I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer – 03-14: One Annoying Thing after Another (1/3)

Garesto Academy was largely divided into four facilities.

One was of course the school building, but behind it were three other facilities.

Of those three, one was the dome-shaped building, the first sports ground, and the second was the stadium-shaped building, the second sports ground.

Those two buildings were built with such iconic shapes that hearing their names would often leave strange feelings to a Japanese, but it was necessary to name them simply to avoid running into difficulties with the translator device.

The fourth facility was the one Shinichi was visiting last, the dormitory of Garesto Academy. That was none other than the placing Shinichi would be staying at for the duration of his stay in the academy.

“And now, all that’s left is the dorm!” Myuhi said.

By the time the tour was at its end, the color of the sky was already orange.

There wasn’t really a lot of things to see at the technology class. It was mostly students so caught up in their experiments that they didn’t even notice them.

It was enough to make one worry in case a burglar tries to steal something. Would they even notice one?

“Well, that’s nice and all, but don’t you think it’s a bit rushed to go through everything in only half a day?”

“Yeah, but that’s because I don’t think you’ll have any time except for today.
We students already barely have any time as it is.”

“Really? Well, ok then.”

As Shinichi’s first day of transfer was about to end, they passed through an area behind the two sports grounds that couldn’t be seen from the gate connecting to the town.

Shinichi walked alongside that path with Myuhi as they idly chatted.

“Hmm… —What is that?”

“Erm, what is what?”

Suddenly, Shinichi narrowed his eyes and pointed at a direction.

Myuhi looked over to the place he pointed at and tried to make out what it was.

“Those people running. That ringlet curls is leading, so I’m guessing that would be the special class?”

“Ah, right. They’re always running like that, but wow Shinichi, your eyes sure are good.
I’m pretty confident of my eyesight, but I can’t see anything save for a vague outline from here.”


There was a group of people running along the school premises in gym uniform.

The path to the dormitory was almost at the very center of the school grounds, so though it was technically possible to see the walls along the boundary, it was normally impossible without a pair of binoculars.

But no one pointed out how strange it was to see from that distance without one.

After all, to either Shinichi or ‘her’, strengthening one’s vision with magic was a given.

“Her ringlet curls sure look as heavy as ever, though.
But I guess they’re not too bad if you treat them as weights to train muscle and stamina.”

“You sure know some strange things, Icchi, but let’s stop calling a girl’s hair ‘weights’”

Even though Shinichi was a returnee, he didn’t seem to have a lick of common sense, and yet for some reason, he knew so much about things not commonly known or taught to freshmen.

Myuhi was careful not to point that out, however, and instead warned him for his rude remark.

“Oops, I said something rude. My bad, my bad.
Anyway, they’re doing that to strengthen their status, right?”

“I wouldn’t know, but even the townspeople do it.
In earth terms, the training they’re doing isn’t different from an athlete’s.
If there’s any difference it would be the fact they’re using photon energy for resistance.
By doing that one’s attributes are somehow able to grow faster!”

“Hmm… I see.”

“Kyu, KyuU.”

Oddly, Myuhi puffed out her chest as she explained.
It almost felt like she was boasting the way she spoke, but unfortunately, only a wry smile and an uninterested voice responded to her zeal.

While Myuhi was quietly lamenting at her audience’s poor reaction, Shinichi and ‘her’ were thinking the same thing.

It’s just like with Falandia!

The only difference was that they were using photon instead of mana.
This was no longer on the level of a mere coincidence.
Unfortunately, they still didn’t have any way to investigate this matter, so they could only put it aside for now.

“Oh, but the people outside can only use imitation photon.”

“Imitation? Umm… In other words, fake photon?”

Shinichi might have been bad at English, but even he knew the word ‘imitation’.

All that knowledge he’d gained from manga and anime wasn’t for nothing, after all.

“Yep, it’s essentially fake photon Garesto made using technology.
Overall energy is a lot lower compared to the real thing, but it can be mass produced.
Fake photon is usually what can be found in earth and in Garesto society.”

It was for that reason that general-use fosters were also known as iFosters. I from the word ‘imitation’.

At the same time, that was also the reason why it was possible to charge fosters outside.


Tl Note: Cutting here. Jiggly needs some sleep.

As it turns out it’s not just foreigners who learn new words from manga and anime. Huh.

Regarding iFoster. I can translate it as I-Foster or iFoster. I’m leaning on the first one, but we’ll see. I think iFoster is funnier. I’ll think about it.


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