Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 297: The Battle of Heaven and Hell (1/3)

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Volume 4: Chapter 297 – The Battle of Heaven and Hell (1/3)

The Goblin King led all of the armies of the Kingdom of the Black Sun(Alrodena Kingdom) and encroached upon Altigand’s lands. They passed the mountains and encroached into Fort Bandigam, then into the territory of the margrave. They proceeded deeper into Helms Canyon, then finally, Lusis Plains.

It was so desolate that it seemed as though not even the breath of living beings could be felt.


The Goblin King silently looked around him and burned that scene into the back of his head.

All the people that lived here were killed by him.

For the sake of his ambitions, he built a road with heaps of bodies and streams of blood. This was the path to the end of the world. That which would allow him to recover himself, which fell into this world. He had to remember the memories he’d forgotten, fill in those blanks that have gone missing, and take back the woman he loved with his own hands!

The breath he exhaled grew ragged, and the sensitive senses of his steed felt that, and it shook its head. A wry smile surfaced on the Goblin King, and he caressed Sui’s neck.

“Calm down,” he told his steed, then glared in front of him.

They defeated the mobs sent by the hero, but the flying warships, their enemy’s strongest card in the sky, yet remained. Altigand had them retreat as soon as they realized that they could not win against the ryuus without sacrifice.

It was frustrating that they could not even pursue them with the forces they had, but that was Gi Za Zakuend’s problem. He was currently the wisest among the goblins, a tactician that could contest even Pale.

That’s why the Goblin King decided to leave everything about the battle in the skies to him. One of the good points about the Goblin King was that he could fully trust his subordinates. No matter who, a person could only have one body, so no matter how exceptional a person was, he could not manage everything by himself.

All the more so when it concerned an entire country; hence, when the Goblin King could trust his subordinates yet take full responsibility, it was a given that the kingdom would naturally progress.

Three more days passed as they passed Lusis. Indeed, Altigand was big. The birthplace of mankind was dotted with many historic buildings, and the farmlands were also well cultivated. Past the bountiful fields was a city surrounded by strong walls.

There were no forests dense enough to be called a forest here.

The wide plains were covered with fields of golden wheat, but they were untouched despite it being well past harvest. There were no people in the cities they occupied either, and both stray and domestic dogs alike fled at the sound of the monster beasts’ cries.

When they were just a day’s distance from the capital of Altigand, the Goblin King felt an ominous presence rising from the horizon, and he narrowed his eyes. But at the same time, a fierce smile surfaced on his lips.

There was no mistaking it. That was the presence of the hero.

According to Gi Ji Arsil’s scouts, an army large enough to fill the land was gathering up ahead.

“Onward. Let us go to our battlefield.”

At the behest of the Goblin King, Alrodena’s army began its march.

The hero and his army quietly waited until Alrodena’s army arrived and assumed their formation. They had approximately 200,000 soldiers all in all. As they stood on the billowing plains, they were just like those forces spoken of in the tales about the Age of the Gods.

Spearmen lined up with dazzling spears and anti-magic armor. They rode upon giant armored steeds and lined up their lances. Just from that, it was evident, that every one of them was a match for a thousand warriors. Their archers wielded bows that could exhibit as much power as the elves despite their human hands.

Moreover, they were all being led by the girl saints standing at the head.

Liza the green-haired swordsman. Eleanor, who led the holy knights, and Yuan, her second-in-command. Judith the Zealot. There were also soldiers dressed gorgeously that did not make an appearance in the previous battles. They were the royal guards under the direct command of Altigand Kingdom. In other words, representatives of the royal family.

At the center of that was the hero with a crazed smile, and beside him was Reshia Fel Zeal. When the Goblin King saw that, he held the reins of his steed tightly and calmed himself.

He wanted to jump out right at that instant and fight the hero.

But he wouldn’t be able to save Reshia like that, and the people he led would only die.

The Goblin King held down his frantic emotions and glared at his enemy. As he confirmed once again the existence he had to save, he drew his great sword.

The Guardian Sword of the Giants(Titan Dagger) that once claimed the heads of the giants, and the Dark Sun(Aldia), the last work of the Koro Toku and swordsmith, Dumble Davie David.

Either one of those weapons were heavy enough that most would struggle just to lift one, yet the Goblin King held one in each hand. He stood at the center of his own army as he faced off against the hero, emanating an oppressive pressure.

“The flying warships are nowhere to be seen,” Pale said.

“Leave that to Gi Za,” the Goblin King said.

Without averting his eyes away from his enemy, the Goblin King commanded.

“Take command of the ground army.”

“As you will, Your Majesty. I will surely bring you victory,” Pale said.

“Pale…” the Goblin King said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Pale said.

“Should I be unable to return──”

“──!? Your Majesty!?”

But that was all the Goblin King said as he advanced from the center of the army. Pale opened her eyes wide in surprise, but the Goblin King was already focused on his enemy. Desperately pushing down the desire to question him, Pale had to wait for him to announce the war begun.


Because of the Lineage of the God of War, the Black Flames of the Underworld blazed within the Goblin King.

The favor of the God of War that had been unleashed was bestowed upon him precisely for this moment. It opened its maws wide and yelled as loud as it could.

──There is no turning back now. But the Goblin King never intended to.

In the same way that the life and destiny weighing down on his shoulders had grown heavy, so did his resolve.

When he looked behind him, he could see his one-thousand imperial guards. At the head of which stood Gi Be Slay. The Goblin King looked up at the flag of Alrodena that he held up and asked.

“Gi Be. And the imperial guards that follow me. Are you prepared to follow me to the death?”

At the king’s gaze, which seemed even gentle, Gi Be straightened his back and raised his voice.

“Even should our flesh and bones be crushed, we will ride after you, Your Majesty! Even in death, we will follow only you!”

“──Good, I’ve received your resolve. In that case, follow me even if you die!”

The Goblin King nodded and no longer turned back.


His soldiers bellowed out a howl, and the sound they produced gathered together, creating a powerful howl that shook the heavens and the earth. But as though the Goblin King did not hear it, he calmly raised up Aldia and said.

“──Go. This is the end of our path!”

As he swung Aldia down, the Goblin King raised his voice and roared. The Supreme Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos, he who antagonized the whole world, had at long last reached his last battle.

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