Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 297: The Battle of Heaven and Hell (4/4)

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Volume 4: Chapter 297 – The Battle of Heaven and Hell (4/4)

 No matter how poorly trained the enemy was, at the end of the day, they were still a massive army in the tens of thousands. Some of the enemy cavalry split off and blocked the imperial guards.

 ”Cut open a path for our king!”

 The Goblin King’s most loyal subject moved to stop them.

 With the sound of roaring hooves, Aransain, the spearhead of the king, appeared with clouds of dust. They were the fastest in Alrodena, and they attacked the enemy cavalry to allow the imperial guards to advance.

 Despite that there were still those that blocked the path of the imperial guards.

“This strategy… Ah, yes, I understand! Extend the heavy footmen to the sides. Become a wall for the main force!” Eleanor said.

“That will thin out our vanguard!” Yuan said.

“I don’t care, how can we win by exposing the hero to danger!?”

 Eleanor gave those orders despite her subordinate’s protest. Having been exposed to the authority of the hero, her talents were now in full bloom, and she commanded the heavy infantry to expand in front of their main force.

“…Damn you monsters, how far will you go to taunt us!?”

 Gritting his teeth, the second-in-command, Yuan, led the charge. The way he and his men skillfully cut through the formations was just like the late Ripper Knight, Sivara Bandier.

 United in faith, the holy knights stood before the imperial guards.


 But what stood before them was the favored son of the mad god, Gi Zu Ruo, who was out for vengeance, and the Regiol, which intensified their attacks in support of them.

 Even with his entire body covered in blood, Gi Zu continued to attack furiously as though his thirst was yet to be sated. There was a tenfold difference in war potential, yet he took all that head on and overturned it.

 Despite that Eleanor refused to change her decision.

 She insisted on positioning her soldiers to block the imperial guards despite her worsening position.

 A head-on collision would weaken the attack of the imperial guards and possibly jeopardize their ability to attack the hero’s camp. Eleanor’s decision was meant purely to destroy Alrodena’s chance of winning.


Bird’s-eye view of the battlefield

Please refer to the numbers in the image above.
1. Allied Army
2. Zeilduk
3. Felduk
4. Regiol
5. Alrodena’s Army (45000)
6. Imperial Guards (TOP) and Aransain (BOTTOM)
7. Arensia Plains
8. Cavalry
9. Altigand’s Army (200,000)
10. Heavy Infantry


 ──Turn your body into a blade, become inviolable, like a cloud of dust…

 Voices swirled within the Goblin King.

 So loud were these whisperings uttered by the incarnation of the black flames of the underworld that they drowned out the voices of the battlefield. Verid laughed as though she had been waiting for this for a long time. Nay, it was not only her. As many lives were born and eaten, so did the voices overlap.

 From the dark depths of the underworld, those that recognized the power of the king, those that have sworn their allegiance to him, they raised their voices, and the king spoke.

“──My loyal soldiers!”

 The king’s voice was so full of spirit that it shook heaven and earth.

“──My sworn enemies!!”

 The king’s gaze beheld his nemesis from among all the enemies that lay before him.

“I have returned from the underworld with my name to wield my blade and fight with you once more!!!”

 Even those on the verge of death renewed their resolve when they heard his voice. His voice was a ray of light that shone upon this battlefield in which death lay ever close by.

“──Hear my name!(Call)!”

“──I am the High King of Rebellion(Rebellion)!!!”

 In the next moment, black flames poured out of the Goblin King and enveloped all 1,000 horsemen of the imperial guards. They took upon a humanoid shape and ran with them to protect them.

 The king’s heralds were none other than the strongest of the foes vanquished.

 Those that followed his back were those warriors that remained loyal even after they died and passed through the gates of the underworld.

“…Rashka-dono… Even Ved-dono.”

 Gi Be muttered to himself as he saw the warriors formed out of black flames running alongside them. It was not only the big names. Even the warriors they once knew and passed through the gates of the underworld, and even those of the imperial guards that died with no name, they all ran with them.

“Bedo, Daje… You too.”

 Even those Gi Be himself named were among them. They looked straight ahead and chased after the king’s back, running close together as if to encourage themselves to face the strongest enemy they would ever fight.


 Gi Be exclaimed with a passionate urge that welled up from within. It was the same for the other imperial guards.

 They would crush the enemies before them and hold their severed heads up high. Not even death would be able to stop them.

“──To battle!!”

 At the king’s behest, their war cries filled the battlefield.

 And the banner held up high by Gi Be Slay fluttered in the wind with black flames.

 Hold yourselves with pride! Even if your flesh rots, the king will be here to lead you!

 As he cried out, he held the reins of his steed with his mouth.

 In the ages of come, this battle would be called under many names. The Final Battle of Arensia, the Battle of Altigand… But the most famous of these names were The Encounter Between the Human World and the Underworld, and the Battle of Heaven and Hell.

 In the late autumn of the 5th year of the King’s Calendar, the land was dyed red and the decisive battle between Arlodena and Altigand, in which all their power were mobilized, was just beginning.

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