I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc: Epilogue – Those Who Take Advantage of the Test – Character Introduction (5/5)


A scientist that has collaborated with several anti-establishment groups, including Nameless.
During Kutoria’s incident, he was the provider of the mind skills, the prank androids, and the fake tankers.
Just as the creativity and skill put behind those things gave Shinichi a sense of deja vu, Masquerade’s speech and conduct also gave the Doctor a sense of deja vu.
As it turns out, they were already acquainted.

Age: Estimated to be 400 years old and above
Race: Amaryllis Fox

Strength: S

Stamina: S

Mind: S

Resistance: S

Agility: S

Magic Power: A+

Skill: E

A male four-tailed Amaryllis in the service of the Doctor.
Like Youko, he has a human body because his master is a human.
His Status is overall better than Youko’s, perhaps because he’s older or perhaps because he trained all of his stats uniformly, but regardless, his lack of knowledge of the Skill stat puts him at the bottom of the barrel.
That’s why he was no match for Shinichi, and lost so easily to him.
Masquerade’s encounter with him was actually quite convenient, given that his ability to easily defeat people with high Status was one of the things that made Masquerade so terrifying.
Moreover, meeting another amaryllis in Ein clarified that the Amaryllis and the Tenkorius were indeed the same.
Ein also puts his master above all else, but the way he serves his master is rather antiquated.
His name means “one” in German.

Age: In his twenties
Race: Japanese

One of the main perpetrators of the attack at the department store made to look like a terrorist act.
He works as a jack-of-all trades in the shadier side of society, but mostly works as something akin to a mercenary.
His name is actually a pseudonym, but he was the only one among the group whose ‘name’ was mentioned, so it’s been listed here.
He was Daigo’s coworker in the part-time place he was working at, and they had a fairly good relationship, enough for Daigo to talk about his circumstances, because Mitsuda acted like a good young man.
It was only during the department store incident that he revealed his true nature and forced Daigo to make a painful decision, earning himself Shinichi’s ire.
Shinichi viciously beat Mitsuda up, and the man was later apprehended by the Countermeasure Department.

Aria Banslet
Age: 26 years old
Race: Garestonian

Also known as Omega 3 of the terrorist organization, the Gaen Volunteer Army, effectively third rank.
A woman with pink hair cut in a bob. A fairly pretty woman, but not the type to stand out.
She is a former lieutenant of the Garesto Special Forces.
She enlisted in the same province and in the same period as Frire, and with her sociable personality, it was her who helped Frire break free from her distrust of other people.
She was famous enough among her peers that she was praised alongside Frire – Frire when it comes to the sword, and Aria when it comes to the gun.
When she joined the army, she was a person with a deep love for Garesto and a strong will to protect her nation, but her love ran too deep, and nine years ago, she and her like-minded comrades took over a base in an attempt to overthrow the government, only to be overpowered by Frire and defeated.
As punishment, she was sentenced to fight the raybeasts until death, but six months later, she managed to escape by faking her own death.
She replaced a woman, by the name of Lesca Frozen, and sneaked her way into the school.
For the next eight years, she worked as a secret agent to carry out a plan that they have been cooking for a long time, only to be once again defeated by her arch-enemy, Frire, and the boy that wielded her, Shinichi.
After her arrest, Frire spoke to her one last time to point out her misplaced justice and bid her farewell forever.
She was secretly brought back to Garesto with her heart still broken.

Joyce Ronan
Age: 27 years old
Race: Garestonian

As Omega 1 of the Gaen Volunteer Army, he is the highest leader of the terrorist organization.
He is a strong man with tanned skin and thick muscles. He was formerly a captain in the Special Forces.
Many of the core members of the Gaen Volunteer Army were former members of Garesto’s Special Forces.
Although they didn’t have a close relationship, he was one of the men who joined the army at the same time as Frire.
He was considered to have a promising future because of his close relationship with his platoon and his ability to command troops, but was later arrested for rebelling against the government. However, he later managed to escape with his wife.
He joins forces with Gaen to form a volunteer army, and then spends eight years preparing, only for Masquerade to ruin everything.
Like Frire did with Aria, Masquerade pointed out to him the error in his justice and broke his heart.
He was fully cooperative when interrogated, and afterwards, was secretly sent back to Garesto.

Cherry Ronan
Age: 25 years old
Race: Garestonian

The second-in-command and wife of Joyce. Also known as Omega-2 of the terrorist organization Gaen Volunteer Army.
A tough woman with red hair. Like the others, she comes from the Special Forces and was formerly a lieutenant.
She married Joyce while in the army. Their excessively strong patriotism led them to rise in revolt.
She tried to fight Masquerade at first after he overwhelmed them, but when Masquerade grabbed her beloved, and her comrades started disappearing one after another, she broke.
After being broken, she didn’t react even after being told various truths.
By this point, she didn’t care anymore as long as her husband was alive.
Like that she was sent back to Garesto.

Alpha Team, First Spear
A unit used as a decoy.
They are the lowest ranked soldiers in the volunteer army’s combat department. They are treated as though they don’t matter. They could be present or absent, it doesn’t matter.
They are made up of ex-military and paramilitary people, but most of them are just people that came to hold antisocial views because of their dissatisfaction with their lives.
With the Gaen Volunteer Army burning with idealism, most of them looked down on Alpha Team.
As such, and because they were captured by the defense forces, they were the only ones not informed of Frire’s revelations, but regardless, they were judged unofficially like everyone else.

Beta Team
The main force of the volunteer army.
A unit with a good balance of strength and numbers.
They were sent to fight the students, but they underestimated them because they were non-combatants, and because the students thought their attack to be a part of the exam, the students at full power, and as a result, Beta Team lost.
As though their defeat wasn’t enough of a shock, the truth came to light and the shock was so great that their spirit to rebel just disintegrated.
To a warrior of Garesto, defeat in the hands of a non-combatant was a humiliation even greater than death.

Delta Team
A small platoon of eccentrics that can’t be treated as normal soldiers.
That might sound cool, but really, they’re just outcasts of the already outcast volunteer army.
They had to be accompanied by an experimental android unit because they had too few members.
Many of them are anti-Earth, or have a complete disdain for the people of Earth.
They used cheap tactics to bully the children, but the Mask beat them up, and in the end, their leader was defeated by the same people that they hated so much, the Earthling children.
They were the ones most shocked by the revelations, and they couldn’t accept that Garesto was only able to survive because of the Earth that they looked down on.

Gamma Team
A support unit. They targeted the academy, only to be toyed with by Youko.
Many of the members were seriously injured, and most of them are still being treated in Kutoria.
They were captured like everyone else, but they were just happy to be alive.

Omega Team
The rest of the founding members of the Volunteer Army.
They are the central pillar of the Volunteer Army, and almost all of them are rebels from Garesto’s special forces.
They were the tightest group in the Volunteer Army, but the Mask tore their bonds into shreds.
The longer a member remained alive during the battle with the Mask, the deeper their psychological wounds ran.
Most of them are pathologically afraid of water, black things, and masks, and have no hope of recovery.

Jenkins Gaen
Age: 68 years old
Race: Garestonian

On paper, the head of the Gaen Volunteer Army, but in reality, he just lent them his name and is merely their biggest sponsor.
He is a bald old man, but his body is well trained for his age.
He comes from a family that has been in the military for generations, and is a true descendant of the man instrumental to establishing the military support organization.
His final rank in the military was Major General. After retiring from the military, he started a company that sold and developed weapons using the enormous wealth left behind by his ancestors.
He is an extreme capitalist and even terrorism is just an extension of business to him.
After being used by Masquerade to prove his absurd ability to teleport, Jenkins was turned over to Garesto’s investigation agency, along with evidence of all sorts of frauds and crime committed under his name.
He seemed to be a changed man by then and was overly cooperative with the investigators despite his fears, but he seemed to have aged another 20 years.


Old Authorities of a Certain Country
These are those that saw through the plans of the Volunteer Army and tried to used them for their own sake.
Their group is made up of civilians too reckless for their own good, or another way to put it, pus that have festered for too long and hardened.
They are old people entrenched in patriotism and self-interest, but with this last incident, they can finally be purged.
The old man that the Mask brought with him is currently in bed, muttering incoherently as nightmares torment him.

Politician of a Certain Country
Age: In the latter half of his thirties.

At first, he was reluctant to accept the old men’s plan and tried to persuade them, but when his wife and children were taken hostage, he stopped resisting and allowed them to use him however they pleased.
With the country now purged of its pus, and with no enemies in sight, he attends to his political duties with much more vigor than before.

Old Kusakabe
Age: 88 years old
Race: Japanese

As can be inferred from his name and ability, he is the head of the Kusakabe family, one of Japan’s exorcist clans.
With his good eye and his sharp senses, he was able to see through Shinichi’s nature just through the divine ki that he left.
He and Ortis are acquainted, but due to some impropriety on Ortis’ part, their relationship has turned tense.
Despite that he agreed to Ortis’ request because the thought of the old general being troubled was just too amusing to pass.

Age: 7 years old
Race: Japanese

A boy that got caught up in the Department Store Incident.
He is the son of the mother that Shinichi had met just prior.
He defended Aristel with his youthful sense of justice and lack of prejudice.
After the incident, he kept his promise and kept mum about Shinichi’s activities, only telling his parents that Shinichi helped him.
Also, Shinichi was immediately able to identify him as the missing son because he was the only child there without a guardian.

Monica Chantal

A talented female singer popular mainly among teenagers and young adults in their twenties.
Many of her songs are about family.
So far the only character in the story that’s a fan of hers is Youko (sister).
No other information is available as of now.




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