I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer – 03-15: I Screwed up!? (2/3)

“…That guy seems to be the opposite of me, but he reeks of someone who has a lot of problems.
Though I suppose that’s just the sort of people managers or student council presidents are.”

It makes sense considering the man was essentially sandwiched between being a student and a school administrator.
Without knowing about his actual circumstances, it was only natural that Shinichi would sense a feeling of ‘exhaustion’ from the student council president.

“…Well, good luck.”

“Umm… The one who will be causing him problems is you, though, master.”

“It’s fine as long as I don’t get caught.”

“That’s the same logic criminals use…”

Youko seemed to shrug her shoulders and laugh at Shinichi’s responses.

Shinichi locked his room from inside using his foster.

Fosters are used to open and close doors to prevent anyone else except those registered from entering.

“…It would be really bad if I were to lose this…”

“Stop throwing it then.”

“I’ll do my best,” Shinichi said as he sighed, then he promptly shut his mouth.

They have been whispering among themselves all this time in Falandia’s language, but now they weren’t talking at all.

Shinichi quietly explored the room.

The room had a simple arrangement. There was a short hallway from the entrance, and along the way could be seen a door to the left.

On the other side of that door was the toilet, it didn’t have a bathtub or a shower. Normal students didn’t have such privileges.

Just as the student council president had explained, if one wished to take a bath, one would have to go to the communal shower room that’s available for each dormitory.

A few seconds’ walk from the restroom was the bedroom, wherein a study table could also be found.

Beyond that was a glass window, on the other side of which was a small veranda.

Other than the table and the bed, there was also a small refrigerator in the corner of the room. Of course, it didn’t have anything inside.

At the center of the room were several cardboard boxes piled up on top of each other. They contained the clothes and miscellaneous things Shinichi had sent ahead of time.

Shinichi quietly opened the box to see if his belongings had been properly delivered.

Youko curled up atop the bed as she watched Shinichi check the boxes.

When Shinichi was done, he threw himself over the bed.

“…….It’s the first day and it’s already so exhausting.”


A person and a fox claimed their respective territories on the bed as they idly chatted.

If another person were to see them now, that person would surely believe that they were simply relaxing after coming to a foreign place.

But of course, neither Shinichi nor her were so shameless as to relax in a place that was crawling with mana.

He was told to do his best, but he really didn’t want to when it came to matters such as this.

Mana in this world was referred to as photon energy, and it would make sense to feel its presence from various electronics, such as the phone or the lights, but the amount of mana in this room wasn’t of something on that level.

It was clearly crawling with more energy than what would be needed to make those basic devices work.


Without uttering a word, Shinichi formed shapes with his lips in the Falandia language.

We’re being watched, he told her, and she quietly nodded and searched the room.

“Now then, I think I’ll start studying how to use this foster thing.”

“Kyui. Kyui.”

Shinichi acted the role of a student doing his best.

He got down one side of the bed and changed his clothes, then as he stored his clothes in the empty closet, he sat in front of the study desk and read the digital instructions.

Youko hopped up and down behind him as she looked around without trying to search unusual areas.

Obviously, she was looking for something.

“How do you use the phone or email here? Umm… where’s the table of contents?”

Photon was flowing throughout the whole room.
When something that should normally be concealed is done so blatantly, it’s only natural that the person affected would be wary of something else.
But in this case, the only ones who thought this was blatant was them.

“Kyui, kyui.”

After all, they were relying on senses that were honed in Falandia.
For people with such senses, trying to do something covertly while allowing mana to flow so brazenly was like hiding in an open area under the light.
It was a joke, and that last cry from her was poking fun at exactly that.

“From the 8 page, huh. I know it can’t be helped, but I’d really prefer to have an actual book.”

Shinichi knew that if they were to trace the flows, it would lead back to the school facilities..
No matter how you put it, it was clear as day that the perpetrators were related to the school.
The main question now was what purpose all this energy served.


“I think I’ll just register for now. I’ll contact someone later.”

That cry was Youko asking if she should remove the source, and Shinichi’s response was a no.

The reason Shinichi was acting talking to himself was because he didn’t have a roommate.

He thought for sure the person monitoring him would serve that purpose, but then he found out that he would be monopolizing the room, and when he entered, he even felt that presence watching him disappear.

But while those people that have been watching him all this time were no longer watching him, he knew that they were still waiting outside.

There wasn’t a chance in hell that those people were simply minding his privacy.

Since he doesn’t have a roommate, there was only one other possibility: hidden cameras.

Thinking that, Shinichi decided to trace the flows to figure out where they were.

For people like them who could feel the flow of photon on their skin, those hidden cameras weren’t ‘hidden’ at all.

All in all, there were about 52 small points were photon gathered.

Shinichi didn’t even have to move to find them.


But now a new question arose… What to do with the cameras?


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