I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-06: Hero (2/3)

“Sigh, who would’ve thought the day would come when I’d have to worry about my lack of education.”

At Falandia, he knew even the secrets of nations, but here in his hometown, he knew nothing. Just what kind of irony was this? Shinichi felt like complaining.


“What is this guy talking about?”

“What should I do? Considering how the world is now, maybe it would be better if I just got a job?”

One inclination of Shinichi’s is that When he is eating, unless someone calls him by name, he will never notice it.

As someone from Japan who has gone to another world, there were little avenues for pleasure other than eating.

He also has a tendency to stop hearing those around him when he thinking of his future.

Currently, he was eating while thinking of his future; thus, it could be said that his concentration was currently off the charts.

Right now, he was ‘really’ unable to hear anything.

At times like this, ‘she’, who was usually riding his head, would be the one to deal with the situation.

But naturally, when she wasn’t around, to other people, it only looks like he’s ignoring them.

Yet despite this inclination of his, he never really had much of a problem at Falandia.

At the very least, there were no problems that he couldn’t solve with strength.

What was even worse was that he himself was unaware of this inclination of his. Habits are truly terrifying things.

“Hey! Are you listening!?”

“? What? Do you need something?”

That being said, he would of course notice it if someone shook his shoulders.

Currently, a group of 5 to 6 men and women had surrounded him.

They looked like they were all in the latter half of their 10s, but if one were to judge from their appearance,

they were probably not here to study at the library.

More than likely they were merely here to use the break room that could be used for free.

“What a cheeky guy. Hurry up and get lost.”

“Hey, man. Chill. Hey there, pal, don’t you see there are other tables that are free? How about giving this one to us instead?”

A lighthearted boy consoled a boy who was as hot-blooded as he looked.

The girls with them wore an annoyed expression and couldn’t be bothered to even look at Shinichi.

Shinichi looked around him and he noticed that he was the only one who was monopolizing a table.

“Alright. Give me 2 minutes. I’ll just clean up.”

Were they just individuals, they could have had the option of sharing the table, but they were a group.

Shinichi quickly ate his sandwich to give them the table.

But because he forgot to speak politely to them, who were older, he ended up annoying the hot-blooded boy.

“Didn’t you hear me brat? I told you to get lost!”

“Ngu, ngu, goku, n…”

No, right from the beginning, he never cared.

“….Huh? What’s wrong with this guy?”

The hot-bloode guy slammed the table with his hand to try and threaten him, but Shinichi just kept on eating without being agitated.

While they were taken aback by his behavior, Shinichi quickly ate his sandwich.

“Hey, I think you can tell just by looking, but this guy here has a short fuse.

For your sake, I think it would be best if you moved seats now.

After all, this guy here is an All B. Ah, if you don’t believe us, here.


Shinichi hadn’t said anything and was just trying to finish his juice when they showed him a card.

On the card could be seen the picture of an annoyed boy and his rank.

He was indeed an All B ranker.

When the people around heard what they were saying, Shinichi noticed that they were a little scared.

Apparently, you’re supposed to listen to him just because his rank is high.

“Huh, so there really were guys like this.

Could you stop playing delinquent at your age, please? You’ll kill me with laughter.”

Shinichi inadvertently laughed scornfully like that.

After finding out how society had misunderstood status,

Shinichi imagined that there would be people like this guy.

It was ridiculous, but he still had some juice left.

He quickly emptied his juice, but for some reason, the guy with a short fuse was glaring at him.

There was also some anger, but it was so slight that it felt like responding wouldn’t even be worth it.

—He really is a delinquent. I worry for Japan’s future.

Shinichi had another inclination. When faced with opponents that he couldn’t take seriously, he becomes overly honest and his tongue turns into a poisonous weapon.

His Japanese-like vague and roundabout manner of talking was actually one of the reasons why he couldn’t match well with Falandia’s culture.

The cause behind that inclination was partly nature and partly because even if it caused something, he would ‘make’ it so that it was not a problem.

And more than anything else, when this short-fused boy who looked like he was about to rush out any moment now was presented to him.

How should I crush him? How should I break his mind?

The moment he reflexively thought those things, for some reason, he could sense it.

“You’ve got guts, I’ll give you that!”

“Ah, ahh. I don’t know anymore. He’s snapped—”

“Hey, wasn’t that card last updated 2 years ago?

Carrying something like that with you and putting on airs. What a simple-minded trash.”

When he said those words there was some admiration for how brave this guy was being despite being trash.

These people had no interest in what he was saying and weren’t even listening.

But they weren’t used to being verbally abused, so they couldn’t help but freeze.

Shinichi ‘look’ed at them with a pair of special eyes and snorted.

“Right now you’re… Hah. You’re lower than C. Moreover, you’re all at the same level.

What are a nest of mice doing wearing lion pelt? So embarrassing.”

Although he couldn’t accurately tell their rank without using any tools. By ‘look’ing into their souls, he could give a rough estimate.

In Falandia, there’s a theory that status is the power of the soul descending on the physical body.

There are various theories on the matter, but one theory proposes that straining one’s mana is no different from tempering one’s soul.

As proof of that theory, although this way of checking one’s status was rough, it still had a high chance of success.

Normally, the earlier saying should have used the word ‘fox’, but the reason he used mice instead was because it was another way to refer to ‘her’.

He didn’t really think they were mice, but he couldn’t think of a more fitting expression at the time.


“This is the first time someone’s mocked us this much.”

Even the lighthearted guy had turned pale and was furious.

Even the girls that were with them finally realized that they were being made fun of, and they started cussing him out, but he wasn’t even listening.

It was then that he finally realized it.

Wouldn’t it be a bad idea if he actually crushed these people?


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