I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Epilogue – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – Character Introduction (3/5)

Nakamura Rinko

Kanji: 中村 凜子
Maiden name: Sasamori (笹森)
Age: 28 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: B+

Stamina: AA (MAX)

Mind: B-

Resistance: A (MAX)

Agility: A- (MAX)

Magic Power: B-

Skill: E+

She is a member of the Otherworld Crime Countermeasure Office, serving under the mobile force as a 2nd Lieutenant. She was originally an official of the Japanese Self-Defense Force.
She is Nobuhiko’s second wife and Shinji’s mother. She is also Shinichi’s stepmother.
She is a beautiful woman with shoulder-length black hair and petite but not overly young features.
Perhaps because she was raised in a family with one mother and one child, she yearns for a family that has men.
She’s always wanted to get married but couldn’t find the right person until Nobuhiko, whose life was a mess after his divorce.
As she took care of him, she fell in love with him, and after knowing all his circumstances, she proposed to him, married him, and had her first child with him.
Apparently, she had a fondness for helpless older men that you just can’t help yourself but want to take care of.
The moment she married, she considered Shinichi her son, and despite having only seen him from his photographs, she recognized him immediately when they met.
She is diligent and serious when it comes to her work at the countermeasure department, but she maintains a business-only attitude and never allows herself to get too enthusiastic.
However, when it comes to his family, she is more passionate than necessary.
She is the type of person who puts herself first in both her public and private life, and works hard only for her own sake.
She also doesn’t know that the Senba twins are at Garesto Academy.

Nakamura Shinji
Kanji:中村 真治
Age: 5 months old
Race: Japanese.

The son of Nobuhiko and Rinko. Half-brother of Shinichi and the Senba twins.
According to his mother, he is a shy boy, and has inherited the characteristics of the Nakamura family boys.
However, perhaps because he instinctively knows that Shinichi is his older brother, or maybe Shinichi is just good with babies, he quickly became attached to him. He’s also not afraid of Youko, and uses her tail as a toy.
Though he is a baby, in a sense, he is the most fearless in the story.
The Senba twins don’t know about Shinji’s existence yet, but Shinichi doesn’t know that.

Daigo Takamine
Kanji: だいご高峰
Age: 21 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: C- (MAX)

Stamina: C-

Mind: D (MAX)

Resistance: B- (MAX)

Agility: D+ (MAX)

Magic Power: D+

Skill: E

Shinichi’s childhood friend. A tall, lanky man with a strong sense of justice.
He had dreamed of becoming a police officer, but was unable to adapt to Garesto technology and the weakness of his Status.
He struggled a lot in the classroom, causing him to become frustrated and depressed.
However, after reuniting with Shinichi and remembering the origin of his dream, he now spends his days working part-time while doing what he can.
He knows Shinichi’s number through Rinko, but out of consideration for Shinichi, who was living a new life, he has yet to contact him.
Aristel’s message was left unsettled when he found out that Shinichi would be going to the same school as her.

Sasaki Takeshi
Kanji: 佐々木武史
Age: 21 years old
RAce: Japanese

Shinichi and Daigo’s childhood friend. According to them, he is a clever but naughty child. His dream was to become a scientist.
He moved after graduating from junior high school due to the societal and familial changes brought about by the interactions with Garesto.
His whereabouts after that are unknown, but he is now a well known and promising young man in Earth’s engineering industry. He even has his own bodyguard.
Daigo didn’t know about him because he’s still not famous to the public.

Age: 30 years old
Race: Garestonian

Frire’s friend. An active military doctor whom she has known since she joined the army despite coming from different places.
Sandra herself claims to be a cool beauty that looks good in glasses. The cool part is probably a lie.
She is a very good doctor, and also possesses a high degree of skill and knowledge in the development of artificial intelligence.
She also likes to play pranks, such as putting extra settings on Shirayuki without telling Frire, but beneath that impish facade, she too cares for her friends in her own way.

Falandia’s Forces

Lilisha Earthgant
Age: 19 years old
Race: Falandian

A beautiful princess with resplendent hair seemingly covered in golden sand and a pair of dazzling jade for her eyes.
She is the second princess of Earthgant, a great magic nation.
But since her older sister, who was the first princess, has already ascended the throne as queen, she would really be better addressed with the name she bears according to the territory she managed or as the royal princess.
But it hasn’t been long since the queen’s ascension and she is also still infamous for being a selfish princess, so unless there is an event important enough to require otherwise, she is still referred to as the second princess.
She possesses skill and knowledge befitting the person known as the number one wizard in the world.
She is a genius at magic, having single-handedly developed the spell that summons powerful people from another world.
However, she appears to have lost one-sidedly in a magic battle to Shinichi in the past.
The humiliation of that battle, and the vituperation and violence heaped upon them, has made her and those around her blossom into maso***sm – though they did not appear to be aware of it – and become obsessed with the man that tormented them.

Truly, how did it come to this?

Shinichi felt responsible, so he accompanied her on her journey in hopes of fixing her, but then
she fell in love with him in a different direction from per*ersion, only to then give up on him due to her position.
To put an end to her feelings, she confessed to him, and was rejected as expected, however, the reason he gave was the problem with his body, so she still wasn’t able to get over him.

Age: 25 years old
Race: Falandian

A quiet-looking woman with long light blue hair tied up by the bottom of her neck.
She is the head maid of the second princess of Earthgant, and the captain of the same princess’ royal guards.
She wears a very common maid’s uniform that conceals an impossibly large weapon.
She can take on her subordinate maids, who are also the royal guards, easily by herself, and do so without breaking a sweat.
She is beautiful enough to draw eyes, but her emotionless and expressionless face makes her intimidating.
An exception to this is Shinichi, with whom she tends to become emotional regardless of whether she likes him or not.
Youko describes her as the woman Shinichi trusts the most.
Her superiors and subordinates tease her about Shinichi, but they do have a close relationship.
Seeing as how Shinichi even recalls the things she’s told him, it can be seen just how deep their relationship is.
Youko imitated some of her traits after returning to Earth with Shinichi.

Maid Squad. Lilisha’s royal guard and maids. They are made up of women in their late teens to their early twenties.
With just ten people (excluding Stella), they are a gathering of Earthgant’s strongest people.
They are relatively friendly to their superiors and masters in private, but outside of that, they are as expressionless and emotionless as Stella.
The first time they met Shinichi was a disaster, but a lot of things happened since then, and now they hold him dear enough that they believe him to be worth serving. A huge part of Shinichi being so used to women is because of all the things they’ve done with him.

Age: 18 years old
Race: Japanese?

An Earthling summoned by Lilisha. A compassionate hero.
Those with an astounding growth rate and a Status with plenty of room to grow are known as heroes.
While traveling with Lilisha and her company, he met Shinichi in the worst way possible, and yet after some twists and turns, he became one of his few male friends.
For some reason, he appears to have been sent back to Earth, but his current status is unknown.
However, Lilisha, the summoner, senses that he is alive. Besides, he seems to be mentally more flexible and tougher than Shinichi, so there’s not much to worry about in the first place.

Archbishop Oreil.
Age: 51 years old.
Race: Falandian

The Archbishop of the Rimoa Church and the driving force behind the Anti-Demon Alliance.
In truth, the alliance was really just an experiment to see how many countries would act in the name of the church, as well as a farce to get rid of him, the most incompetent and careless of the church’s extremists.
He and his comrade, General Damores, were demoted while ignorant of that.

General Damores
Age: 47 years old
Race: Falandian.

The commander of the Anti-Demon Alliance. A general of a country adjacent to the demon tribe.
He is a reckless and vulgar man who worked with Oreil to try and gain the honor of defeating the demon race for himself.
He is a general who was only promoted after the death of his predecessor, and possesses neither the ability of a general nor the fame.
After the collapse of the alliance, Damores’ superiors took advantage of the situation and demoted him under the pretense of taking responsibility.

Smiling Man
Age: 28 years old
Race: Falandian

A mysterious man that followed Oreil.
He was always smiling during the meeting, but was quite calm.
Despite being from the church, he only watched as Oreil dug his own grave.
Lilisha and her friends suspect that he might be an observer tasked with watching the whole thing from up close.

Knight Commander of the Duchy of Phileas
Race: Falandian

One of the key characters in bringing the country out of the chaos of civil war, along with the current Grand Duke. Bards speak of the romance born from the battles and activities then.
Lilisha and the others see Shinichi’s trace on both sides, and are convinced of his involvement.
Shinichi spoke for Lilisha against the Alliance because he believed that the Alliance didn’t have a cause to stand on in the first place.

Age: Died at 26
Race: Falandian

A member of the elite Knight Order of Rimoa, and one of the few wielders of the Divine Raiment Spirit Machine.
She is a beautiful blonde woman who always wears nun’s clothing similar to Earth’s.
Her Divine Raiment Spirit Machine is a ballistic type called the God Spear, which combines gauntlets and spear.
She is the one who discovered Shinichi, who was about to die a dog’s death after drifting into Falandia, along with the Knight Order of Rimoa candidate children, and cordially nursed them.
She was a bold woman who did as she pleased and acted as though helping them was a given.
It was thanks to her that the shy boy was able to get used to the candidates in such a short time.
Shinichi was so fond of her that – looking back to it – she might have been his first love.
In order to save Shinichi, who was possessed and transformed by an evil god, she readily sacrificed her life, soul, and Divine Raiment Spirit Machine, then disintegrated in his arms.
To this day, two years later, Shinichi still wonders why she would make that decision, but those words, ‘I won’t abandon a friend’, that sounded so much like her, were inherited by him.
She entrusted him with her crescent-moon pendant before dying, but for some reason, in present time, its color is changing.




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