I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Chapter II – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – 04-36: Peace Continues Yet (3/6)

Youko was about to ask if her master was going to delay just to avoid that situation, but Shinichi suddenly started talking about what he’d done today- what he’d done as Masquerade, what he’d shown the world, as well as his objectives and thoughts.

“Huh… Uh… Ugh… Urgh…”

The more Shinichi talked, the glummer Youko’s face became, and before long, she was the one perplexed.

It was true that with the situation as it was, he indeed had to act as Masquerade, but the one who brought about this situation was none other than him.

“You really do like to blow things out of proportion, don’t you, Master? I let you out of my sight one moment, and in the next moment, we’re in a bigger mess. It’s the same story every time.”


Although he did have a habit of getting themselves involved in one trouble after another, he didn’t particularly notice anything about the scale.

“Yes! Every single time! That was the case last time too. I let you off my sight one moment, and in the next moment we’re being attacked by a human trafficking organization.

Before I knew it, we were embroiled in the war of the organizations behind the trafficking, only for it to be revealed that a domestic issue of a great noble was actually the reason for the incident.

Meanwhile, a conspiracy that could shake the entire country was brewing in the shadows, and the army of another nation was invading because they’d predicted the country to fall into chaos.

And then just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it turned out that the Evil God Cult were working in the shadows to take advantage of the invasion, so the Rimoa Church also dove into that hodgepodge of a mess.

It was only after eeeeeeverything that you somehow managed to fix the situation.”

“…Oh, that did happen, didn’t it?”

Shinichi said as though such things happened commonly, causing Youko’s headache to get worse.

What made it even worse was that everything she said happened on the same day.

Just one day for an absurdly long chain of unfortunate events to latch itself onto her master.

Of course, it was thanks to that that she understood what it was that made her master so charming, but hearing that her master had found trouble again wasn’t something she could just brush aside, and she found herself narrowing her eyes.

“Sigh, whatever… It’s not like you’d listen anyway… No wonder your body is a mess.”

Youko said in a somewhat rebuking tone as she glared at her master.

But her master was a formidable person, so he indifferently said.

“It’s true that I got hurt, but I healed myself properly.”

See? Shinichi said as he opened his shirt to show her that his arms and stomach were unwounded.

But Youko just narrowed her eyes more and laughed expressionlessly.

“Ahahaha… Master? Surely you don’t mean to call that mess ‘properly healed’, right? Even I would get mad, you know… Do you mind?”


Though she didn’t break decorum and continued to speak with civility, there was a genuine pressure about her that didn’t appear even during her fight with Gamma.

Were he a normal human, he would have long started trembling and been unable to muster a reply, but Shinichi just rolled his eyes and feigned ignorance… Before he eventually broke and waved the white flag, that is.

“…I’m sorry. Please heal me.”

“Sigh… Leave it to me, Master!”

Youko found it ridiculous that she had to threaten her master this much just to get him to confess.

But regardless, nothing made her happier than to be able to do something for her master.

As the hair on her tails extended, she covered her body with clothes of her own making.

You won’t complain as long as I put on something, right? She seemed to say with that brazen pose of hers, but when her master saw what she was wearing, he couldn’t help but drop his jaw.

“…What is that?”

“I know it’s not that well-made, but I figured this outfit(a nurse outfit) would be best since I’m treating you.”

The way Youko looked as she smiled sweetly at him was indeed that of a nurse.

The trademark nurse cap was there, and there was a one piece nurse uniform too.

But the upper part was light-pink and sleeveless, while the skirt was a micro mini, complete with a pair of knee-high socks.

Though it did not resemble the original perfectly, there was no doubting how sexually provocative that costume was.

Moreover, for some reason, she’d made it a size smaller, so when she put it over that perfect body of hers, the important parts were emphasized.

In a sense, this was even more provocative than when she was naked.

“Designed perfectly for its purpose, yes?”

It’s fine, right? She seemed to say as she slouched on the bed and sidled up to her master.

With her bountiful breasts emphasized, and her barely covered butt swaying, she took on a posture akin to that of a female leopard despite her fox ears and tail.

Caught off guard, her master gulped.

“…Y-Yeah, those, furs of yours, sure are, convenient.”

He replied in a smattering and moved away.

Had he not done that, he likely wouldn’t have been able to keep his reason.

“Fu fu, you’re quite weak to these kind of surprise attacks, huh, Master.”

Youko chuckled as she enjoyed her master’s reaction.

The Tenkorius could control their fur to some extent.

Those skilled at it could easily make their own clothes.

These were her own fur, so Youko didn’t mind them as much as normal clothes, but the real reason she wore them was to seduce her master.

“Alright, show me where you got hurt, Master.”

“Take care of it quickly.”

Not minding his cold attitude, Youko sat beside him and crossed her legs.

It couldn’t be helped if in the process he just happened to see the absolute region [1].

Shinichi averted his gaze immediately, but Youko noticed that and smiled, while she happily took off his upper garments.

She needed to take his clothes off to treat him, so her master didn’t resist.

Although it was also because they were so close to each other that if he moved he’d end up touching her.

“Ahaha… You really do have a nice, body… *slurp.”

“…At least keep it to yourself. Also, wipe your drool.”

When her master’s upper half was laid bare for her, Youko inadvertently let out her real thoughts.

His body was just average given his age and race, but that moderately trained body was enough to stimulate her.

With the abnormalities on his body much clearer up close, however, she immediately went to work.

“…Your two arms are in terrible condition. There are lacerations all over your body. Your reckless use of teleportation magic has strained your body. A-And there are cracks on your bones everywhere! It’s because you kept ignoring your injuries that it got this bad!”

As she glared at him, she held her hand over the deeply wounded areas and used healing magic.

Although these were all wounds that he incurred during battle, it was because he merely performed emergency treatment on them, then traveled all over the world that they got this bad.

Understandably, she wasn’t happy.

“Just what did you fight with? The other wounds I can understand, but for an attack to reach even your bones… Just what kind of…”

Unless it was a considerably powerful foe, it was not possible for anyone to do this much damage to him, only consecutive damage from someone with that much strength could cause this.


But Shinichi didn’t answer her question and just kept quiet.

The solemn expression on her face as she treated was so close that he couldn’t help but notice it.

Although he wasn’t one to fall in love with someone just because of their good looks, a solemn expression on one of those dear to him was not something he could endure.


Youko was too focused on the treatment to look away, so she called out to him when he didn’t answer.

“Ahh, I’ll explain it later. I need to confirm it with you too.”

Shinichi panicked a little at that, and hurriedly spoke to fool her.

When he talked about his actions earlier, he hadn’t mentioned the golden-haired man in detail.

“I understand… There, I’ve done what I can. But please be careful. Healing magic isn’t my specialty.”

She’d mostly healed all the wounds that she could find with her senses, but given her reckless master, she wanted to heal the other damages too.

After all, the damage incurred when wounded was not limited to just physical damage.

There came difficulties and fatigue too, but that was not something that she could heal with her magic.

A quick healing as thorough as that was still too difficult for her at her skill level.

Of course, hers was already at a level that made it doubtful if there even 10 others like her.

“You’re bad at healing magic too.”

“To be more precise, I’m bad at everything. I’m just getting by with my Skill. Well, don’t worry. The rest will heal up on their own. If you’re that worried, why not try out a skill?”

Shinichi said to try and ease her worries.

But Youko just quietly objected with her eyes, and then suddenly pulled him down.


That irritated voice sounded from her thighs.

At this distance, Shinichi naturally wasn’t a match for her speed when she was serious.

Before he knew it, he’d been so easily placed above her thighs.

It felt good, so he didn’t hate it, but he looked unhappily at her in protest of how roughly he got there.

“Fu fu, isn’t it fine? It’s a rare opportunity, so I’d like to be with you a little while longer in this form.”

Youko wasn’t the slightest bit guilty as she brushed his hair.

To her nothing could be more enjoyable than this moment.

Perhaps to her, this was something like social grooming.

That was a form of communication between animals, after all.

Seeing her like that, Shinichi couldn’t complain either, but… He wasn’t really the type to just be on the receiving end.

“In that case, give me one of your tails too.”

“Huh? Hyaan!?”

Shinichi caught one of those three tails happily swaying at the edge of his vision and forcibly hugged it.

As Youko let out an adorable scream, Shinichi buried his face into her tail and enjoyed her warmth.

With softness and texture beyond even that of cashmere, Shinichi happily enjoyed that fluffy tail.

“Y-You can’t do that all of the sudden, Master! I’m sensitive there, ahn!? No, d-don’t, wow, ah, there, hmm… E-Enough already, Master!”

With her tail skillfully caressed, Youko found herself moaning, so she blamed her master while blushing, almost as though her earlier provocation were a lie.

Youko herself didn’t mind taking the lead to provoke her master, but she was still new at this, so whenever her master touched her, she would quickly turn into a blushing mess.

“Hmph, you wanted to seduce me with your meagre skills? You’re 10 years too early, girl.”

As her master laughed triumphantly, she puffed her cheeks up like a child.

Her face may have already been that of an adult, but that took nothing away from how adorable she looked.


[1] – Zettai ryōiki refers to the area of bare skin in the gap between overknee socks and a miniskirt. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


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