I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Epilogue – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – Character Introduction (4/5)

Race: Falandian.

An orphan. The first friend Shinichi made when he drifted off into Falandia. Jake was 15 years old at the time, and was the leader of the knight candidates.
He is a talented swordsman, and dreams of one day becoming a swordsman that no one can beat so he can protect everynoe.

Race: Falandian.

An orphan. A quiet girl that wears glasses. She was fourteen years old at the time, and though she was a candidate, that was apparently just a way for Isis to take in the children. Her dream is to eventually leave the church to build a home that children in the same situation as her would be able to return to with a peace of mind.

Katta. Falandian.

An orphan. A boy with red hair. Was sixteen years old at the time.
The oldest among the candidates, but apparently not suited to be a leader.
He had a crush on Isis, and wanted to help her, so he dreamed of joining the Knight Order of Rimoa.

Race: Falandian

An orphan. The only beastman among the candidates. A girl with cat ears. She was nine years old at the time, and yet despite being the youngest among the candidates, she was the best mage of them all.
Perhaps it was because she was the youngest among them that she was more competitive with the older children than necessary.
Despite that she might have been a kind girl by nature, as her dream was to simplify the elementary magic formulas to make people’s lives easier.

Race: Falandian

An orphan. A boy with brown hair. He was thirteen years old at the time.
Everyone knew that he was a timid person, in fact, he himself admits to it, but despite that, he was deeply interested in archaeology and dreamt of one day unraveling the mysteries of the ancient period.
Though every one of these candidates had different goals, personalities, and specialties, they were all capable of killing low-grade monsters on their own.
They have also mastered the necessary techniques because they were traveling.

Genan Gior
Age: 778 years old.
Race: Demon

The 142nd Demon Lord.
He has two huge horns that extend from the sides of his head toward the sky.
He has white hair with barely any color and a pair of fiery red eyes.
Apparently, he and Shinichi are friends, and the assassination attempt was a play he came up with to weaken the power of the extremists within the demon and avoid a war with the humans.
That might give the impression that he’s a peaceful man, but the truth is that he just doesn’t want to fight weaklings.
Shinichi’s idea of a battle fanatic is mostly based off of him.
Although it was a joint operation, he was still able to avoid a war and wipe out the extremists at the same time.
He is a man who has the absolute support and respect of the people and his children, but that’s not all there is to him.
In fact, it seems he had another agenda behind his play, though the specifics are still unknown.
Also, the demon apparently follows a naming scheme similar to the Japanese in that they start with the family name first before the first name.

Genan Ymir
Age: 257 years old.
Race: Demon

The first princess, and the first in the line of succession.
She has long, bright red hair that stands out even in the dark, and two horns similar to those of her father’s, Gior.
When translated to Japanese, she refers to herself with ‘Watashi’ in public, but refers to herself with ‘Warawa’ otherwise.
She also speaks normally in public, but speaks in an old-fashioned manner in private.
Her younger brother sees her as the stereotype demon, someone completely taken by battle mania.
She knows she’s bad at using her head, so she has developed a tendency to throw all such problems to her younger brother.
The people around her can’t make up their mind whether to take her attitude for trust or laziness.
With the help of her younger brother, she has made up her mind to chase after Masquerade and the hero, but…

Genan Reben
Age: 247 years old
Race: Demon

The first prince, and the second in the line of succession. He is an intelligent person, something rare among the demons. He has blond hair and a pair of twisted horns.
He is the only magic scholar among the demons because of his interest in various changes that human magic has, which are troublesome and inferior in power to demon magic.
His interest in humans’ highly diverse magic, which most demons find to be much weaker and a needless hassle, has led him to become the only magic scholar among the demons.
He is the only one among the demons to realize that the assassination attempt on the demon king was a farce.
The people around him remark that he is undemonlike regardless of like or dislike.
Despite that he still possesses that demonic trait that makes his heart leap with joy whenever he sees a powerful person.
Fundamentally speaking, however, he really is just a younger brother that can’t go against his older sister.

Age: Died at 579.
Race: Demon

An extremist. He is the leader of the faction among the demons that wants to wipe out the humans.
He is a rare kind of demon that prefers to scheme, but even in that regard, the Demon King is much better than him.
He fell into Gior and Shinichi’s trap, and was made to take responsibility, and was executed.
In a sense, Shinichi indirectly killed him, but this method of killing wouldn’t be able to trigger his trauma, so there’s no problem.
Yes, just like that, the main character that can’t kill just suddenly indirectly killed someone.

Countermeasure Department

Kanji: 加山
Age: 38 years old
Race: Japanese

He works at the Otherworld Crime Countermeasure Office and is a part of the Japan Branch Mobile Force. His rank is Captain. He was formerly a detective.
He is the boss of Rinko’s unit. Despite his scary face, he is a reasonable person.
As a detective, he’s seen a lot of different people and has a lot of experience, so he could more or less tell when he met Shinichi that he wasn’t a normal boy.
He feigned ignorance because of Shinichi’s complicated family circumstances.
He has been Rinko’s boss since before her marriage, and he still calls her by her maiden name. He is not her type of man, but she trusts him a great deal when it comes to work.

Agatsuma Eiji
Kanji: 我妻英司
Age: 33 years old
Race: Japanese

Strength: C- (MAX)

Stamina: C-

Mind: D (MAX)

Resistance: C+

Agility: C+ (MAX)

Magic Power: D

Skill: E-

A director of the Investigative Team of the Otherworld Crime Countermeasure Office. Temporarily transferred from the Metropolitan Police Department.
His dad is a politician, while his mom is the president of a large company, making him a trueborn elite that was always attended to by someone and always had his nose up high.
He had the abilities to match his pedigree, but then Status was introduced, and it came to light that he only had average abilities in that regard. With all the problems he had with his personality, he was demoted to a position that had little to no authority in the countermeasure department and no honor.
In an attempt to turn his future around in one fell swoop, he targeted the Nakamura family in an extreme manner, and earned himself Shinichi’s ire.
Masquerade threatened him and used him as a result, but he doesn’t know that that’s the reason why.
He did try to get out of Masquerade’s clutches, but then the Kutoria Incident happened, and when he realized just how powerful the person threatening him was, he decided to stop resisting.

People related to illegal organizations

Igon Ortis
Age: 63 years old
Race: Garestonian

This is the first time his first name is being revealed.
An old man with gray hair and white beard, yet with a straight back and a muscular body.
Formerly, a lieutenant general in the Garesto army, and popularly known as ‘General.’
He was a great hero in Garesto, so much so in fact that there was no one who didn’t know his name, but he betrayed them roughly 10 years ago.
Now, he is the head of the terrorist organization, Nameless, a merchant of death.
He is referred to by “General” or “His Excellency” within the organization, and is highly respected by his subordinates.
Even today, he has many followers inside and outside Garesto, and his treason is strongly questioned.
He also seems to have several bases and connections in Japan, and has contacts with the exorcist clans.
With Myuhi as an intermediary, an unusual truce has been established with Masquerade.
Those who know both him and Shinichi can tell that the two men have the same atmosphere about them.

Age: 35 years old
Race: Garestonian

One of the members of Nameless. He has a high position and usually does a good job, but his coworkers are under the impression that he’s greedy and messes up a lot.

However, the failure in the department store incident couldn’t really be blamed on him since his only mistake then was that he forgot to silence the fake mercs.

Really, it was because Shinichi was there and due to various other reasons, so it was hard to pin all of the blame on him.

Yoshihisa Ootsu
Kanji: 大津義久
Age: 37 years old
Race: Japanese

A man with a black stubble and a scarred face.
He is the former heir of the Ootsu family that was excommunicated from the exorcist clan.
He was brought up in a house with poor values, so he grew up thinking he was the chosen one, and looked down on others.
This is also the reason why he harassed Ryou and the others, that took in blood from outside the family, before his family’s excommunication.
Tomoe knew about the Ootsu family, but she didn’t know him because she never met him in person.
He took advantage of his position as a sponsor of the Gaen Volunteer Army to have them carry their dolls.
Unfortunately, the person that was supposed to position his shikigami did a half-baked job, so he arrive late, and he and Delta team ended up dragging each other down.
Shinichi toyed with him, while Tomoe took pity on him and defeated him.
Unfortunately, he didn’t learn his lesson, so as punishment, he lost his very identity too, his spiritual power, and was forced to live without even the right to take his own life.

Yoshikazu Ootsu
Kanji: 大津義和
Age: 84 years old
Race: Japanese

Yoshihisa’s grandfather. The current head of the Ootsu family that was excommunicated from the exorcist clans.
He took pity on his grandson, whose parents died when he was a child, and spoiled him too much, indirectly causing the recent incident.
At first, he had similar thoughts and attitudes as his grandson, but was completely defeated by Masquerade and Tomoe.
He tried to take a cautious approach and avoid making enemies with that existence, but his grandson and the other youths would not relent.
But then the Mask himself appeared, and they were all literally collared.
Out of consideration for his whole family as a whole, he decided to turn a blind eye to his grandson’s punishment.

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