I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer – 03-16: The Worries and Pranks Under the Mask (3/4)

“Oh my………… Master’s a handful too, isn’t he?” She muttered while taking care not to show the movement of her lips as she watched his back disappear.

She was supposed to be watching the stars, so she couldn’t send him off properly. Gradually, even the sounds coming from him could no longer be heard.
Naturally, that meant he couldn’t hear that last sentence either.

“He can’t act like nothing’s wrong partly out of atonement for the sin he has transgressed and partly because of the duty he has been burdened with. If that was all, then it would still be fine, but…”

Youko wryly smiled when she thought of his face.
It didn’t matter whether it was his honest opinion or merely something said out of reflex, but that habit of his to say that he made the wrong choice had a lot of reasons behind it.
The fact that those reasons weren’t limited to ‘just that’ greatly troubled her.

“I happened to overhear his father once, and as it turns out that’s actually his original personality.
The fact his parents actually praise him for it baffles me. I don’t know whether I should call them a fool or curse them.”

He wants a peaceful life, but he can’t help but worry over the world. In the end, he ends up sacrificing himself for the sake of others.
Even though he could rule the world and do what ever he wants…

To make things worse, his natural response to his fear of throwing the world into chaos is to throw himself into the very eye of the storm…

“If that weren’t his natural personality but something he developed out of guilt, then I might have been able to help him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
He keeps himself from others, and yet he still makes sure to enjoy his days… He’s really a handful.”

Maybe it was because he wasn’t in top shape, but the way he dealt with the events today was too soft.
The way he dealt with that fox girl or that ringlet curls wasn’t very good, but he was always good at finding people he could tease without causing problems.

“He plays with people while worrying over his atonement. I wonder if that’s really alright.”

As she muttered that, she looked toward the light coming from a nearby building.
It wasn’t time to switch the lights off just yet, so there were many rooms still lit.
That was the direction in which she heard the last of her master’s sound disappear.

“My condolences.
You can only blame your own luck for catching my master’s eye.
I hope you’ll at least enjoy the trouble you’ve found yourself in.

Youko said that with a smile before going back inside.
There was a tinge of sadness hidden beneath it.

—We wouldn’t be doing right by those who helped us if we live a boring life.

She couldn’t help but see those words she once heard in a twisted way.



The highest floor of the girl’s dormitory was being used as a student’s room.
It was the room of none other than the top student and descendant of the illustrious noble family that has left its name on the records of Garesto’s history.

“That’s not a very pleasant topic to hear after just getting out of the bath.”

A servant had to put a bathrobe over her as soon as she got out of the bathroom, but for some reason, her blue hair were already curled up.

“My deepest apologies, Padyuel-sama, but I believed it was something you needed to hear,” the head servant, Rizet, said.

Padyuel replied curtly, “Is that so?”

The room was furnished with furniture one would never expect from a mere dorm room.
Even the couch Padyuel Aristel calmly sat on was a high-class sofa that would make others second guess if they should even sit on it.

“So what was Zaford saying?” Padyuel uninterestedly asked while looking at her foster’s screen.

The students of Garesto were taught to wear their fosters even while taking a bath.
In the first place, a foster couldn’t even touch the water when wrapped with a barrier, so there was no reason to take it off.
It was especially important for Padyuel to have her foster at hand, considering her position as a noble.
Even in the other world, there were many people who targeted people of high social standing.

“Ah, umm, it’s, about that…
There’s an earthling who said some rude remarks and brought great humiliation to the special class.
She wanted to teach him a lesson, but she couldn’t because he said they were picking on the weak.”

Despite Padyuel’s apparent lack of interest, the servants still gave their reports.

After the report ended, Rizet openly showed her displeasure at the Earthling.

“That Earthling really doesn’t know his place!
We should immediately show him our strength to make an example out of him.
And more than anything else, he actually dared to shame our Padyuel-sama. Recompense must be given…”

“Indeed, I need to apologize to him and Doneju Sensei tomorrow.”

“Exactly. We must ap— Why are you the one apologizing!?”

Rizet found herself shouting the moment she heard those unexpected words.
Even the female special students that have been tasked to work as Padyuel’s servants were confused.
Contrast to them, however, Padyuel was confused about them being confused.

“What do you mean why?
I volunteered to assist in class, and yet I left midway through.
That was horrible conduct even for me.
If I can’t even apologize for something on this level, I would be truly bringing shame to my name.”

Padyuel remonstrated everyone around her as she said that.
In a sense, she was basically declaring that it was her own fault.


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