I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc – Prologue – 03-24: The Amaryllis Report (1/4)

—Do you know the floriography of the Amaryllis?


Talkative, proud, timid, wondrously beautiful,


and vain—


Garesto Academy, which received a failure of a transfer student just before Golden Week.

A presence that vanished in the deep of the night. Within a room in the campus, inside the darkness, was the presence and breath of several people.

In a room that was like a meeting room, a girl stood in front of a monitor and emotionlessly gave her report.

On the monitor which could be said to be the only source of light within the room was the situation of the aforementioned transfer student at the campus.

“—That concludes the details of the interaction with the target.”

The girl said as she concluded her report. The contents of the report caused sighs to fill the room.

“…So in the end, despite it already being over half a month, we know nothing.”

Of those sighing, the man with the desk opposite the monitor concluded that.

Based on the position of his seat, it was reasonable to assume that he was the person with the highest authority here.

“My apologies.”

The girl immediately said in response, but her voice was monotonous and her apology brief.

As a result, she only ended up rubbing the other party the wrong way, but he didn’t have any bad intentions in the first place.

“No, I’m not blaming you. You did well, in fact. Just the fact that you were able to form a much more friendlier relationship with him compared to the others can already be considered a success.”

As the man said that, he praised the girl for her results and silenced the rest with a glance.

These people also tried to approach the transfer student, but they couldn’t get any results.

Some tried to get men and women of all kinds to approach him and try to form a relationship, but the target only responded with the least words needed, and just became needlessly on guard against them.

They regulated the number of young men and even prepared a single person room full of hidden cameras, and yet the most they were able to find out was that he sometimes talked to himself.

They tried to measure his strength by feigning an accident and trying to push him into a predicament, but he was always able to run away before they could make any of their plans work.

He was a new transfer student who knew next to nothing, so it was easy for troubles to occur around him, but he was easily able to avoid those by letting the amaryllis with him take care of them.

There were some who tried to get ‘her’ away from their target, but she refused to leave him alone.

“Presently, the only thing we really know is that he is proactively trying to cut off any relationships. He’s attending the Garesto-related classes, but he’s basically boycotting them. He’s properly taking the normal classes, but he’s not doing a good job at them. I don’t know if he’s just lucky when it comes to our plans or his sense of danger is really developed, but even when he doesn’t find himself in trouble, the amaryllis is always taking care of things. With this the opportunities for us to see him handle things on his own is nil. And none of the students or teacher are capable of facing off against the Amaryllis either.”

Moreover, the people he knew included teachers and assistant teachers, the top three students of the special class, and some of the public morals committee member. None of these were people they could easily make a move against.

They were troublesome people to be involved with in the school.

“It seems that the amaryllis has really taken a liking to him. And considering how strong she is, it probably won’t be easy to separate them forcefully.”

They have already checked the status of the amaryllis with Analyze.

Analyze didn’t just work on people. It worked on all living things.

When the investigators and the curious students saw its rank, they all nearly fainted. It was no laughing matter.


Scientific Name: Amaryllis Fox
Gender: Female

Total Length: 45cm (1.48ft)
Body Length: 30cm (0.98ft)
Weight: 5kg (11.02lb)

Estimated Age: 300 to 399 years old

Strength: AA+

Stamina: AAA

Mind: A+

Resistance: AA

Agility: AAA+


With the exception of the special class, majority of the students were either C or B; hence, a status like that was indeed exceptional.

If this were the status of a person, this person would be able to easily enter the special class without any problems.

This was the level of the beasts living deep in the areas untrodden by humanity.

The target mentioned that he met her there, and they’ve been together since, and his story did seem to check out, but the only proof they had was his testimony.

“As expected, if an amaryllis of this level is following him, then there must be something more to him.”

The only way to get the creatures of that place to follow someone was to teach them to do so from birth.

That or by showing them one’s own abilities and making them yield directly.

But of course… With the risk being too high, neither option has actually ever been realized and were merely theories.

The age of the amaryllis fox could be estimated based on the number of tails it has.

If one were to consider that it increased tails every 100 years, then the former option was impossible.

That’s why the idea that he made it yield with his own abilities naturally came about.

“No, that may be true for the other creatures, but the amaryllis is smart enough to understand human speech. It’s said that they could even learn to speak if they were to practice it. From what we’ve seen so far, it should be correct to assume that they have a relationship built on friendship.”

“…But even then isn’t he hiding something important?”

While someone was feeling down after having his conjecture rejected, a girl said that.

There were differences, but due to the peculiarity of the dimensional drift that the target underwent, various organizations were currently monitoring him. The people gathered here have been ordered by the Japanese government to protect him, but there was also another order given to them.

“It’s possible; hence, why we’re investigating him. Although, we are currently at our wit’s end just trying to lay the groundwork for that.”

Immediately after the target returned, strange things have occurred around him.

They were ordered to monitor him to shed light on those. At first they thought the higher-ups had lost their minds, but after taking a look at the reports, they couldn’t help but agree that something was off.

The pros tasked with following him have lost his trail many times, and whenever they found him next, he would always be somewhere completely unexpected.

Incidents he was caught up in by coincidence would quickly be resolved for some reason.

Illegal organizations that targeted him would suddenly be destroyed.

And even the director of the Countermeasure Department, who was the first to monitor him, suddenly changed his mind. And so and so forth.

If it were just one of the above, then it wouldn’t have been anything noteworthy, but with the list just going on and on, it was evident that something was going on.

That’s why they were dispatched by the government not just to protect him but also to monitor him.


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