I came back but the world is still a fantasy!? – Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown – 02-09: The True Intentions of the Alliance and a Maiden’s Heart? (2/6)

They were the first ones to understand the actual state of the demon tribe some hundred years ago.

They took advantage of the fact that the Rimoa Faith was the biggest religion and spread information and manipulated history in a way that was convenient for them.

By the time the politicians then realized the truth, it was already too late.

Even the kings of each nation, which supposedly stood at the apex, was powerless to correct the misunderstanding.

After all, it was simply too difficult to convince people that right was left.

Moreover, no one wanted to make an enemy of the church. Yes. They would rather make an enemy of the demon tribe.

After all, what was more terrifying? An enemy beside oneself? Or an enemy that was a different race from a distant land? The answer was obviously the latter.

“He said it too, didn’t he?

Having many religions is a source of conflict, but having just one is also a source of conflict,” the princess said.

“And so, they are able to compel a holy war with something.

In order to maintain their power and legitimacy. And the fact that they have some ammo for their claims this time makes things difficult,” Stella said.

The issue regarding the demon tribe was complicated because they really were staying at the holy land.

Because of that the church was given a source of legitimacy.

And yet because that was an issue from some hundred years ago, the politicians that have to deal with the ‘present’ are too stumped to deal with it.

If they were to say what they honestly felt, they would tell the church to go and do something about it by themselves.

But there were too many zealous adherents among the people and nobles that they simply could do no such thing.

“‘The issue of which is the demon that will throw the world into chaos, yes? It’s because so many of the people in the world are adherents that there is no enemy more troubling than the church.’ Those were his words, and I do find them to be sensible,” the princess said.

Even if one attempted to be rid of the church, they had already rooted themselves far too deep into the hearts of the people.

Already, that power was too great to control.

And persuasion would only fall on deaf ears given the layers of history that have coagulated.

The church was not an enemy that a mere princess of a great power could contest.

“Princess, if that is really what you believe, then you should also work harder.

You realize that that person gave us this time precisely for that, yes?” Stella said.

Her voice remained expressionless, but there was a lot of trust behind her words.

It was as if she truly believed that the princess couldn’t do her ‘expectations’ disservice.

“Yes. This incident has put the other countries of the alliance in my debt.

What comes next is for oneesama, I mean, Her Majesty, to demonstrate her skills.”

She had intentionally angered them.

Earthgant is a great power that developed with magic, so it has a strong inclination toward the doctrine of magic.

Because of that the Rimoa Faith hasn’t penetrated it as much, and there are few adherents among its people.

It is also situated far away from the demon tribe’s territory, so it doesn’t have a good relationship with Damores either.

The reason they joined the alliance was because the other countries begged them to destroy it from inside.

Of course, doing so would incur them the wrath of the church, so they asked much compensation in return.

It wasn’t only the church who was scheming.

Still, those last words uttered by the princess caused even the expressionless maid to frown.

“You’re leaving the important part to Her Majesty? …You’ll get scolded, you know?”

She didn’t mention who would be doing the scolding, but Lilisha seemed to pick up on it, and her face bloomed into a smile.

It was as if that was exactly the result she was hoping for. The head maid, Stella, found her head aching when she realized that.

“Fu fu fu. I’m joking, Stella.

Oh, right. Do send a letter to Phileas to take care not to let the others notice.

It’s a lot more persuasive that way than if I were to say it, after all.”

When it comes to tactics and military strategies, the words of a knight were much more trustworthy than that of a princess such as herself.

All the more so when it was a knight as patriotic as Phileas who was saying it.

Although they have yet to be acquainted with their duchy, it is said that their duchy was in a state of domestic conflict until just a year ago.

What quelled that conflict was the present archduke and, Phileas, who became his blade, and Phileas’ friends.

Of course, there was probably more to it, but…

“I understand. Let’s send the letter under the pretense of a congratulatory letter for the wedding.”

Phileas was currently in that sort of relationship with one of the people that she fought alongside with.

Already, their love story has been taken by the troubadours and was being told around the world.

That made it convenient to contact her under the guise of congratulating her marriage.


While you’re at it, ask her too if it was a black-haired boy with a poisonous tongue who played the role of the matchmaker,” the princess said.

“Very well,” Stella replied.

She politely bowed her head, then gave the orders to another maid.

After confirming that and adjusting her breath, Lilisha spoke to Stella.

In a sense, this was the real issue that these people gathered here for.

“…So, did he really?”

“…Yes. We reached out to various people these past few days, but…”

The princess spoke in a much more serious tone than before, but Stella could only shake her head weakly.

Although they were laughing during that ‘farce’, they weren’t laughing when the heroes were forcefully transported four days ago.

When the hero was forcefully transported in front of them, Earthgant Kingdom mobilized all of its resources to look for him, but they couldn’t find him anywhere.


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