I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-12: Quick Extract (2/3)





The students suddenly recovered his sanity after being flicked on the forehead and became confused when he realized what kind of situation he was in.

Normally, someone would follow up here and explain things to him, but everyone was equally shocked.

In a sense this was a lot more shocking than when he beat up Frire while she was wearing an exoskeleton.

“N-Nakamura, what did you do!?” Frire said.

“Finger flick,” Shinichi replied.

“We can tell that much, thank you!” Aristel said.

“I smashed the skill with a lot of unprocessed photon too,” Shinichi said.

“That’s how you canceled the skill!? That’s way too reckless!!” Werner said.

“It worked, didn’t it?” Shinichi said.

“That’s just looking at the results! In the first place, I’ve never even heard of a method like that!” Myuhi said.

Shinichi couldn’t understand why everyone was making such a huge fuss about this.

But from their perspective, what Shinichi had done was too crazy.

Skills either wore off on their own after some time or were canceled via a method learned through information analysis. Other than those two methods, there were also anti-skill techniques that dispelled the abnormal state of objects or the physical strengthening of an enemy.

But then Shinichi suddenly introduced a fourth method of canceling skills.

It was only natural that they would be shocked, but Shinichi had his reasons too.

“Huh, really? Unprocessed photons are called pure photons, right? I was told they’re harmless to humans. This ring was also configured with a program. It’s common sense that two energies of the same kind will cancel each other out upon clashing. I used a lot of pure photons too to ensure that nothing would be left. Look, I even simulated it beforehand just to be safe,” Shinichi said as he projected the data and the results for everyone to see.

When they looked at the projection with intense concentration, they suddenly found their heads aching.

Afterwards they sighed, exhausted, and looked into the distance.

“Some half-assed theory based only on basic knowledge actually… works!?” Werner said.

“You’ve already mastered the foster to that extent in just a month!?” Myuhi asked.

“We never even taught you this stuff. I know you can study on your own, but this is too much. What are teachers even for?” “Frire said.

“To think that you could excel even at this field… How wonderful,” Aristel said.

As usual they were all surprised about different things. The one thing they had in common was that they all understood that expecting common sense from Shinichi was a hopeless endeavor.

One among them diverged drastically in a subtle manner, but regardless, they were too soft. They didn’t understand just how terrifying a lack of common sense could be.

As well as how great the pot could be stirred when creativity and skillfulness were added on top of that.

“Is it really that surprising?” Shinichi said. “Up you go.”

“What!? W-What’s going on!? Huh? It’s evening already? Did I doze off!?”

“…I want to be released from an unknown skill via a finger flick too. Hmm?”

When the second student was woken up as well, Myuhi couldn’t help but sigh.

From how the students were muttering to themselves confused, it could be inferred that they had no recollection of having gone berserk, but because the girls were also confused, no one was explaining anything to them.

Incidentally, the reason why no once noticed the pure photons until Shinichi pointed them out was because they’re only visible for a moment after being extracted from a crystal.

The sensors don’t respond to pure photons or other harmless photons like those found in Garesto’s atmosphere.

Because of that no matter how much(・・・・) pure photon is extracted, the sensors will remain quiet.

“They really took advantage of pure photons, didn’t they? Hmm? Hang on… WHHHaaat!!??”

That’s why if she hadn’t looked down at her foster by accident, if she hadn’t set her foster to detect photons, she would have never noticed the abnormal value shown on her foster’s display.

“W-What is it all of the sudden, Ruona-san!?” Aristel asked.

“Wait, huh? What, is this!? You better explain this much!” Myuhi yelled.

She had completely thrown away her smiling mask as she approached Shinichi.

This sudden turn of events left everyone confused.

“W-What is it?” Shinichi asked.

“Why are you emitting aB Rank’s(・・・・・) worth of photons!?” Myuhi yelled while showing him the information on her foster.

On her foster could be seen his figure when he flicked the student and the amount of photons released.

The amount of photons he was releasing was clearly equivalent to a B Rank.

“Why? Well, obviously because I needed that much,” Shinichi said.

“But your Mind stat is supposed to be D Rank!” Myuhi said.

“Yeah, so I had to do it 97 times.”

“What is that supposed to mean!?”

While everyone was shocked by the amount of photons displayed on their fosters, Shinichi and Myuhi made no progress despite biting at each other.

“Calm down, Ruona! I know how you feel, but at this rate, we won’t get anywhere!” Frire said.

“Nakamura-san, the question isn’t ‘why’ but ‘how’,” Aristel said.

The two girls bound Myuhi, who had completely blown off her lid, and asked Shinichi to enlighten them.

As expected, even Aristel couldn’t remain a spellbound maiden when it came to something as important as this.

After all, Shinichi had just done the impossible.

“Ah, right. The Mind stat is ranked based on the maximum amount of photon you’re able to gather, right? Well, you see, when I heard that at the academy for the first time, I figured that as long as I gathered photons many times(・・・・・・・・・) in a short period(・・・・・), then even if I’m just a D Rank, I’ll still be able to prepare the necessary amount of photons in the end(・・・・).”

“Ah, now that you mention it… Why didn’t I notice it until now!?” Werner ground his teeth.

Although Shinichi seemed to be talking about something he just inferred based on his feelings, Werner felt that the theory was sound.

Werner was someone who came up with unique weapons by applying the technology he’s learned, but apparently, even he couldn’t avoid being affected by Garesto’s common sense.

But as annoyed as he might’ve been for failing to notice that, the Garestonians were even more shocked.

Their shock, however, was not merely because Shinichi had broken the common sense of the Mind stat.

“Teacher, could this be that theory!?” Aristel asked with a complicated expression mixed with astonishment and excitement.

“QE… Quick Extract,” muttered the fox girl.

The teacher and the noble lady nodded in response, showing that they too thought the same.

When they heard Shinichi’s explanation, that was the term that popped up in their head, a hypothesis that Shinichi had no business knowing.

“Huh? Quickes?” Shinichi asked.

“Quick Extract! Ah, was it translated into English? Is that why you don’t understand? You need to work harder or we Garestonians might end up better English speakers than you,” Myuhi said after inferring why Shinichi seemed hard of hearing.

“E-Even if you tell me that…” Shinichi replied reluctantly since he had no confidence when it came to this matter.

Normally, he’s apathetic, but when it comes to the five basic subjects, he’s a diligent student. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, his performance in English was a disaster.

He knew he was terrible at it. Because of that he had a hard time remembering words and he couldn’t make the words out properly either.

“In that case, allow me to translate it literally. In Japanese, it would most likely be translated as ‘subayai chuushutsu’. It’s a hypothesis brought forward during Garesto’s academic conference a few years ago that hoped to increased the amount of photon an individual could muster. The hypothesis is exactly the same as you’ve said. If there’s any difference it would be that the language used in the publication is more complicated. Ah, but of course, the hypothesis didn’t recommend to do it dozens of times,” Aristel said.

Frire wryly smiled, “Actually, it didn’t even become a hypothesis, it just stopped at an idea. No one could actually do it after being published, so it was labeled as an impractical theory.”

“Word has it that they published the method in the first place precisely because they couldn’t prove it, so they wanted the Garestonians to try it for themselves,” Myuhi said.

In the end, even that failed and the researchers had no choice but to give up.

This series of events became a hot topic so it was well-known in Garesto.

The researcher had previous achievements, so he wasn’t released from his position or driven away, but he has always been known to have a penchant for eccentricity, so people thought he was at it again.

“The Technology Class has access to the scientific articles from Garesto, but this is my first time hearing about this,” Werner said.

“This obviously isn’t something we would choose to share,” Aristel said.

The information shared with Earthlings was curated by Garesto, so a dubious idea like this couldn’t have possibly been permitted.

Or at least, it should’ve been a dubious idea. Regardless, there was no denying that Shinichi had performed it right before their eyes.

“But the more I think about it, the more I feel like I should’ve realized it. I should’ve thought something was off as soon as you shot several Thunder Shots consecutively when it was getting dark,” Myuhi said.

“Yes, casting Needle Shot consecutively is also impossible for a D Ranker,” Aristel said.

Although they were both low-ranked skills, they were still not something that someone with a D Rank in Mind could cast consecutively.

Alas, he was the only D Ranker in this school, so no one realized it.

“Yeah, that’s right. A D Rank really leaves you wanting, because of that I’m always using this technique. Umm, this err…. Quick Extratekt or whatever…”

“Nakamura-san, it’s ‘Extract’. Why are you adding more characters to the term?” Aristel said.

“Ha ha, what a strange guy. I wonder if that researcher will faint if he finds out that a kid who thought of the same thing can’t even remember a single word of English?” Werner laughed. “On top of that you can even pull it off as soon as you thought of it.”

Werner was in a similar position, so he could easily imagine it.

As funny as that would be, Frire and Myuhi ignored him and looked suspiciously at Shinichi.

No matter what, Shinichi was being too careless. Perhaps it couldn’t be helped since he lacked common sense, but he was still showing too much despite usually hiding his abilities.


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