! Archers!”

Despite his pessimism, Grendal’s eyes clearly reflected the state of the battle.

“Send a part of the cavalry to the left flank! Stop those monster beasts!”

The cavalry was already at a disadvantage, but he still split them up to reinforce the left flank. When the battle was observed as a whole, the enemy army was like a single organism that revolved its attacks around the giant monster at its head.

“Footmen, shields overhead! Mages, concentrate fire on the enemy vanguard!”

Grendal sent one after another as he sought to stop the enemy in their tracks.

“We’ll keep this monsters back yet!”

As the commander, any weakness on his part would only serve to weaken his subordinates. That’s why it was important for him to act tough even if it was just a bluff.

But even that could only go so far, for from the struggles that continued under the rain of magic bullets came an army with a black flag.

Accompanied by black flames that devoured the red flames of the land, riding atop a fiendish beast, rose a howl that seemed to consume the whole world.

“And so, it begins, this blood-stained retreat.”

As Grendal forced himself to smile, he laughed.


Amidst the rain of magic bullets, Gi Gu Verbena pushed opened the formation.

With a formation to break through the center that would make even the Ripper Knight himself lose face, he empowered his infantry.

Advancing from behind was their beloved Goblin King.

With imperial guards all around, Gi Be Slay held the flag of the black sun beside the king.

The goblins waited for those few words. Those sonorous words that would declare their march begun.

“All forces, after me! To battle!” the Goblin King declared.

And there it was.

The zeal of the goblins boiled over, and as though it did not rain of bullets of magic, the Goblin King ran through the battlefield accompanied by flames of the underworld, followed by his imperial guards. Lines of footmen stood before them with spears aligned, yet as though they did not exist, they broke through.

“Attack! Bring victory to the king!”

From the ends of the west to the ends of the east, there before them rode the unchanging back of their king, and they gave chase.

Felduk attacked, and Aransain followed with spears of their own. Zeilduk too joined with large monster beasts that flew and specialized in assaults. The Gaidga Tribe, the Sazanorga, the Regiol, and even the allied forces all simultaneously attacked.

In that manner, the black sun trampled over the battlefield of the Crown on the Sun’s(Rondmel).

Yet despite all that, the main army of Altigand showed surprising tenacity. Any other force would have long succumbed, yet Altigand endured for another 3 hours, for their commander, Grendal, desperately defended, and every soldier had someone behind them to protect.

Alas, even then, Alrodena’s attack only grew stronger, as they transformed themselves into a single spear that the Goblin King thrust out three times.

Grendal desperately fought to buy his allies time to flee, but before long, he too ran out of strength and fell to his knees.

With the body of Rodo shining high above in the sky along with the flame ryuu upon which rode Gi Za standing witness, Altigand’s main army finally broke.

Gulland retreated for Lusis.

Anything was fine as long as he could reach a city with walls. They needed to fix their formation, or there could be no fight. Gulland trampled over the monster beasts that chased after them from behind. Eleanor stood at the head to lead the volunteer soldiers, and before long, she saw a figure near the castle walls.

“Is that, Rafa?”

Jewels red like blood were placed on the ground, and then the girl spoke. Yes, this was the same messenger sent to Elfa once upon a time. And Eleanor has made her acquaintance many a time now.

We Follow Your Honored Shadow(Gate).”

From the jewels scattered on the ground surged out red light, a sharp light that formed a giant gate in the air with an eerie design modeled after a dragon’s head.

As its giant doors creaked open, dazzling sets of armor and weapon shone through, and soldiers riding large mounts never before seen appeared.


Eleanor was speechless as the soldiers young enough to still be referred to as boys and girls lined up with perfect coordination, and then, a black-haired youth appeared from behind.

With a smile on his face, he walked toward the battlefield.

As though this was what ought to be, the youth walked toward the center of his boy soldiers and began to lead them. As though there was no one else fit to lead humanity, he stood there with an overwhelming presence that barred any and all from questioning his claim.

Every soul gathered there forgot to speak as they stopped moving to watch him.

And then he declared.

“──Now, the fight begins.”

On that day, the hero descended.

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  1. all four parts of this chapter were labelled ‘Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 284 – Battle of Lusis Plains II, but is that the correct number? 284, i mean.

    the prevoius chapter which has three parts were also labelled as 284

  2. Can’t wait for the fight between Hero and King. The campaign against Altigand has been going really well. Too well. I can’t help but think that the hero is making his forces lose on purpose to bait the protagonist into a trap. I think the hero might have the blessing of the goddess of destiny sice she hates mc for killing the previous “hero” in the southern campaign. Well who knows how the story will unfold. Thank you for the translation. Your a real king for letting us read this for free.

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