I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Epilogue – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – Character Introduction (2/5)

People related to Garesto Academy

Rizet Hausen
Age: 17 years old
Race: Garestonian.

Strength: A+

Stamina: A

Mind: A

Resistance: A

Agility: A+

Magic Power: D

Skill: E

Belongs to Garesto Academy 3-A. Ranked 4th. Her hair is dark blue.
A noble herself, and the daughter of a family that has served the Padyuel Family family for generations.
She and Aristel have known each other for a long time, and have been playmates since childhood, but the differences in their principles and position have recently led them to clash. Despite that she still follows her orders.
Unfortunately, that has led her to distance herself from the other servants and Aristel’s new faction.
She is a typical Garesto supremacist that many young Garestonian find themselves being.
The existence of Earth, a world with inferior technology, has accelerated this.
She generally looks down on Earthlings, but will grudgingly acknowledge those who have shown their abilities.

Ortho Kanru
Age: 17 years old
Race: Garestonian

Strength: A

Stamina: AA+ (MAX)

Mind: A

Resistance: A+

Agility: A-

Magic Power: D

Skill: E

Belongs to Garesto Academy 3-A. Ranked 5th. Has bright-golden yellow hair.
A noble himself and a member of a family that has served the Padyuel family for generations.
He is one of the few boys among Aristel’s followers, and the leader among them. He and Rizet are in the same year.
Although he spends less time with Aristel than Rizet because he’s a boy, he is almost on the same level as Rizet and is also a childhood friend. Because of that his way of thinking and attitude is close to Rizet’s, leading to the recent disagreements with Aristel despite them only trying to warn her.
They are not aware that they are imposing their own ideal image of a master onto Aristel.

Age: 16 years old
Race: Garestonian

Strength: B+

Stamina: A (MAX)

Mind: A

Resistance: B+

Agility: A-

Magic Power: E

Skill: E

The representative of the students that teased Shinichi in the cafeteria. Special Course 2-A.
Not a follower of Aristel, but someone she considers to be a kouhai.
He has been working as a servant for Rizet’s group in an attempt to become a servant of the Padyuel Family.
But Rizet cut him off after that incident, and now no longer wants anything to do with Shinichi.
As long as one follows the rules of the school and the common sense of Garesto, he is a relatively reasonable person among the Garesto supremacists, but he doesn’t get along well with Shinichi, who lives by his own rules.
Other than him, the others are also keeping their distance from Rizet and Shinichi to varying degrees.
In other words, he was able to reach the most peaceful position.

Age: 15 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: D+

Stamina: B- (MAX)

Mind: D+

Resistance: C (MAX)

Agility: D+

Magic Power: C-

Skill: E

A class representative of 1-D.
One of the students with a higher Status in his class.
He didn’t mind Shinichi’s transfer, but was opposed to the appointment of a substitute examiner.
However, under the circumstances where he could not resist, he came to appreciate Shinichi’s skills.
After the exam, his Status seems to have risen a little, just like everyone else in the class.

Okumura Reiji
Age: 16 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: B- (MAX)

Stamina: C+

Mind: C (MAX)

Resistance: C+

Agility: C

Magic Power: D

Skill: E

A class representative of 2-C, and the representative of 2-C and 2-D when they were used as test subjects for a mind skill experiment.
His family used to be wealthy, but then they fell from grace.
He somehow managed to make it into the academy, but his worries from his lack of progress allowed him to be manipulated.
He was initially repulsed by Shinichi, but was impressed by his skills and recognized him after he helped them achieve first place.
However, although he and his classmates don’t remember it, he still has a latent fear of being beaten up.
During the measurement after the exam, he found out that his Status had risen along with his groupmates.
Also, the seemingly meaningful monologue in 05-00, ‘The ‘Everyday’ That Was Broken’, in Case ??, belongs to him.

Amamiya Kaname
Kanji: 雨宮要
Age: 23 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: B-

Stamina: AAA (MAX)

Mind: A

Resistance: B-

Agility: A

Magic Power: D

Skill: E+

The student council president of Garesto Academy Academy. He is an alumnus of the school and one of its first student.
He has brown hair and wears a pair of glasses, and he also has a very childish face.
He is an agent of the Japanese government, and is a hard worker despite his talents.
He has the ability to subdue several ordinary students of the Special Class by himself, but it is extremely rare for him to fight himself since he is something akin to a commander.
He has been extremely uncomfortable as of late due to being directly threatened by Masquerade. Someone send him some stomach medicine.

Riltina Bergman
Age: 23 years old
Race: Garestonian

Strength: AA (MAX)

Stamina: A-

Mind: A

Resistance: AA+ (MAX)

Agility: A+ (MAX)

Magic Power: E+

Skill: E+

Vice-president of the student council of Garesto Academy. She is an alumna of Garesto Academy, and one of its first students. She has long orange hair.
She is an agent of the Garesto government, and has a protective stance toward Shinichi, not for humanitarian reasons, but simply because she believes that Shinichi’s compliance with the government’s orders is irrelevant.
She and Amamiya have a relationship akin to that of a fox’ and a racoon’s.
Despite that they call each other by their nicknames and act as though they care for each other.
Their exact relationship is a mystery, but they have been classmates since they entered the academy, and followed the same career path after graduation.
She was a huge fan of Frire during her time in the military, and has heard out several of her requests.

Calisto Salando
Age: 40 years old
Race: Garestonian

Strength: B (MAX)

Stamina: B-

Mind: B (MAX)

Resistance: C+

Agility: B-

Magic Power: D+

Skill: E

Homeroom teacher of class 1 – D, and also a teacher of Garesto History. He is a strict teacher with a strong appearance.
However, he is also a conspiracy theorist, and when he found someone he could talk to about it, this part of his character was revealed.
Not that he had any intention of hiding it in the first place, he just didn’t talk about it to anyone until Shinichi.
He’s always wanted to discuss rumors, urban legends, and conspiracy theories with someone, so it wasn’t an issue that that part about him came to light.
As a teacher, he is sincere and dutiful, and though not a fighter himself, he is prepared to fight in case of an emergency. In the last incident, however, he didn’t manage to get caught by the net spread by the terrorists.
He was also not involved in the aftermath of the incident, and has not been informed of the truth.
Fortunately or unfortunately, he is not involved in any real conspiracies.

Frire’s Teacher Seatmate
Age: 26 years old
Race: Japanese

She teaches Japanese. Her name has not yet been revealed.
Though not in charge of a class herself, she came to the school in the same period as Frire.
She has the friendliest relationship with her out of all of her colleagues because they are of the same age.
Because of that she can more or less tell that Frire’s nature doesn’t actually conform with her reputation, but she respects her for always trying to do her best, so she pretends that she doesn’t know.
Despite being a normal person, she’s gutsy enough that she could calmly ask Saland for his opinion during the last incident.

Frank Doneju
Age: 31 years old
Race: Garestonian

Strength: C (MAX)

Stamina: C+ (MAX)

Mind: B (MAX)

Resistance: D+

Agility: C (MAX)

Magic Power: D

Skill: E-

Technology teacher. Not in charge of any classes. Frire’s half-brother. Long, light purple hair.
Doesn’t resemble Frire one bit, so most students don’t know that they’re siblings.
As a child, it was his duty to inherit the family, so he went through rigorous training, but it was eventually revealed that his Status had little room for growth and that he had no talent whatsoever in combat.
A rare example of a Garestonian that was not blessed with high Status despite his lineage, leading people to speculate him to be the reincarnation of a low-ranked person, who was an ancestor of either one of his parents.
Because the Doneju Family put the most emphasis on “martial arts” among the ten great noble families, and because his half-sister, whom he loved very much, was blessed with those talents, he did not even receive the role of being a backup, and completely lost his right to the family head position.
While searching for a field in which he could live, he showed his talent as a scientist and engineer.
In his haste to gain recognition, he discovered something unnecessary(unphotonium), and was effectively exiled to Kutoria.
He unwillingly works as a technology teacher, and despite doing a completely average job of it, he remains blatantly jealous of his sister.
However, no one notices because only Frire and Shinichi pays attention to him.
Shinichi’s remarks about his feelings on Frire coming to Kutoria are correct, but it is also true that without him, Frire would have ended up twisted.

Natsumi Shirota
Age: 33 years old
Race: Japanese

Technology teacher at Garesto Academy. She has no classes to teach and no experience in teaching.
She wears a pair of black-rimmed glasses, has her long black hair tied into a messy bun, and is dressed in a dirty overall.
She is the only person from Earth who has been able to penetrate the depths of Garesto’s technology with the little that has been made public.
She’s currently interested in the field of dimensional science, but if she felt like it she could venture into other fields as well.
A literal genius with top-notch knowledge, skills, and imagination, as well as a mad woman.
A person only interested in researching the things she’s interested in.
She doesn’t care what happens to the people around her, and is even almost oblivious to it.
However, she is aware that she is a social misfit, so when she needs someone’s cooperation to do the research that she wants, she will offer anything and even act appropriately, but it won’t last.

Speaking of which, the skills and communications jammer, the hacking of the guard robots, and the dimensional energy convergence devices were all prepared and provided by her.

She is the only one who knows the true identity of Masquerade, something Shinichi is not aware of at the moment, though he does know that she’s interested in him and is trying to contact him directly or indirectly. There was some luck to it too, but understandably, not even Shinichi could predict that someone would use a reconnaissance satellite to spy on him.

Garesto Academy Principal
Race: Earthling

A middle-aged man, who looks like your usual middle manager.
He has an appearance that makes it difficult to determine his nationality.
He usually follows the instructions of the school administration, but he also listens to the opinions of the people working.
He is always anxious, and frequently takes stomach medicine, but the frequency has increased even more lately.
He has been recovering recently, however, thanks to the healthy food and supplements sent by a ‘distant relative.
He is married, but he can never raise his head to his wife.

Mayor of the Floating City Kutoria
Race: Garestonian

A hard worker. He and the principal are buddies when it comes to drinking and complaining.
Apparently, racial and global differences are irrelevant when it comes to the hardships of work.
He is a great man who has managed the council of Kutoria, a city that is more of a crucible of turmoil than a normal city.
The reason why Kutoria was peaceful until Shinichi’s arrival was partly due to his hard work.
But he’s not a flashy guy, so he’s not well known, and he’s not happy about it, but recently, some ‘fans’ have sent him some healthy food and supplements, and a letter of praise, bringing him some well-earned relief.
He has a wife and a son, but he can never raise his head to either.

Lesca Frozen
Age: Unknown, but should be in the latter half of her thirties this year if alive.
Race: Garestonian

A woman who should’ve been Garesto Academy’s most senior clerk.
She has light blue hair, a thin face, and an aunt’s face that could be found anywhere.
She passed a rigorous screening process, but was eliminated and replaced by Aria.
Due to the fact that the incident was covered up, the bereaved family has yet to be informed of the current situation.
In the school, her matter is being hidden through the pretense that she is under medical care.

Friends and family of the protagonist

Senba Saori
Kanji: 千羽 沙織
Age: 40 years old
Race: Japanese

Mother of Shinichi and the Senba siblings. Nobuhiko’s ex-wife.
At first, she believed and hoped that her son would survive, but when she realized the harshness of the other world, she despaired.
She and Nobuhiko clashed over this, and eventually ended up cursing each other and divorced.
She took the twins after a court battle, and worked hard to raise them.
Bf course, child support was being paid too.
She was originally a cheerful, energetic wife and mother who took care of her husband.
However, she was inexperienced and weak in dealing with tragedies in her family, and the loss of Shinichi threw her off balance.
With the passage of time and the support of the twins, she was able to calm down for the past few years until Shinichi’s unexpected return shook everything again.
It could be said that the children are similar to her in that they are easily upset by family matters.
She knows about Nobuhiko’s remarriage and the birth of a new sibling, but has yet to tell her children.

Nakamura Nobuhiko
Kanji: 中村 信彦
Age: 43 years old
Race: Japanese

He is the father of Shinichi, the Senba twins, and Shinji. He is a salaryman working for a medium-sized trading company.
He stubbornly – and without any proof whatsoever – believed in the survival of his son, who had been dimensionally drifted away, a belief that led to a feud with his wife, as she believed her son’s survival to be an impossible matter, and it became a factor in their divorce.
He is now aware of the faults of his conduct then, and is troubled by guilt and the distance between him and Shinichi.
Shinichi’s appearance and personality are mostly inherited from him.
Though Shinichi is more extreme than him, he is probably the closest to what Shinichi would have turned out had he been raised up normally in a normal environment.
After his divorce, his children were separated from him, and his life became rough for a while, but then he met a girl named Rinko, who started taking care of him.
Eventually, he accepted her aggressive approaches and married her.
He has never seen the Senba twins since the divorce, and doesn’t even know that they are at the academy.
Incidentally, just like Shinichi, he too has a younger sister and a younger brother, though they’re not twins.




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