Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 297: The Battle of Heaven and Hell (3/4)

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Volume 4: Chapter 297 – The Battle of Heaven and Hell (3/4)

Bird’s eye view of the start of the war.

Please refer to the numbers in the image above.
1. Allied Army
2. Zeilduk
3. Felduk
4. Regiol
5. Alrodena’s Army (Referring to all the blue pieces being Alrodena’s)
6. Imperial Guards and Aransain
7. Arensia Plains
8. Cavalry
9. Altigand’s Army of 200,000 (Referring to all the red pieces being Altigand’s)
10. Heavy Infantry


Altigand’s army numbered 200,000. Their formation was largely divided into three.

The first army that was under the direct control of the hero, the second army that was made up of the heavy infantry, and the third army that was made up of the cavalry. Though the hero’s forces overwhelmed the goblins, the hero’s battle with the God of War has left him weakened.

He had yet to fully recover from his wounds; hence, in order to recover, he had no choice but to weaken the effect of his charm and direct more of his power toward his recovery. Despite that, however, he was still able to mobilize every person left in the capital, a testament to just how great his power truly was.

With the royal family even added to the fray, this army was literally everything that Altigand had. The royal family were aboard the flagship of the fleet of flying warships under the 1st army. The royal guards too were aboard their respective flying warships to defend them. They eagerly awaited their departure.

The flying warships, which could withstand the attacks of dragons as spoken of in the Age of the Gods, were indeed much safer than the royal castle.

The hero was positioned in the deepest part of his army and was in command of the entire force.

That might have been because his wounds were yet to heal, though it could also be purely because of his hubris. Regardless, when the army of Alrodena began to move, he brought all of his forces forward and positioned himself at the very back.

Standing closely by his side was Liuryuna, the Goddess of Destiny, who is said to weave the threads of fate with a thousand hands. There was also the beloved child of the Goddess of Healing(Zenobia), Reshia Fel Zeal, standing beside him with her eyes cast down like a puppet with no will.

With the two girls more beautiful than flowers at his side, the hero folded his arms and glared at his nemesis that appeared before him once again.

“Have you come here to die?”

A devilish smile surfaced on his lips. However wounded he may be, he was still an existence with the power to hunt dragons and slay gods. He could even fight all of Alrodena all by himself.

He manipulated the humans and made them fight only because that was what he desired.

Once again, the time has come to define the truth of the world.

A legend was needed for the mad god to be reborn.

The death and lamentation of the great multitude, their prayers and dreams… These were the weavers of legends.

Just as humans once held supremacy over the continent.

Just as the old gods of mythology once vied for supremacy over the earth with their household.

They too shall vanquish the demonic armies that have conquered the continent, and establish the dominion of humans. Even the borders shall fall to them, and at long last, the world will belong to humans and humans alone.

As the one who realized that, he, the hero, would be reborn as the god of the new world, rewriting the truth of the world that was once decided in the Age of the Gods.

“Now, my allies, my enemies… Listen well and hear the song of my victory and my glory(Hekaterina’s song). For when those corpses pile on high, I shall find what I seek.”

Already the old gods were insignificant.

Even if they appeared, he would simply blow them away.

As could be seen from his battle with the God of War, just manifesting in this world consumed a remarkable amount of power.

The hero’s long cherished wish, that which he had been waiting for for 400 years, was at long last at the tips of his fingers.

Perhaps that was why the movement of Altigand’s army was dull. They moved as though merely to respond to Alrodena’s attack, and their trump cards, the flying warships, have yet to reveal themselves. Indeed, the battle with Alrodena began with only their ground forces.

The second army attacked from in front, while the third army responded to the enemy cavalry. Deep within the many layers of his camp, the hero believed without a shred of doubt that he would emerge from this war victorious.


The imperial guards cavalry, which was under the direct command of the Goblin King, and the cavalry of Aransain both took a wide path around the battlefield.

In response, the tens of thousands of enemy cavalry – with their shimmering armor and perfect coordination – moved accordingly. The hooves of their steeds gave rise to a thunderous sound that shook the air as they stirred up clouds of dust that sometimes hid even them.

In the battle approximately 2 kilometers from the main army, as expected, it was Alrodena that took the initiative. Once the yells of his goblin subordinates and the explosion of magic bullets were far away, the Goblin King took command.

“All forces, turn around──”

From the very beginning, their target had already been decided.

What entailed victory in this great war? Was it when the human forces were completely wiped out, or was it when the enemy was routed?

──Nay, the answer was neither. Only one thing was needed, and that was the hero’s head.

That would decide everything.

If so, then they need only focus the power that could accomplish that into that one objective.

“──After me!!” The Goblin King said.

Alrodena’s banner showed the path, and the cavalry turned, so sharply it was almost acrobatic. A precision made possible only through literal blood-soaked training; thus, without losing a single horseman, the Goblin King rode for the main camp where the hero awaited.

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