I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer – 03-14: One Annoying Thing after Another (2/3)

“Even a person with the same training in both photons will still produce better results with the real one than with the fake,” Myuhi said.

“And it so happens that this is the only school that teaches how to use pure photon, huh.
So that’s why people are so desperate to get in,” Shinichi said.

It’s not surprising though, I mean it is a difference of almost 100 times in overall energy.”

But which one is more abundant?
Shinichi pondered that question as he grasped the overall photon energy of his foster.

“Gotta hand it to them though, it shouldn’t be easy maintaining such high ranks.
I mean anyone would be tired training the entire day.
Everyone, run, run…”

Shinichi glanced at the special class students running around the campus as he walked to the dormitory.

There was a warmth to his gaze reminiscent of that of a parent watching his children.

Shinichi’s eyes were much better compared to before, so Myuhi just ignored it.

“I see you’re informed about the problems with high attributes.
Attributes that have been raised won’t stay raised forever. They’ll go back down again without maintenance.
If one wants to keep his attributes high, then he has no choice but to keep on training. Those students don’t really realize how exhausting that is, though.
Maybe it’s because it’s already become a daily routine for them.”

Another reason was because the Garestonians saw it as a matter-of-fact.
It was common sense, so few people would bother to point it out.
Because of that there were students who actually only found out after enrolling.
That maintenance requirement is another reason why there are so few earthlings with high status.

“Even my attributes would fall back to E if I don’t train…”

It wasn’t as hard to raise it up by one rank again though, so he didn’t have as hard of a time as the students of the special class, but…

“……E rank only exists in theory, though.”

It was a largely meaningless value whose existence could really only be argued for babies or very young children.
Really, it’s just something that’s there for convenience.
Or at the very least, that’s how it should be, yet here was someone who has been breaking one common sense after another treating it as it actually was a thing.
At this point, not even Myuhi could keep a still face anymore.

“Ahaha, a human weaker than theory, huh. That’s really funny.”

But Shinichi just laughed it off as he called himself the weakest human. He even seemed to like that title.

“I don’t know if you’re large-hearted, indifferent, or just too strong to care, but…
Icchi, you shouldn’t say that so easily.”

Because then he won’t be able to use being a transfer student or a returnee as an excuse anymore,
The things he know and his common sense would be just too strange for even those.

“…………Actually, I think I’m already going to mess up.” Shinichi frowned as he pointed that out.

He intended to hide his abilities and knowledge when he came to this school, and in fact, he still intends to,
but with how different his common sense was, he didn’t really know how much he could hide.
In the first place, he didn’t even know which ability or knowledge he was supposed to hide.
He was just that clueless at what the world’s present common sense and knowledge was.
That was actually one of the reasons why he decided to enroll in the first place.

“But I’m sure it’ll fine if it’s you.”

Despite that somewhat pessimistic prediction, the person himself didn’t really seem to care.
That was because he didn’t really believe he could hide everything.
On the other hand, though, he did come to realize that Myuhi could be trusted.

“Oh, you~ I’ll be troubled if you trust me that much.”

Myuhi found Shinichi to be optimistic in unexpected areas.
But even as she thought that, she couldn’t help but smile at Shinichi’s groundless trust.


The fox sitting atop Shinichi’s head wore a fed-up face.
From the looks of her face, she seemed to be saying, “still a gigolo, I see.”
Shinichi and Myuhi talked as they walked, until eventually, they came into a y-shaped fork.

“This is where we part.
Female students can’t go any further than this. And of course, the same goes for boys in the female dorm.”

Myuhi instructed Shinichi to take the right path.
Up ahead could be seen two multistory apartment houses.
According to Myuhi, the dormitories strictly prohibited other sexes from entering.
Because of that the dorms were strictly a place where those of the same sex could mingle.

“By the way, I’m staying at the end of the third floor at room 312. Of course, it would be best if you don’t go.”

“…And here I was sure you’d invite me.”

“I have a roommate!
Ah, but she’s out on patrol duty today, so she won’t be back till 11. How about it?”

What does she mean ‘how about it?’
Shinichi frowned as he wondered how she came to the conclusion that it was ok to call him over so long as her roommate wasn’t around.

“I’m not going.
Erm, wait a moment. Weren’t special class students supposed to have their room all to themselves?”

Normally, each room could house between 2 to 4 students,
but with good enough grades special class students could keep a room all to themselves.

Shinichi was pretty sure he read that from the information book of the dorm.
The information was correct, of course, but it only spoke of the basics.

“Well, I’m not really that fussy when it comes to my bed…
And besides, it’s a lot more fun sharing a room with someone!”

As it turns out, that was the reason that a special class student like Myuhi was sharing a room with a normal class student.
It was a bit peculiar when she cited ‘it being more interesting’ as a reason, though.

“…In other words, you want to tease your roommate with the needlessly stressful atmosphere, right?”

“Yep, yep. Nothing would make me happier than to see her make that really cute face— Wrong!” Myuhi said with a smile.

Shinichi couldn’t help but give his condolences to that younger roommate of hers.
Sharing a room with Myuhi must be some form of penance.

“I have a feeling you’re thinking something very rude right now, but… I’ll let it pass.
Anyway, with this, our tour has come to an end! Congratulations, Icchi!”

Reading between the lines, Shinichi figured they would be parting now, so Shinichi thanked her.

“Thank you for today…… You really helped me a lot.
Frankly, I was worried when I first met you, but I’m glad everything turned out well.”

“Ah! I could have done without that last part!
Sheesh… So, what do you think of the school? Think you can make it?”

“It’s hopeless,” Shinichi promptly replied.

“……A bit too early to be down, Icchi,” Myuhi shrugged crestfallen.

Was Shinichi supposed to say he could do it even if it was a lie?
Was he supposed to show his resolve by trying to do his best?

“I see where you’re coming from, but even I didn’t think it would be bad before coming here.
As it turns out though, I’ve completely forgotten how to work with others… Not that I knew how to in the first place or anything.”

He was never good at getting along with others.
Even at the age of 13 he only had 2 people he could call friends.
They weren’t friends he befriended either, but rather, childhood friends.
He was pretty much friends with them by the time he could think for himself.
So it should come as no surprise when a person like that was made to travel essentially alone for two years and live a life out in the wild ends up being someone who does everything at his pace to the point that people see it as insolence.

“I didn’t get along with others from the start anyway.
If it’s really no good, I could just ignore everyone. Actually, let’s just go ahead and do that.”

But then again, since Shinichi didn’t want others to find out his secrets, he never really had any intention of getting along with others.

“Ugh… What an extreme child.”

“Haha, but you really did help me a lot today. Thanks.”

If it weren’t for her, some conversations would have really turned a dangerous turn.
It’s also been awhile since Shinichi was able to talk at ease with someone, so he thanked her with a big smile.

“Y-Yeah… You’re welcome… Umm… Please take care of me, from now on?”

Myuhi tried to hide that slight hesitation of hers with a small bow.
But she still ended up asking it instead of saying it due to Shinichi’s earlier statement.
Shinichi understood she was wondering if he was planning to ignore her too, so he clarified things.

“Even I have a policy of not abandoning friends I’ve already made.
Please take care of me, Hina.”

“Y-Yeah! Take care of me, Icchi!”

Shinichi extended his hand for a handshake.
Because of Myuhi’s excitement she ended up shaking Icchi’s hand vigorously.
IT was a bit prickly, but it was worth it seeing how happy she was.

“Ehehe… Later~”

After enjoying the handshake, Myuhi shook off the handshake and ran to the female dormitory.
That tail behind her was swaying happily as usual.
Even Shinichi couldn’t help but wave at her as he saw her off.
But then she suddenly turned.

“My roommate is Yoppi, so it really would be best if you don’t go!”


Yoppi. Shinichi knew very well who that nickname was referring to.
That was the girl he knew before even coming here.
That girl was Myuhi’s roommate.
She was someone who grew distant from Shinichi before he even realized it.
She was not someone Shinichi wished to see.

“………Saying something like that at the very end… Well, it’s still good to know.”

Shinichi felt like collapsing right there and then, but he somehow held himself up.
After all, since she was Myuhi’s roommate, he could watch her movement through her.
He could watch her without meeting her. Perhaps even by force.

“That girl seriously just dropped a bomb and left.”

Shinichi wanted to complain, but not even a shadow was left.
This was good for her though, since now Shinichi wouldn’t be able to pester her.
She had a tendency to misrepresent things when things were getting tense, but so far, she’s managed not to cross the line and has stay faithful so far.

“Well then, shall we?”

Tl Note: Let’s go with iFoster then. By the way did I ask that question before? I feel like I did. Anyway…


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