I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Epilogue – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – Character Introduction (1/5)

Main Characters

Nakamura Shinichi

Kanji: (中村 信一)
Age: 15 years-old
Race: Japanese


Strength: D (MAX)

Stamina: D (MAX)

Mind: D (MAX)

Resistance: D (MAX)

Agility: D (MAX)

Magic Power: D (MAX)

Skill: S+ (Was only rated S before going to the academy, so this stat might still have room to grow.)

The protagonist. Affiliated with Garesto Academy 1-D, and lowest ranked in school.
He is the masked hero of Falandia and the current heir of the assassin “Masquerade”.
He has black hair and dark brown eyes, as well as an average height and build for a Japanese of his age. He looks like a normal boy.
A petite Urashima Taro that drifted off to another world(Falandia) two years ago and returned to Earth eight years later at the end of his journey.
Due to a series of unforeseen circumstances, he was emotionally unstable for some time after his return and his transfer to Garesto Academy.
He believes himself to be a completely different person before being drifted away, but the different perception and opinions of those around him makes it unclear if there was even anyone who truly understood what kind of person he was before.

He has a gentle face, so one might be led to presume that he’s a gentle boy, but behind that gentle facade is actually a man that’s unbelievable in all sorts of ways. Anyone who falls in love with him is sure to be driven crazy.
Antagonizing him is also bound to result in the end of something. He can be overly polite, and is especially weak when it comes to his family, feeling especially indebted to them.
At first, he didn’t intend to become deeply involved in this world, but the more he learned about it, the more he realized how troubling the situation was. He chose to intervene and become a deterrent, but he knows that his efforts are just buying time.

Despite being the weakest according to Garesto’s Status, he is one of the most powerful people in Falandia.
Unfortunately, the need to draw strength from his body makes him susceptible to surprise attacks.
Keeping power active all the time isn’t possible due to the physical and mental exhaustion.
He eats a lot not just to replenish his mana, but also to prepare and compensate for his future consumption.

His inability to kill is only due to trauma and not because of some belief.
However, if necessary, he will not hesitate to mentally or indirectly kill.
Ironic considering killing indirectly would lead him to use crueler methods.
In that sense, he is definitely the masked assassin.

Age: Approximately 390 years old.
Race: Tenkorius.

Status (Human Form)

Strength: AA+ (S+)

Stamina: AAA (S)

Mind: A+ (AA+)

Resistance: AA (S-)

Agility: AAA+ (AA+)

Magic Power: AAA (AAA)

Skill: C+ (C+)

A three-tailed creature with golden fur like the ears of rice.
Although similar to Earth’s foxes, she’s small enough that she could easily fit on a person’s head or shoulders.
In human form, she is beautiful beyond measure.
Even though it was the last few months of his time, Shinichi spent the most time with her in the other world.
Following her master home came to her as a matter of fact, and as a result helped him in many ways.
Shinichi sees her as a partner, but they are indeed master and servant.
The name of her species is Tenkorius, but there is also a species called Amaryllis Fox in Garesto that looks the same.

Due to it later being revealed that the two species are the same, she will be treated like an Amaryllis Fox in the story.
As a side note, Shinich draws out her name a little longer to distinguish her from his sister..

As is typical for a tenkorius with a master, she considers her master above all things.
Almost every decision she makes has Shinichi on mind.
She isn’t human, so her values are somewhat different, but she is a good follower who understands and considers her master’s feelings.
However, her attitude toward other people blatantly changes depending on how important they are to her master.

Apparently, she started imitating Stella to take care of her master’s mental health after their return, but she was originally a little more selfish even in her animal form and rarely complained to Shinichi.
This is also the reason why she started acting as though she was jealous of other women.
There is indeed some possessiveness and jealousy to Youko, but Youko herself actually wishes to increase the number of women around her master, believing that it would increase her chances of having a relationship with her master too.
She is surprisingly black-hearted.

Myuhi Ruona
Age: Looks 16, actual age unknown.
Race: Garestonian.

Strength: AA+

Stamina: AAA (MAX)

Mind: A-

Resistance: AA+

Agility: AAA+ (MAX)

Magic Power: D+

Skill: E+

Affiliated with class 2-A of Garesto Academy. Ranked 2nd in the school. Shinichi nicknamed her Hina.
She has short, pink hair and blue eyes. She has fox-like ears and a tail, and is a beastman Garestonian.
She is quite small and has a complex about her height and lack of chest.
As Shinichi pointed out, she has a good figure and is light in weight.
According to Shinichi her actual age is not that of a teenage girl, but of a woman in her twenties.
She treats everyone at her own pace and has a strange nickname for everyone.
It was originally just an act, but she has come to enjoy making fun of those around her.
However, it doesn’t work with an expert like Shinichi, and she frequently finds herself being played by him instead.
She also appears to be tsukkomi by nature, as Shinichi’s strange conduct and Aristel’s overly serious remarks has led her to play the part rather frequently.

She is a spy that belongs to both the Earth side (Japan) and the Garesto side of the student council, but her true affiliation is that of a triple agent, a fighter for the terrorist support organization “Nameless”.
Her call sign is “Crimson” because she prefers the color red for her equipment.
Garesto’s army calls her Red Ogre because of her equipment’s color and her fighting style.
She has a childlike appearance that allows her to infiltrate the school as a student on Nameless’ side.
She was chosen because she is the only one capable of defending herself and escaping on her own in an emergency.
She was originally one of the founding members of Nameless, and is one of their top combatants.
As a side note, Myuhi Ruona is her real name. She didn’t use an alias when she infiltrated because her name wasn’t famous, and it wasn’t recorded in a family register either. Apparently, she was once treated like a lab rat somewhere.

Though puzzled by Aristel’s declaration of her as her love rival, she has decided to watch the situation for now because she believes that it’s important to give Shinichi candid advice regarding his behavior.
Due to Masquerade’s threats, she is currently on leave as a combatant of Nameless.
While hiding her true identity, she acts as a bridge (in name only) between the organization and him.

Frire Doneju
Age: 26 years old
Race: Garestonian

Strength: AAA+ (MAX)

Stamina: AA

Mind: AA+

Resistance: AA+ (MAX)

Agility: AAA (MAX)

Magic Power: C+

Skill: D+

Practical skills teacher and assistant homeroom teacher at Garesto Academy class of 1-D.
She has beautiful white hair, golden eyes, and an excellent figure, but the jersey she wears everyday has hidden all of that without her intending to.
She is the only school teacher with a military background, and was very famous during her time in the military.
She also involved herself in the defense of the school and the city due to feeling guilty about the reason that led her to become a teacher, turning her into the school’s strongest known power.
However, her strength is merely the result of combining her high status and the performance of her special exoskeleton, Shirayuki, and cutting her opponent before they can do anything to her.
Her method of fighting involves a sword flash that is too powerful and fast, but as a consequence of her excessive strength, she actually has little experience in fighting other people.
Normally she would struggle against opponents on the same level as her in terms of ability or those that could see through her sword flash, but the mock battles with Shinichi has gradually helped her overcome this problem.

Despite her public image of ‘a strong dependable woman’ and ‘a demon teacher’, she is actually a battle junkie at heart,
and someone with a brother complex who wishes that her relationship with her brother could be restored.
She is trying to be an adult, but she is still really just a little sister who wants to be spoiled by her brother.
However, as a teacher, she always puts her students first and does her best to protect her promises to Shinichi even in areas he doesn’t expect.
Because of that she is actually the person from the school that he trusts the most. Of course, she’s unware of this.
She and Shinichi are almost ten years apart in age, but because she is still young at heart, Shinichi feels like an older brother or a father to her.

Shirayuki. Operation time of 9 years. Artificial Intelligence.

The unique name of Frire’s exoskeleton, and the name of its AI.
The name was given by Frire’s friend, Sandra, but its origin is a mystery.
It was completed nine years ago, but even then it was already a top-notch AI with human-like thinking and speaking abilities.
The personally setting of the AI is generally serious, but there could be some “playful” parts depending on the creator.
Unfortunately, those playful parts have caused Frire a lot of trouble.
She didn’t know about the playful side of the AI until now because it was designed to only start acting this way once Frire has become intimate with someone.Also, although the AI doesn’t have an actual gender, it has been designed to be feminine.

Aristel F. Padyuel
Age: 17 years old.
Race: Garestonian.

Strength: A

Stamina: AA

Mind: AAA (MAX)

Resistance: B+

Agility: A-

Magic Power: C+

Skill: E+

Belongs to Garesto Academy Academy, class of 3-A. Ranked first in the school.
A young lady with luxurious and voluminous ringlet curls of blue hair and a pair of golden eyes characteristic of aristocrats.
She is an aristocratic princess who naturally displays one of the best styles and beautiful manners among the students.
When she wants to act alone, she wears a beret and hides her eyes with special glasses.
She also hides her good looks by deliberately wearing clothes that are too big for her.
It seems that until recently, due to the shock of the treason of the person she admired, she has been playing the role of an arrogant young lady as the people around her (some of her followers) wanted her to.
However, as she is a pure and sincere girl at heart, she found her actions painful.
When she met Shinichi, she remembered what it was that she admired so much, and decided for herself how she should be.

She is the top student and is smart enough to know ten things by listening to one, but she can be overly honest and is a natural air head. She is also the best at manipulating photons, and her strength is likewise second to none.
She has a personality that makes her see everything positively when it comes to people she trusts.
But in a sense, she is also often able to see through facts and feelings with precision.
She is the natural enemy of someone like Shinichi with low self-esteem and a weakness for praise.
She has the natural airheadedness and forcefulness of a young lady, but also possesses exceptional insight as one would except from a noble that has been surrounded by people all her life. Despite that, however, she did not know her own feelings until an enemy pointed it out to her during the exam incident.
Yet while she might not have been aware of her love, she was the sort to head straight for the goal once she understood her feelings.

Although she is the same person disguised or not, it was easier for her to show her feelings while disguised due to the restraints of her position.

Tomoe Safina
Kanji: (安倍 巴)
Age: 16 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: C+

Stamina: B-

Mind: AA+ (MAX)

Resistance: C-

Agility: C+

Magic Power: AA

Skill: D-

Affiliated with Garesto Academy, class of 2-B. Ranked 70th in the school.
A girl with blue eyes who always wears her long chestnut hair in a ponytail.
She is Japanese, born and raised in Japan, but she looks like a foreigner.
Her mother is half Japanese and half American, and her father is half Portuguese and half Russian, so she herself is from four different nationalities. She is also one of the last members of the Abe family, one of the most prestigious families of the exorcist clans.However, she herself does not have a good opinion of the family because of the persecution of her parents.
She has been gathering information on her own since their death and is familiar with the recent situation even though she is outside the family.

She has a tendency for mood swings, and is easily agitated or depressed.
However, negative emotions tend to heat up and cool down easily, so they don’t last long.
When calm, she’s so quick-witted that even Shinichi can’t get the better of her.
In a frighteningly short period of time, she figured out who Masquerade really was and got him to admit it.
She is currently apprenticed to Shinichi in return for her silence on the matter.

Although her formal education in spiritual abilities stopped at the foundational stage, she has been practicing on her own.
Despite being mostly self-taught, she has shown extraordinary talent, as can be seen through the versatile talismans she made on her own.
However, because she is mostly self-taught, she lacks confidence, and when coupled with the shadow her overachieving mother cast, she tends to underestimate her own abilities.
Moreover, despite having a nature for attacking enemies head on, her abilities make her better suited for the rear, so a good brain is necessary for her to fully display her abilities.
For some reason, she seems destined to be princess carried by Shinichi.
Safina is her father’s family name.

Shinguuji Ryou
Kanji: (神宮寺リョウ)
Age: 16 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: AAA (MAX)

Stamina: AA+

Mind: AA-

Resistance: AAA+ (MAX)

Agility: A

Magic Power: B-

Skill: D-

Belongs to Garesto Academy 2-A. Ranked 3rd in the school.
The male student with the highest Status among Earth students.
He drifted to Garesto Academy four years ago and stayed there until he was old enough to enter the school.
Because of this, he is one of most experienced with raybeasts among the students.
The arrogant, difficult, and snobbish persona that he showed in the beginning was just a vain attempt to make himself look stronger for his high school debut.
His childhood friend, whom he reunited with during enrollment, and the public morals officer twins were able to see through him.
Really, he was just a boy who tried to make himself taller, as was usual for those his age, but he’s surprisingly considerate too, given that he didn’t talk to the Senba siblings about Shinichi.
He is related to Tomoe, and their mothers are cousins, but their connection has been erased from the family register.
There is someone related to his mother’s death that he wants to defeat, and has been morbidly seeking strength in the shadows to this end.
He has more spiritual power than Tomoe, but he can’t use it well.

Wernher Braun
Age: Unknown, but looks 17
Race: German

Strength: B (MAX)

Stamina: B- (MAX)

Mind: B (MAX)

Resistance: D+

Agility: D

Magic Power: D

Skill: E

Belongs to the Technology Department 3-B. Ranked 21st in the Technology Department (Technology Department is scored separately from the school ranking).
He is a boyish-looking man with a blond shaggy head and a white coat as his trademark.
He is a big fan of the anime “Crimson Steel Man Grandfizer,” which was a big hit 10 years ago.
He is a lucky (unfortunate?) person who was able to form an instant friendship with Shinichi because of sharing that hobby with him. He is also a fan of Japanese anime in general, and has been able to turn the ideas and concepts he gets from them into reality.
Originally, he was a technical officer of the BND (German Federal Intelligence Service).
who was sent to learn Garesto technology.
However, he only wanted to learn about it and has no loyalty to the organization or the country, though he might act as if he does for appearance’s sake.
He has been taking advantage of his position to do as he pleases, but unfortunately or fortunately, met Shinichi and ended up signing a contract.
He has a certain understanding of the romantic armaments he makes and can handle them accurately.
Shinichi is the perfect person to entrust his work to, but he is also aware of his secrets and has received various threats in this regard, but despite some regrets, he became his friend because they could see eye to eye.

Senba Youko
Kanji: (千羽陽子)
Age: 16 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: AA+

Stamina: B

Mind: A

Resistance: A+

Agility: B+

Magic Power: B+

Skill: E+

Belongs to 2-B of the Normal Class. Member of the Public Morals Committee. Yousuke’s twin sister. Ranked 45th.
She and Yousuke are fraternal twins, but her appearance is so similar to Yousuke’s that there is no difference except for the gender difference.
Originally, she was Shinichi’s younger sister by five years, but now she is one year older.
She is cheerful and active, and is often the center of the scene, and is also a member of the public morals committee.
The teachers believe she’s trustworthy because she is fair, honest, and diligent.
She shows her arrogant side only to her younger brother, and is also dependent on him.
She is strict about her own rules and is too serious and inflexible when it comes to her family.
It seems that she used to have as much of a brother complex as Yousuke, but the loss of her brother made her feel that she has to do her best to protect her mother and Yousuke.
As a result, she couldn’t handle the presence of her brother, who ironically returned in a troublesome way, and rejects him as well as her mother.
Shinichi’s feigned calmness also fueled her emotions.
She looks like her mother and not at all like her father, however, her ability to come up with outlandish uses for skills and tools, her attitude toward villains, and her attitude toward her family are all clumsy.
From the younger brother’s point of view, she also unconsciously imitates her older brother in some ways.
She is also the only one among her blood relatives who has seen through Shinichi’s deviant nature.

Senba Yousuke
Kanji: (千羽陽介)
Age: 16 years old
Race: Japanese.


Strength: B+

Stamina: B+

Mind: AA

Resistance: B

Agility: AA+

Magic Power: AAA (MAX)

Skill: E+

Belongs to 2-B of the normal class. Twin brother of Youko. Ranked 47th.
He and Youko are fraternal twins, but their appearance is so similar that there are no differences other than gender.
Originally, he was Shinichi’s younger brother by five years, but now he is one year older.
He is unusually sociable for a male member of the Nakamura family, and acts as a buffer between his peers, mediating disputes between them and creating friendly friendships without any problems.
However, because of this, he is unwillingly treated as the public morals officer by those around him.
Unlike his sister and mother, his attitude toward Shinichi is more of an act to fit in with the two of them.
Still, Shinichi’s sudden return and quiet demeanor did upset him and make him resentful in his own way, but even now he has a huge brother complex and loves his brother like a puppy.
He is also a siscon who worries that his sister might never marry.
He doesn’t care about his own love life and doesn’t realize that he is quite popular.
He looks like his mother, so he and Shinichi look nothing alike; hence, why people don’t notice it.
However, those who do know see a resemblance in their conduct.


Tl Note: This character introduction is really long, and I presume most of you would rather we just get the story moving – in fact, I’m kind of regretting even starting this, but I was already too deep by the time I realized how long it was – so I’m going to be relying heavily on MTL and with significantly less editing so we can get this over with. If you need something clarified, just mention it in the comments.




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