I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter II – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-36: Peace Continues Yet (1/6)

Some time after the mask threatened the two worlds, when it was nearing nighttime in Kutoria…

Although there were some residents shocked by the sudden escape drills, the people of Kutoria have always been alert for any calamities that might come from the sea due to Kutoria being a floating city.

Their wariness for the sea was further amplified by the Garestonians’ lack of understanding of it, leading Kutoria to ever be thorough in ensuring that the people were aware of the dangers of the sea, as well as implementing measures to protect from them.

Which is why such escape drills have been conducted regularly for the past 8 years in Kutoria, so there were few people who found them suspicious.

After the end of the exams was announced, most of the students went back to their dormitories and either rested or reflected on their performance.

Just as someone had deigned, none of them knew a thing about today’s incident.

But for those that were in the know, the day was yet to end.

Tonight would likely be another all-nighter for these people as they gathered information and cleaned up the scene.

At the male dormitory of Garesto Academy, at the highest floor of the normal class dormitory building, furthest from the elevator, whereupon the name Nakamura Shinichi could be found on the digital name plate in multiple languages, was a room whose owner had been absent, but only a few people were privy to that fact.

Surprisingly, no one actually knew what was happening inside that room.

“Hmm, huh? Eh, wa, nuwaah!?!?”

After all, even the owner himself had forgotten the state of his room.

After threatening both worlds, he returned to Kutoria, and made sure to check everywhere, wary of any further interventions.

He also made sure to take the time to see how the city and the school dealt with the incident.

After understanding everything he needed for his future conduct, he teleported back to his room.

But the moment he came back, he stepped on something soft and something hard, causing him to lose his balance and push the things piled up around him.

As he fell, he took those with him in his descent, burying him, while he himself landed on something else.

“Uu, oo, oww! Ugh, for crying out loud, that’s why this body is such a pain…”

As he pushed aside those things that have fallen on him, he cursed.

“It’s just way too weak to surprise attacks… Ow!”

After letting his guard down completely, the little impact that took him by surprise was actually able to hurt him.

Given by the scratch on the back of his feet, it would appear that he’d stepped on something that was protruded.

As it turns out, taking his shoes off after entering the room was a bad idea, but regardless, he seemed a little too fragile for someone who was able to live through so many battles in a single day.

This was the weakness of those who fought by relying on the power of the Skill stat.

Unless they focused, their abilities were no different from their actual rank.

And as a talentless All D, the moment Shinichi Nakamura let his guard down, he became weaker than anyone.

Or to be more precise, this fragility was the original limit of his body.

“It’d feel too stupid if I haa to use a spell just for something like this, so…”

But no sooner after he said that, he gave up on looking for the first-aid kit.

After blocking his wound, and throwing away his dirty socks, he gave his room a good look.

“Just one month, and it’s already like this? Man, this is basically one step away from being a hoarder’s house.”

It’s been approximately one month from the start of Golden Week to June 3, today,

That was how long, or rather, how short he’d been staying in this room.

And yet the room was so messy there were barely any room to walk.

Why were there piles of clothes scattered everywhere?

Why were there a bunch of unidentified machines that even he didn’t know where they came from?

Why were there so many things here even though he’s never gone shopping properly?

To be honest, this was not at a level that was just ‘one step away’.

The one saving grace was that there were no food scraps.

“This has gone past the point of me sucking at cleaning my room…”

Shinichi lamented as he held his head.

He knew about this problem of his, and he was indeed trying to be careful, but the result was still this.

The only places that had managed to escape this sorrowful fate and maintained their original state was the bed that he always used and the area near the entrance.

Keeping the places that he used frequently useable was indeed just like him.

When he was living with his parents, he did his best to mind his sloppiness and used his room purely just for sleeping, so he was able to keep that room from falling into this state, but that became a source of stress for him.

“I’d let my guard down thinking I’d finally be able to relax, but… This is the result, huh.”

This was the student dormitory with state-of-the-art facilities fitting of a place said to be the bridge between two worlds, so even the lowest ranked D Class student could clean his own room and wash his own laundry.

He just had to use the cleaning robot, and throw his laundry into the laundry appliance.

And yet, this was the result, or rather, it was precisely because those were at hand that the situation could only get this bad.

“I really gotta clean this place up, but… I’m so tired. I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

The biggest reason was because this man hated doing troublesome things, and he would put off doing anything that wasn’t urgent for later.

That’s why his room was such a mess, though, of course, this time around, he really was tired.

“Ugh, I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to do anything anymore. I just want to rest. I can’t believe my first overseas trip ended with me going through the whole world in an hour. A super express bullet tour, wow… I didn’t even have the time to suffer from jet lag.”

As though he’d die if he didn’t complain once, Shinichi grumbled his way to his bed.

There was no room left for him to walk, so he just stepped on the things piled up on the ground.

Before long, he made his way to his bed, and dove into it.



Only to be greeted by a soft sensation and a sultry voice.

When that sensation embraced him gently, Shinichi found himself at a loss before realization dawned on him that he’d forgotten one important thing – there was another slob living in this room.

“Oh, Master~ …Welcome back. I’m sure you must be tired. Just leave everything to me and relax.”

Beyond the unnaturally clean bed sheet came a passionate embrace and a sensuous aroma, the soft bountiful breasts contorting as they welcomed the boy, and a pair of beautiful, long legs entangling around his hips as though to keep him from escaping.

“Come, my Master. Let us free you from those needless clothes(things), and make you comfortable.”

A beautiful face with fox ears peeked out of the sheets and whispered those provocative words.

She was brimming with sensuality, and the way she freed him from his clothes suggested this was not their first rodeo, and yet the red flush on the golden beauty’s face belonged to that of a maiden.

“Umm… If it pleases, you, Master, won’t you release all of your pent-up frustration and lust into your humble servant’s flesh?”

A perfect body overflowing with desirability that no man could refuse, and yet even as he lay within that carnal paradise, he found it in him to pinch her cheeks.

“Mmph, hah, hey, Youko(・・・)! Why are you still in your human form!?”

“I-It hurtsh Massher!”

As he freed himself from those smothering mountains, he spread her cheeks open wide, leading the beauty to complain while her face stretched comedically.

In her surprise, the three tails that she’d been hiding ended up peeking out of the sheets as well.

“Look, you can’t even hide your ears and tails properly!”

“Hahin!? Auu, shohi…”

Shinichi scolded the beauty as he released her cheeks from their plight.

To be frank, giving a reaction like this when a beauty was whispering sweet nothings to him and embracing him in his bed indeed felt wrong, but that wasn’t what was important right now.

“Why do you think I normally prohibit you from using your human form!? It’s because it’s still too taxing for you to use it for a long time!”

The Tenkorius gained special abilities as their tails increased.

A tail would grow every 100 years until their tails numbered 9.

But they couldn’t use the new skill as soon as they grew a new tail.

They would need 90 years before they could start using them, and then another 10 years to let their body get used to it.

She was currently in the middle of that, and was yet to grow accustomed to her fourth tail.


That’s why Shinichi scolded her for her thoughtlessness.

She thought he was scolding her for sneaking into his bed, so she was dumbfounded for a moment, but that shock very quickly turned into a smile.

“Aahn! A master that’s so concerned about my wellbeing is so wonderful!”

“H-Hey! I knew it, you’re not listening to me at all, are you— Upu!?”

Youko jumped into her master’s arms with an intoxicated expression, and Shinichi once again found himself being smothered by her breasts as he was pushed back into the bed.


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