I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter II – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-36: Peace Continues Yet (2/6)

Youko jumped into her master’s arms with an intoxicated expression, and Shinichi found himself pushed down into the bed, smothered by her breasts.

“I can’t wait anymore, Master!! It’s fine, right, master!? Just leave everything to me!!”

As Shinichi’s breathing grew ragged from under her and she pushed into him with all of her strength, she unbuckled his belt, and rubbed her soft, voluptuous body on him.

Before long, the sensual smell of a female in heat, that could melt any man, filled the boy, and she whispered softly by his ears.

“You must be tired, Master. Just stay still. I may have no experience, but the secret techniques of my species have been thoroughly imparted to me— Oww!?”

But suddenly, an iron fist flew into her, sending her rolling through the piles of garbage and into the wall.

The wall was dented from the impact, but this amount of damage was nothing to her.

“Haa, haa… Will you calm down already, you perverted fox!”

Smothered and wanting for oxygen, Shinichi’s shoulders heaved up and down as he fixed his half-stripped clothes.

“Fu, fuaai…”

Youko seemed to have regained her bearings after being hit, and though she was still naked when she fell into that dangerous position, she responded to her master with integrity.

It was curious if it was merely a coincidence, but the dangerous parts on her body were hidden by her hair and her large tails.

If not coincidentally, perhaps this was the maiden in her finally showing some shame, but regardless, the eyes of her master that were looking down at her were chilling.

“I-It’s been awhile since I last assumed my human form, so I ended up losing control. I just can’t seem to control myself whenever I smell you, Master… i’m sorry.”

Youko sat in the seiza position and apologized to her master, but she also adorably let out a ‘tee hee’, so evidently, she wasn’t reflecting on her actions.

Shinichi could only sigh, and then with an exhausted face sit on the bed while muttering in shock.

“This has actually been bothering me for a while now, but while I know you’re not yet an adult, so you have difficulties controlling it, aren’t you losing control to your human form a little too much?”

“Even if you tell me that… This is just how the fourth tail is. You could call it a side effect or the original purpose itself. It’s an intrinsic trait to our people when we have a master of the opposite gender. Besides, Master, you’re the one who’s at fault since you keep saying things that make me happy!”

That’s why it can’t be helped, she complained.

Ignoring that last part, what she said made sense.

That was the kind of ability the fourth tail of the Tenkorius possessed.

Although they were among the top 10 strongest in terms of combat in Falandia, for some reason, they had an instinctive desire to serve another person, moreover, someone from a different species.

Fortunately, such instincts only kicked in upon meeting one’s master, but that also had an effect on the ability of the fourth tail.

A Tenkorius that has yet to meet a master will simply have a fourth tail with no abilities, but the moment a master is found, an exceedingly rare and strange ability will be acquired.

That is the ability to have another body, one that is of the same species as the master recognized.

It was not a simple transformation nor a temporary body, but a completely different body of the same species as the Tenkorius’ master.

In other words, the Tenkorius would have two bodies of two different species in one body.

At least, that was the most fitting way to describe it.

A beast form and a human form would simultaneously exist, but only the outer form was capable of experiencing the world.

An ability originally meant to serve another species and support one’s master by becoming the same species.

But when the master a Tenkorius has recognized was of a different gender, there was another meaning as well.

“I get it, I get it, so put on some clothes already. How long are you planning to remain naked?”

“Ehh? Do I have to? But clothes are such a pain, they’re so stiff.”

“…That part of you really is like a beast, huh. I mean I know you’re not human, but you look like one so much it’s hard not to mistake you for one.”

She wasn’t naked because she was trying to seduce him.

Rather this was merely her default state since she was always naked.

She might look like a human and be capable of understanding human speech and nuances, but she was still an otherworldly beast, and her sense of values and behavioral principles were different from that of humans.

“Ehehe, Master praised me.”

“How was that a praise? …So, is your body alright?”

“Yes, I’ve mostly gotten used to it already. At this rate, I should be able to give birth to your child(・・・・・) in a few years!”

“…In the end, that’s where we’re going, huh.”

“Just leave it to me!” Youko firmly held her master’s hands despite his dejection.

If one were to pinpoint the core of an animal’s instinct, it would undoubtedly be ‘Reproduction’.

To leave behind an even better descendant, an animal would find a mate, birth a pup, and then raise it.

That was true for her as well, and she prioritized that desire.


“In the first place, the ability of my fourth tail was created precisely so I can have your children!”

“Don’t say something like that so happily!”

When the master of a Tenkorius was that of the opposite gender, the fourth tail would come to have that meaning.

The way the Tenkorius chose their master was akin to love at first sight.

That’s why no mate could be more charming to them than their master.

This was a fundamental instinct that lay within their bodies.

“Come on, give me a break. A child at my age? And please don’t tell me that you can’t do it with anyone else other than me. If I knew a contract with you would be this heavy, I wouldn’t have contracted you so casually.”

Shinichi shrugged his shoulders again, but Youko just smiled.

“Ufufu, are you really saying that? Could my master really be so heartless as to throw this lonely servant away for a reason like that?”

They’d both taken the contract lightly when they formed it, but that was especially so for Shinichi.

Otherwise, he would have never given her the same name as his younger sister.

From how he knew her, though, Youko would likely have accepted the contract even if she knew this would happen.

“You’d never deny us ‘just’ because of some human values. ‘That’s nothing more than the ego of humans!’ You’d say dashingly.”

“…The dashing part aside, sure… I mean, it is true.”

When Shinichi reluctantly admitted to it, Youko became even more elated and the smile on her face grew deeper.

Though Shinichi has taught her human values despite the fact that she wasn’t human, he has never demanded her to adhere to them.

The Tenkorius have always been worshiped in Falandia as sacred beasts because of their power, beauty, and their dislike for conflict.

They themselves only thought of themselves as beasts, but they let people do what they want since they worshiped them from afar and didn’t bother them.

But in some regions, their sacredness was taken to another level, and their instincts to have children were denied and considered blasphemous.

Humans had come up with an image of their own and forced it onto them.

That’s why she loved her master, who acknowledged her and respected her as much as he could.

But even without that she would still love him just because of her racial traits.

“Also, there was nothing casual about that contract. We had a test period, and you were really glum about me accompanying you too.”

“…That’s because humans are really annoying, especially, me. I worry about so many things, and in the end, I take forever to make a decision.”

“Fu fu, but even if it takes you a long time, you’ll definitely come to one. Time may be finite, but I have plenty to spare, so feel free to take your time, Master”

That’s why when her master hesitated just like a human and asked her to wait, she acknowledged and respected his request.

Besides, some of the reasons for his hesitation was out of concern for her anyway, something that tugged at the human heart that she possessed despite being a beast.

“…Thank you for being so understanding, but no matter what, you’ll have to wait until you’re past 400 years old, so I’ll need you to keep it in your pants for a few more years, okay, Ms. Pervert Fox?”

His eyes seemed to be asking her to put herself in his shoes, as someone who kept getting attacked every time she took on her human form.

Although the reason for it was her instinct, Youko couldn’t help but wryly smile.

Tenkorius were considered adult at 400 years, and she was yet to pass that mark.

That’s why her human form was still incomplete, so even if they did do the deed, she wouldn’t be able to have a child.

“Umm, that’s true too but… You plan on going back to Falandia once, right? I was hoping I’d be able to get a lead on the other girls before then.”

But the reason she still yearned for that was because she possessed two bodies.

She may have been a beast, but she also possessed a human body and a human intellect on a fundamental level.

Which is why, she also possessed the feelings of a ‘woman’.

The combination of those feelings with her instinct is what led to her loss of control.

“…Hah? Lead? What are you talking about?”

Shinichi understood that, but he didn’t understand how taking a lead and going to Falandia was connected.

“I’m just going back to return the mask to that world and bid farewell to the people who helped me.”

Especially, since that was all he had in mind for his return, sightseeing and baby making were not part of the schedule.

But then Youko made a strange expression and gave him her opinion as a ‘woman’.

“Umm… Master, if in that instance someone were to embrace you with upturned eyes and say, “if this is going to be our last goodbye, can you at least leave me with a memory?” Will you be able to refuse?”


Shinichi was speechless. He hadn’t considered it at all.

But although it sounded far fetched, it was actually a likely future.

Shinichi could even tell who she had in mind when Youko came up with that line.

“You… You were imagining Lilisha when you came up with that, didn’t you?”

“There’s a Stella versions and a maid squad version too. Want to hear them?”

“Stop, stop… My MP is zero already.”

He meant that in the mental sense.

Understandably, even he was perplexed by the situation.

If it were someone else, he might’ve still been able to refuse them, but he wasn’t confident that he could refuse these particular women.

Of course, there was nothing bad about this as a man, but he had a lot of concerns due to his abnormal body.

“Fu fu fu, although you understand women well and love to tease them, it turns out you don’t actually understand how shrewd women can be when it comes to love.”

My condolences, but please do prepare yourself.

Youko laughed as she fanned the flames, while Shinichi sarcastically laughed.

But in his case, the reason for his laughter was just too pathetic.

“Ha, ha ha ha… Rejoice, Youko. I’ve decided to delay my trip to Falandia.”



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