I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Garesto Academy – Exam Arc – Prologue – 03-24: The Amaryllis Report (2/4)



But so far, the only thing they knew was that he had his amaryllis with him simply out of his fear of strangers.

And it just so happens that that amaryllis was terrifying powerful.

He was undoubtedly an All D, so it was unlikely that he would have been involved in any of those aforementioned oddities.

The girl clearly looked like she was skeptical of the target still hiding something.

“Personally, I think it’s more realistic to believe that the amaryllis did something.”

‘She’ has been protecting their target since the start, and was always quick to react.

Anyone who tried to harm him was dealt with by her in the shadows. She also had the abilities for it.

The rest of the people gathered here didn’t say anything, but they agreed with that opinion.

“Hmm, indeed. You’re the closest one to our target, so I’ll consider it… But I’m still concerned about his sharp senses and that.”

As he said that, he fiddled with his foster and changed the image projected on the monitor.

Projected on the screen was a shooting target that’s been shot through right at the center and the wall behind it with a small hole opened.

A terrifyingly penetrative prowess especially considering his low status and it being his first time using the skill.

They’ve ran several experiments themselves, but no one in the academy could reproduce this result.

“At the very least we need to find out how he was able to do this. We can’t loosen our watch over him just yet.”

“What happened to Teacher Frank’s investigation?”

“Theoretically speaking, it should be possible if one poured in five times the photon energy into a single shot, but…”

“But we’ve tried that too, and in the first place, if that were true, then anyone with a Mind of B Rank and above would be able to produce the same results!”

“Don’t take it out on me! I’m just saying what he said!”

They tested out that theory, but the most they could do was to destroy the target and singe the wall.

Clearly, that transfer student had something to him that couldn’t be grasped by theory.

At the very least, that’s what the man with the highest authority in this place thought.

“Someone with a Rank D in Mind can’t produce more energy than someone with a Rank C. And yet he produced an impossible amount of energy with such a low level skill. Moreover, he produced that result without even trying to.”

With that, it was impossible for them not to doubt that he had something to him.

Moreover, before he abandoned his classes, and used that skill, it was the same skill that everyone in class used.

“There must be a trick to it. A way to produce special photon energy. Maybe his constitution changed because of the dimensional drift. Or maybe he’s simply altered his status. The possibility can’t be denied. Either way, from how he’s been behaving until now, there’s no way he did that intentionally. Evidently, he knows something about using photon energy.”

If they could just find that out… The man seemed to be saying.

Without the technology and with such a large gap in military between Garesto and Japan, it was evident that the one who held the upper hand in the relationship was Garesto.

But of course… The Japanese government knew that too, which is why they were the first to come forward.

“We’re still able to take the lead now because of our prompt decision then. And the Japanese Image plan at Garesto is also going well. But that’s precisely why we have to analyze their technology and come up with a card we could use to negotiate with!”

If the thoughts of the government were to be put into words, that would be it.

They took advantage of their lack of military strength and their national traits that were easy to accept to get close to the otherworld, Garesto, and build a relationship ahead of time.

To that end, they turned a blind eye to the many demerits that came because of that decision.

But of course, they also still wanted to whittle away at the other party’s advantages; hence, why these people were gathered here to secretly collect information.

Was it because of his serious expression? Or was it because of his passionate voice? That the girl nodded with a faint sigh.

“…I understand. In that case, I’ll continue my relationship with the target as I’ve done until now.”


“However, forcefully trying to progress the relationship would likely only end in failure, so this will be a long battle.”

“Our situation demands urgency, but it can’t be helped. I don’t know what’s good about you, but it seems it’s difficult for anyone else other than you to build a relationship with him. Heh, maybe he likes foxes.”

Laughter filled the room at that light joke, but the girl didn’t so much as budge.

“…In that case, allow me to excuse myself.”

The girl left the room without letting any of her thoughts surface.

There were no other topics to report, so this meeting that was held regularly also came to an end.


“…What is going on?”


Within the hustle and bustle, it was doubtful that anyone heard that quiet mutter.



After leaving the regular meeting, she quietly moved to a place without any cameras or people.

She was well informed when it came to such places because of her job.

Besides, this was a school, so it wasn’t as if they could just put cameras everywhere.

Moreover, because they took care to design it to suit Earthlings, and because they had to balance looks and security, there were several blind spots in the campus. This wasn’t common knowledge, though.

She entered that place and rested her back against the wall and sighed.

“So tired,” she muttered to herself, then told herself internally “That last part wasn’t a joke…”

But there was still work to be done, so she took another breath to renew her attitude, then took out her foster.

Inside the display was a monitor open, this scheduled meeting was already about to start.

“Good work out there. How was the meeting of the ‘presidents’?”

“They’ve decided to maintain the situation. It was convenient for us too, so I agreed. Any thoughts on that?”

Projected was the image of a lady with orange hair. She was Riltina Bergman.

As the vice-president of the student council, she was the right-hand woman of the main character of the earlier meeting, Amamiya Kaname.

Or at least that’s what the students think. In truth, however, their positions aren’t all that different.

In other words—

“He doesn’t change, does he? As usual, he’s trying to do everything he can to uncover the mystery behind him. If he were outside, we could take on more forceful methods, but that’s not really possible here. This city is still in a strange spot politically-speaking, after all, so one basic premise to it is that we can’t cause any scandals.”

—She too has been entrusted by her government with a secret mission.

The student council was made up of alumni and were meant to administrate and assist the students, but at the same time, they were also meant to act as an intermediary between the school administration, the autonomous organization of the city, and the students.

In truth, however, the Japanese were agents of Japan, while the Garestonians were agents of Garesto.

As for when they started, and which side started first, in these 8 years of history, no one knows anymore.


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