I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter I – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-12: Quick Extract (3/3)

Because of that they couldn’t help but wonder what Shinichi was thinking.

“…In any case, can you dispel everyone with that, Nakamura?” Frire asked.

“Wait a moment, Fudonecchi, no matter how much you want to run from reality— Oww!” Myuhi said.

Frire put the matter aside, and Myuhi turned to her suspiciously and tried to say something, but she was silenced with another karate chop.

After all, continuing any further would just digress from the main topic more and delay solving the problem at hand.

With more things to hide(・・・・・), they really needed to wrap things up here before the rest of the rescue team arrives.

“…I could but don’t you need me to leave some in that state? I mean you do need to gather some data for next time(), don’t you?” Shinichi suggested after considering what’s to come.


Although they’ve already gathered some data through the all-purpose tool that was the foster, but that wasn’t really that accurate when compared to a proper device.

There might also be some changes given time, so just the data they had now wasn’t enough.

Moreover, if they were spot on in their conjectures regarding the culprit, then it was unlikely it would end with just this.

As such they should gather as much data as they could now to prepare for that time when the culprit uses this method again.


“That’s a good idea, but we can’t carelessly talk about mind skills here, and there also aren’t any professionals or any related devices here in Kutoria. So it’s best to consider acquiring further data or analysis impossible. I’ll probably just pass the data we have now to some of my former subordinates,” Frire said.

“B-Besides these people are victims. I understand where you’re coming from, but if you know how to save them, then please!” Aristel said.

“Saving them is the right thing to do, huh. Sure, I prefer that too. Besides, I hate making lab rats out of victims,” Shinichi said.

“Fue?” Aristel said.

“…You were testing us,” Frire said.

Although Shinichi wasn’t wrong, this city wasn’t equipped to deal with this kind of cases.

Moreover, Shinichi’s creed would also never permit making a victim suffer more.

The reason he suggested that was because he wanted to show the urgency of the situation and then see how they would react. Of course, he didn’t admit that and just smiled.

“Who knows? Regardless, having to dispel these many people one at a time is going to be a pain…”

Shinichi suddenly looked sad and grew weary when he looked at the people still going berserk.

“Can’t you dispel them all at the same time? Just use a lot of photons or something?”

“That’s impossible. The pure photons emitted in the air have poor conductivity and disperse easily, so they need to be released while making skin-to-skin contact. That’s also why this can’t be used to dispel skills in live combat.”

Because of the unique characteristics of photons and the use of exoskeletons, this kind of method wasn’t practical in combat.

Shinichi would have no choice but to dispel the students and teachers one by one.

He shrugged his shoulders and made fun of this method that he discovered, but there was still one among them who realized that something was off.

“How come you know that?” Myuhi asked.

“Ha ha, that’s the peculiarity of being self-taught. That’s why it’s problematic not knowing enough,’ Shinichi said.

Myuhi felt like Shinichi was dodging the question again, but she couldn’t say anything in rebuttal, so she just kept quiet.

Shinichi turned away from her meaningful gaze and held his left hand over the students’ heads.

“We’ll help too. If it’s just that much, we can use the normal method to help out,” Aristel said.

“Thanks, but I think it’ll be safest if you set the photon value numerically and release it all in one go,” Shinichi said.

Aristel nodded, and then Myuhi and Frire helped out too.

Werner didn’t have a B Rank in Mind, so he just kept watch.

He ended up being the one having to explain what happened to his classmates who’ve just woken up, but that probably just made things worse.

But of course…

“Are you feeling alright?” Aristel asked.

“Huh, ah, y-yes!” A student replied.

“Fu fu, didn’t it hurt?” Myuhi asked.

“Ah, no, n-not at all…” A student replied.

“There shouldn’t be any problems anymore. Look sharp now,” Frire said.


Due to the lack of female students in their class, the men of the Technology Class weren’t used to the presence of women.

With these beautiful women right at their faces, they couldn’t help but turn beet red and lose their bearings.

“Men sure are honest creatures,” Shinichi said.

“Should you be saying that when you’re a man yourself, Icchi?”

Myuhi couldn’t believe what she heard when Shinichi went to dispel the teachers.

He had them deal with the students precisely to make everything go smoother, but when it came to the teachers, he took over since it was harder to do through the iron bars.

Alas, the two people that Shinichi dispelled, seemed to look at those treated by the girls with envy.

“And with that we’re all done.”

There weren’t that many students in the first place since the requirements to enter the Technology Class was a lot more stringent than the normal class.

Especially, since this was the B Class, so at most there only some dozen students.

By dividing the work among the three of them, it didn’t take even 5 minutes before the entire class was dispelled.

Only, due to being charmed, it would take awhile before they truly returned to their normal state.

“That was a lot more exhausting than I thought it would be. Even with the help of the foster, using this much photons consecutively is still difficult.”

After walking away from the students, Myuhi sighed.

She was still smiling, but with the beads of sweat on her forehead, it was clear that she was exhausted.

Fatigue was proportional to the amount of photon extracted.

“That’s only natural since what we did wasn’t any different from using intermediate and advanced skills consecutively in a short period of time. I’ve come to realize personally just how reckless a method Quick Extract is,” Aristel said.

She was similarly exhausted and that showed faintly on her face.

The fact that these two girls were so exhausted despite their training goes to show just how exhausting this ordeal was.

The amount of photon required only amounted to a B Rank’s worth, so what more if they had to rely on QE and had to extract the maximum amount of photon they could consecutively?

Frire, who didn’t want to appear any more pathetic, agreed with their sentiments though she didn’t say it out loud.

“And yet Icchi is just standing there as fresh as spring rain. It really makes one wonder who he is,” Myuhi said while looking at Shinichi who came back after dispelling the rest.

“…Can you not talk about that while looking at me?” Shinichi said.

Shinichi sighed and readily answered, “It’s because our vessels are different.”

“Oh, are you finally going to come out and say you’re amazing?” Myuhi said.

“What do you mean by ‘finally’? It’s the other way around. If I’m a teaspoon, then you guys are stockpots. Between a teaspoon and a stockpot, it should be obvious which one is easier to fill with water, right?” Shinichi said.


All the more so if they had to fill it several times. The girls nodded.

When high rankers consecutively extract photons, they do so using their stockpot, but a D Ranker like Shinichi only had his small teaspoon, so it wasn’t exhausting at all.

Although he would have to draw water many times, as long as he has the speed, the job isn’t that exhausting.

“So we’re huge pots that can carry a lot of water but are hard to handle, while you’re a small spoon that can’t carry much but is easier to handle, huh,” Frire said.

“An appropriate analogy. Easy to understand. No wonder we couldn’t pull it off. The average Garestonian is B Rank after all,” Aristel said.

Aristel and Frire were full of admiration for Shinichi’s explanation, but Myuhi’s smile had been wiped off from her face as she muttered to herself.

“We’re… stockpots? The average is B?”

In a rare display, Myuhi mumbled in a monotonous voice as she calmly – yes, calmly – looked at their chest and then hers.

When she looked down on her shirt, what greeted her was a vast plain with no hills or mountains. It was as though the line from her foot up to her chest was perfectly even, and then when she looked back at the girls there were four mountains that obstructed her view.

“Fu, fufufu… Icchi. Is that a declaration of war I hear? A declaration of war to this poor girl smaller than an A!?”

Unfortunately for Shinichi, his example had touched her complex.

Of course, the latter half wasn’t actually related to him at all, but such trivial details were irrelevant.

Myuhi was smiling again, but it was dark, her voice was heavy, and her eyes terrifying.

Frire and Aristel inadvertently stepped back as they realized that something had descended, but…

“Don’t twist the topic and hurt yourself in confusion!!” Shinichi rebuked.

“Oww!” Myuhi cried.

Shinichi didn’t flinch even a little, and he even hit her on the head.

With a rebuking tone and expression, he became sullen. He was unhappy since it seemed like Myuhi was looking down on herself.

“Besides, which part of you is supposed to resemble a stockpot anyway?”

“Huh, w-what!?!?”

“Look, your waist is perfectly slender, isn’t it?”

Shinichi said as he boldly grabbed her waist and easily lifted her up.

Myuhi cried out in surprise, but she was too surprised to resist.

“You have such a small and lovable figure, so what’s there to be unhappy about?” Shinichi said.


Unable to keep up with this turn of events, Myuhi went as red as a boiled octopus.

Werner’s face couldn’t help but cramp at that.

He told the teacher, “Today’s my first time meeting him, but he seems really experienced with women. Around half of it must be innate…””

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense how a 15 year-old boy could ignore the ghastliness of this fox-girl, hit her on the head, and then lift her up without any resistance.

“…I know. The other half is because his personality sucks,” Frire said.

Werner had caught Aristel’s jealousy from the corner of his eyes, and when he saw the teacher sighing, he realized that she too was involved.

“Once again I’m reminded what an outrageous guy he is. Though I suppose he was already outrageous from the start since he was able to deal with these three so naturally,” Werner muttered.

“I’m not happy about you putting us three together like that, but… I have to say, it’s really hard to handle a big spoon,” Frire said.

It might look light at first glance, but when you touch it, it’s surprisingly heavy. You might think you can handle it, but the one who’ll be used instead is you.

As she muttered that to herself, she turned to Aristel and sighed again.

At first she was still acting like herself, but what about now?

—Is this how you plan to rest before the storm, Nakamura?

Since he talked about the possibility of anext time(), he must have already considered the criminal’s next moves.

The criminal used a mind skill during a time like this. It’s unlikely everything will end with just this.

As Frire looked up at the sky, she felt like this was only the first of many incidents to come.


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