Goblin Kingdom – Volume 4: The Distant Kingdom – Chapter 298: Ever Changing Battle Flag (1/4)

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Volume 4: Chapter 298 – Ever Changing Battle Flag (1/4)

When the incarnations of the black flames of the underworld appeared, the hero frowned.

“How impertinent,” he said.

The Goddess of Destiny gently whispered to him.

“In that case, shall we send the flying warships?” She said.

“Yes, please do. I was thinking of having fun, but this is extremely unpleasant.”

The hero’s wounds yet ached.

Eleanor had sent her heavy infantry to block Alrodena’s cavalry despite the danger to themselves, only to be attacked by the heroes that returned from the underworld in flames of black.

There were the heroes of the demihumans, and others as well.

With a large stature that did not lose out to the Goblin King, and a double-edged axe with a long handle by the name of Valdis, he, who swept away the soldiers that impeded their path, was a king among men who once contested for supremacy with the Goblin King.

Two horsemen rode by his side, swinging their black swords with ferocity. One was the wielder of the holy sword born in the desert, and the other was his best friend who taught the Goblin King defeat.

They rode at the head of the army and moved freely between the enemies and the imperial guards. Then there were those knights, who retained their skill despite falling into the underworld. At their center was none other than the ever victorious maiden.


“Absurd… Just how far will you mock the dead!?” Yuan cried.

The black flames of the underworld turned into seven streaks and shot out over the ground. Yuan screamed from the top of his lungs, but all he got in return were the thunderbolts of black flames that pierced through their line of spears. Within the body of the indomitable hero was harbored the black flames, and those that once resisted now joined the ranks of the High King.

Already, their battle cries were like the muddy stream.

The black flames summoned by the king were no different than keys that opened the path to the underworld. Under the Divine Protection of the God of War, those that once perished were brought back to fight for his cause. The muddy stream of black flowed with direction, knocking down all those that stood in its path. This was a forbidden spell that forced the Goblin King to enter the domain of the underworld and the terrifying path that led to it.

‘Call of the Rebellion’ has been invoked.

But of course, the burden on the Goblin King was not to be scoffed at either.

His bones creaked, his flesh burned at the touch of the wind. Yet the Goblin King endured all of that. There were two rows of infantry left. If they could just break through, the enemy he sought would appear before him. That which he must defeat, the man that called himself a hero!


The Goblin King bellowed out a howl, shaking the heavens, suppressing the earth, and striking fear into the heart of his foes.

If he did not use his power now, whenever would he use it? Already. the demons of the underworld, turned into incarnations of flames of black, have encroached deep into the enemy’s line. His beloved steed, Sui, did not cower either.

The Dark Sun(Aldia) that he held up high crushed the soldiers that slipped past the incarnations of black flames.

When the Goblin King finally reached his destination – the hero who stood with his arms folded – he sent his subordinates to claim his head.

“Well done getting this far, now die!” The hero said.

The hero’s mouth twisted into a smile, and with a snap of his fingers, the Goblin King looked up above. His years of experience in the battlefield has sharpened his intuition and it told of him of the danger above. There, could be found a red pattern, a gate designed after the giant jaws of a dragon.

When those doors swung open, the flying warships appeared. When the Goblin King saw their cannons aimed at him, he braced himself and raised his great sword up high.


Gi Be Slay was immediately able to pick up on the Goblin King’s command, but the rain of bullets immediately came after and crushed everything on the ground. Only about half of the imperial guards were able to move out of the way.

Even the humans that were supposed to be the hero’s allies were caught up in the line of fire. But the real objective of that attack was none other than the Goblin King. Magic bullets rained down from the sky, piercing the land around the Goblin King like spears.

Yet the Goblin King rode through it all, the sight of which burned itself into the eyes of his imperial guards.

Without even looking at the bullets that rained upon him, the Goblin King swung his great sword solely for the hero’s neck. Even the incarnations of the black flames that served as heralds were pierced by the magic bullets and dissipated.

Slipping through the incarnations that vanished as though transient illusions, the Goblin King broke through the last line of footmen.

Immediately, a streak of light shot out, but Sui shook his head. It was an attack from the hero, and had it hit cleanly, Sui would have likely died.


But though it did not hit, it had grazed him, and from the warm blood that splattered onto the king, he knew that his steed was hurt. Sui slowed down, and the King patted him to show him his thanks, then he dismounted. As soon as he landed, he kicked off the ground with enough force to shatter rocks to launch himself.

In an instant, the distance between him and the hero was closed, and as his great sword burned in black flames, he smashed it into him.

But the hero easily received his attack single-handedly. However, the king did not relent and attacked again. He used the Guardian Sword of the Giants(Titan Dagger) in his other hand and slashed.

It was a two-hit attack executed at roughly the same time, but the hero easily received everything and laughed.

“What’s the matter, monster!? Is this all you’ve got!?”


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  1. “‘Hear my nameCall, I am the High King of RebellionRebellion‘ has been invoked.” Should be the ‘call of the rebellion has been invoked’

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