Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 297: The Battle of Heaven and Hell (2/3)

“Your Majesty… Please return at all costs. Without you, the kingdom is…”

Filled with anxiety, Pale drew her bow and let loose a whistling arrow that signaled the whole army to move.

──Felduk, Zeilduk, the Regiol, and the allied forces all began moving. The imperial guards and Aransain took to the right wing.

Pale entrusted a nearby messenger with the instructions for the rear guard unit.

“The druids and the elves will support Felduk.”

Like an arrow shot, the messenger rode off, and Pale turned back to the battlefield.

At the end of her gaze was──


Gi Zu Ruo, who took the lead. He was just like a berserked beast as he led the remnants of Sazanorga to attack the enemy walls.

“──As I thought, Sazanorga… Gi Za-dono, you really are…”

Pale cast her eyes down as she thought back to Gi Za’s words.

──Rashka would have been the one to take the lead, but he’s already dead, so Gi Zu should take it instead.

“But Gi Zu-dono has no soldiers and is also in a poor place mentally,” Pale argued, but Gi Za just said that such problems were trivial. Gi Zu’s true nature was that of a berserked beast. He possessed a power that could only be shown when he was drenched in the blood of foes and allies alike.

For a moment, Pale glared at Gi Za.

“Don’t tell me… Is that the reason why you had Sazanorga stay behind to delay the enemy?” Pale asked in hopes that he would deny the accusation, but Gi Za’s expression didn’t even change as he spoke.

──So what if that was the case? Someone had to take on that role. It is a tactician’s job to see the future and position the pawns accordingly.

Pale shook her head and roused herself from her memories.

Indeed, it was during that exchange back then that Pale realized that Gi Za Zakuend had already matched her as a tactician. No, perhaps that ruthless leadership of his could surpass even her.

However, she denied such feelings.

“A tactician is only a tactician if he can formulate a humane strategy.”

A strategy not to kill people but to allow as many allies as possible to survive.

She had already seen the end of the bloody road from the desolate lands of Melgion. Of course, this was nothing but sophistry, but she couldn’t lead her soldiers without believing in such sophistry.

That’s why she couldn’t agree with Gi Za’s tactics, but at the same time, there was indeed no other solution to the problems at hand, so she had no choice but to allow Gi Zu to take the lead.

He possessed the greatest penetrative power in the entire army, and his desperate efforts were needed in order to stop the nearly 200,000 soldiers of the enemy. Above all, Gi Zu himself wished to take the lead. Pale recognized those flames burning in his eyes. Yes, they were none other than the flames of vengeance.

The same flames that once burned within her. Which is why she knew just how difficult it would be to put them out.

Everything was moving.

All that was left now was to trust these people who were supporting the battle lines. Pale shot another arrow. The brilliant red body of Rodo was already sinking in the sea of clouds to the west. Like playing a sonata, Pale nimbly shot her arrows and commanded her forces.

──Exert your strength! The Divine Protection of the God of War is upon us!

It was a command akin to a prayer, but the commanders in front responded nonetheless.

“Protect Sazanorga’s rear, front row march!”

Gi Jii Yubu, a disciple of Pale, mobilized his forces to protect Gi Zu’s rear.

“You didn’t need to tell us. Never again will there be a defeat to besmirch our king’s name! Go! Teach them what Felduk’s Storms truly mean!”

Gi Gu Verbena nimbly manipulated the largest army of the goblins and attacked.

The many high-ranking goblins under him followed suit and commanded their armies as well.

“We our Aransain! We are the spear of the king!”

Gi Ga Rax encouraged his men as they rode to the right side of the battlefield.

“Go, we hold the key to this battlefield!”

Gi Gi Orudo, the one who led the monster army, firmly held the reins of his monsters tightly. The monster beasts were understandably poor at executing plans, so it was up to the beast tamers to rein them in and make them follow the bigger picture.

At the leftmost wing was the allied army led by their commander-in-chief, Vilan Do Zul. Bui the orc was working as his second-in-command.

“The Divine Protection of the God of War, huh… I would love to have the blessings of God of the Desert(Ashunasan) and Kushain too,” Vilan said.

“I’m not that religious, but…” Bui said.

“Isn’t it fine? Those that believe will be saved. It’s not a question of how long you’ve been faithful.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes. Anyhow, shall we begin?”

Vilan wryly smiled internally as he joined his hands and offered a brief prayer. Perhaps the gods weren’t worth believing in, but he could at least believe in the person he cared for. It just so happens that that person was also the matriarch.

“In the name of Kushain and Ashunasan, bring judgment upon the enemy!”

“All forces advance!”

At the behest of the Great Chief, all the orc warriors equipped in heavy armor began to move. With their stature that was far greater than the humans, just the sight of them marching was intimidating enough. Then from behind came Vilan’s Akazonae, which he have been training since young.

There were many species under the allied forces, including the bugmen and the antmen. It was only thanks to the dignity of the Goblin King and Vilan’s skillful leadership that all these different people could be brought together.






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