I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter II – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-27: How the Weak Fights II (3/4)

Shinichi’s group was just a few steps away from the group of three.

The three terrorists foolishly stood there in front of the whole class with their weapons undrawn.

They didn’t even plan on taking advantage of their air superiority or distance themselves from them.

And so, inadvertently, a fed-up smile appeared on Shinichi’s face.

If these fools were merely at this level, then there was no need for him to support the students from the shadows.

“What are you keeping quiet for!? Hurry up and answer, Earthlings!” A terrorist asked.

Other than Tomoe and Shinichi, the rest of the students believed that this was part of the exam.

Because of that they weren’t intimidated and merely pondered how to deal with the situation at hand. No matter what the man – that was most likely to be the commander of the enemy squad – said, they remained on guard.

As such, they didn’t have the leisure to answer their questions.

“Wait, they don’t even know who we are, so it’s normal for them to be afraid and confused,” another soldier told the yelling soldier.

He had mistaken the students’ reaction for fear and confusion.

The moment they came here to confirm the explosion, they’d already checked the Status of the students.

After confirming that these were lower-ranked people, they didn’t even recognize them as combatants.

And since they were commoners with no role in combat, it was a given that they would fear them. Because of that they didn’t even realize that the students were tense not because they were afraid but because they were hostile.

So it wasn’t that they were being negligent, rather they had merely let their guard down because they were convinced that these students were non-combatants.

“We are the Gaen Volunteer Army! We stand here before you today because of the worrying condition of the world! There is no need for Garesto to interact with the uncivilized and barbaric Earth!”

“We’ve taken arms to petition the severance of all contact between the two worlds! We have no intention of attacking normal people such as yourselves, but we hope that you’ll be able to obediently answer our questions!”

Despite the huge openings the three soldiers were showing, in some sense, they were much a stronger adversary to the students than the giant worm earlier.

Every stat of these soldiers were at least B Rank, and they were all equipped with military-grade exoskeletons.

They didn’t have any of the fatal weaknesses raybeasts had that allowed them to reverse the situation in one blow.

Even without any weapons, the firm speech they gave was more than enough to make the students falter.


“—So, that’s the kind of setting we’re using for this exam,” Shinichi said.

“Oh, of course,” a student said.

“For a moment, I thought they were being serious,” a female student said.

“Yeah, me too,” a male student said.

That was all Shinichi had to say to make a joke out of their claims. The students faltered for a moment there, but after that one line, they were back on their feet.

In fact, some of the students were even amazed at how realistic the acting of the soldiers were.

Tomoe alone made a dumbfounded expression.

“I see, so that’s what they’re making this out to be…” Tomoe said.

“Tsk, what are you all muttering about over there!!? You just need to answer what you’re asked!! Do you lowly Earthlings not even have that much common sense!?” The yelling soldier from before asked.

It was curious if this soldier merely had a short fuse or has always hated Earthlings, but the soldier that was yelling before started yelling again.

Shinichi pointed behind the soldiers and with that trademark shady smile of his said.

“That’s obviously Teacher Doneju’s work,” he said.

“What!? The Sword Saint is here!?” One of the terrorists said.

“Impossible, we didn’t get any such response!” Another terrorist said.

“We haven’t found her yet! Don’t let your guard down! The Sword Saint can close in on us instantly even from outside the range of our radars!” The third terrorist said.

When the name Doneju came up, tension immediately ran through the three soldiers and they turned to the direction Shinichi had pointed at.

Looks like the plan to hide her was a success, Shinichi thought, and at the same time, he seriously started thinking that these three were idiots.

His goal had indeed been to trick them, but they were so easy to trick that he actually doubted if they were playing him, but that probably wasn’t the case.

These three idiots weren’t even thinking about them anymore. Worrying about them playing him would just make him the bigger idiot.

“All forces, attack! Crush the enemy!” Shinichi said.

—In that case, let’s just hurry up and teach these idiots the harsh reality of another world.

When Shinichi’s firm order resounded, the students once again reflexively obeyed.


“GU, w-what? GAH!?”

“W-What’s happening— UAAa!?”

If the three had noticed their attack, they would have still been able to dodge, but they had let their guard down so much that they couldn’t even do that.

The students reflexively spaced themselves evenly as they jumped at the three terrorists.

The numerical superiority of 90 students versus the three terrorists was a lot heavier(・・) than the three terrorists had thought.

After all, the students were only equipped with simple exoskeletons. The students would probably be over matched in a 10v1, but when 30 of them were able to take on each of the soldiers at the same time, the story was quickly flipped on its back.

To make thins worse, these terrorists never even considered that these students would dare attack them.

The resulting shock and confusion from that dulled their movements to become fatally sluggish.

Hand them(・・・・・) your weapons!”

Then Shinichi gave a strange order, an order that only the students could understand.

This too was a method they employed in the battle against Ryou yesterday, the so-called ‘strange way of using a weapon’.

“‘Bind’!” The students said.

As the memories from yesterday flashed through their minds, the students bound their weapons ‘to’ them.

Photon ropes coiled around the exoskeletons of the soldiers.

“Ku, don’t get in my way!!”

“Thruster full power!”

Of course, the enemy wasn’t about to just let themselves be done in like this either.

They upped the output of their exoskeletons to force their way out of their humans weighing on them and fly into the sky.

The torrent of photons released while forced down on the ground could easily change the situation depending on the person, and the students were easily blown away.

“What a disgrace! What a humiliation!”

“A-Are these students sane!? Ordinary people with nothing but simple exoskeletons actually dared to attack us soldiers!?”

“These Earthlings don’t even understand the difference in Status!!”

After managing to fly back up, the soldiers were all furies and unbelieving.

They looked down at the students that had been blown away.

Although their faces were hidden by their visors, one could easily imagine how ugly their expressions were now.

“Listen, you dummies! This is Earth and you’re fighting Earthlings! Why should the common sense of your world apply here!? Are your heads screwed on right?” Mocked a boy in a grating manner.

That boy stood at the center of the mixed class. Despite having the weakest Status among the students there, he acted the most self-important. When the soldiers realized that, blood immediately rushed to their heads.

Shinichi’s actions were mocking their ‘common sense’.

“A pathetic All D dares mock us soldiers in the battlefield!?”

“You think anyone will spoil you just because you’re a kid!? I’ll make you taste pain enough for three people—!?”

When the soldiers tried to take out their weapons, it was then that they finally realized it.

That a great number of unknown weapons had been coiled around them.

Because of the sparks illuminating and the sounds resounding from those—

“Hmph! Don’t react to everything your opponent says, you amateurs!” Shinichi said.

—They didn’t even realize them until it was too late.

As Shinichi’s words resounded, so did their scream.




Fierce sparks surged up in the sky and wrapped themselves around the three terrorists.

Like that the electric shock from the anti-theft system of almost all of the weapons of the mixed class descended onto them.

Despite the exoskeleton, the pain delivered by the electric shock was a great ordeal.

The weapons had been tied up all around them as well, so they could only watch as they were thoroughly fried.

Before long that fierce electric attack even seemed to have penetrated their armor and paralyzed the functions of their exoskeletons.

At that, they boorishly fell to the ground, not a whiff of that grace one would expect from the high-tech armor.

“GUAH, GAH, im-pos-sible…”

“Uu, Aa… W-What just, happened…”


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